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Need help affording our LSAT prep course? Apply for financial aid.

Blueprint recognizes that not every student can afford to take a full-length course. If you’re saving your pennies for childcare or knocking out that rent, then you’ve come to the right place! If you own a dog that fits into your Louis Vuitton handbag or drive a Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe, then this page is not for you.

Blueprint offers automatic scholarships for our live courses to those who submit verification of their LSAC fee waiver approval. The discount is 50% off a full-price course.

We recommend contacting LSAC as soon as possible to begin the LSAT fee waiver process, as it may take several weeks to be approved. Students who are not approved for LSAC fee waivers unfortunately do not qualify for a Blueprint scholarship. Please note that a “conditional approval” does not qualify for a tuition reduction. Only first-time students qualify for a scholarship and scholarships cannot be combined with any other discounts. Students interested in enrolling in a classroom course must submit their LSAC fee waiver approval before the start of their course. After the start of the course, no retroactive scholarships can be applied. Financial aid cannot be applied to a course taught by Matt Riley or Trent Teti.

To receive your half scholarship:

  1. Send verification of your fee waiver approval from LSAC to info@blueprintlsat.com, along with the Blueprint LSAT Prep course in which you wish to enroll.
  2. Call 1-888-427-7737 to enroll in a live classroom course with a 50% discount.

For more information on eligibility and requesting a fee waiver, please visit http://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/fee-waivers.