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If you want an elite score,
Blueprint LSAT Prep's 112 hour classroom course is for you.

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112 Hours At the end, you'll officially be an LSAT ninja. Well, as officially as possible.

Other companies can’t stack up against the depth of Blueprint’s classroom LSAT course, which includes 76 hours of lectures, 24 hours of practice tests, 12 hours of online clinics, and hundreds of additional hours of question explanations.

Classroom students also now get complete access to Blueprint’s comprehensive online LSAT curriculum. That means fully animated videos corresponding to every classroom lesson – taught by Blueprint co-founders Trent Teti and Matt Riley – as well as supplemental exams, practice drills, performance analytics, and much more. Whether you want to get an early start on your studies, make up a missed class, supplement classroom lectures, or just chill with Trent and Matt (who doesn’t?), our online myBlueprint accounts are the perfect solution.

With a unique combination of classroom and online resources, Blueprint students have more learning tools at their disposal than Albert Einstein holding an Encyclopedia Britannica. No other LSAT prep company can match the scale and flexibility of the Blueprint classroom course. So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards LSAT (and world) domination today.


Classroom Lectures


Practice Exams


Online Clinics


The Best Instructors


They're super smart. And kinda hot too.

Blueprint LSAT Prep only hires the top 5% of instructors who apply. Not only do applicants have to look good on paper (an LSAT score of 170 earned on an actual test administered by Law Services is required), but they must be able to teach up to our very high standards.

That’s why we fly the best LSAT instructors in the world to Los Angeles, where they’re personally trained by Blueprint LSAT Prep founders Matt, Trent and Jodi. They spend 70 hours watching presentations, participating in improvisational comedy, and showcasing their abilities by “lecturing” us on various topics (“How to Tell Your Ass From Your Elbow” is our all-time favorite). In the end, it’s whether or not they can make us laugh while teaching LSAT prep’s core concepts that distinguishes the good LSAT instructors from the best LSAT instructors.

After they’re hired, Blueprint LSAT Prep instructors undergo 118 more hours of extensive training — including 76 hours of lesson prep and 40 hours of personal mentoring by another veteran instructor. But it doesn’t stop there! All new instructors undergo 6 hours of evaluation and feedback to ensure they’re teaching the class up to our very high standards.


Training Before Hiring


Training Before Teaching First Course

188 hrs

Total Training (includes six classroom evaluation hours)

Sure, Blueprint LSAT Prep’s training process is rigorous and borderline excessive. But that’s what it takes to have the best LSAT instructors in the biz — and having the the best LSAT instructors in the biz is what it takes to have our amazing average practice exam score increase: 11 points (see below for details of study).

Finally, the best LSAT instructors also receive the best LSAT instructor pay: up to $100/hour. So if any other company has a great teacher, we just hire them away.

Graph is representative of a standard instructor candidate. Individual candidates may train more or less depending on experience and aptitude.

We are the largest boutique LSAT prep company in the world.
Since we only focus on the LSAT, we can hire the best of the best.

170 Fewer than 2% of LSAT takers score a 170 or higher


5 Of that 2%, less than 5% of applicants go on to teach a Blueprint course.


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The LSAT Is Scared of Our Curriculum






7,056Actual LSAT questions at your disposal from 70 actual LSATs

The price of our LSAT classes includes all of your course materials: five books containing over 3,000 pages of perfectly engineered LSAT study material. The first two books cover the basic concepts in the course, the third book is dedicated to advanced concepts, book four works on timing and review, and the supplement contains all six proctored LSAT practice tests. In addition, there are 11 supplemental tests and thousands of homework and practice test explanations available online.

As a Blueprint student, you will practice using only real LSAT questions. We give you access to every LSAT question available to license from LSAC (around 7,000).


q 16 Core Lessons

These meetings are devoted to introducing new concepts and strategies.
We use current events or real-life examples to help illustrate challenging material. Believe it or not, your dating life can really help you understand conditional relationships.

q 6 Proctored Practice Exams

You wouldn't go on stage without a dress rehearsal, so why in the world are you going to take the LSAT without some warm-up runs? Blueprint students take six proctored practice exams during the course. By the time LSAT day rolls around, it's just another walk in the park (okay, a pretty stressful walk, but it will feel better).

q 3 Clinics

Near the end of the course, there are three targeted clinics, one devoted to each section of the LSAT (reading comp, logical reasoning, and logical games). At this point in the course, we are covering advanced concepts, and these clinics will help you get those last few, precious points.

q 3 Workshops

Our review workshops are situated at the end of each course book. We cover a lot of material, so it's always helpful to review.


Blueprint has developed powerful techniques for approaching all sections of the LSAT.

We’ve divided every LSAT logic game, reading comprehension passage, and logical reasoning question into categories and teach you how to recognize each one. We then give you the Blueprint methods for the best way to approach each question, followed by scads of homework to reinforce these techniques.

Our curriculum is updated every year to keep pace with changes on the LSAT. This is huge and something not every company does. Because we focus only on the LSAT, we can devote extensive resources to updating our materials.

Student 1

Actual Blueprint LSAT Prep Student

Up Your Score.

Blueprint LSAT classroom students increase their practice LSAT scores
by an average of 11 points.

Our score increases is measured from the first practice exam in the course to a student’s best practice exam. See below for more details. Eleven points is amazing, but we didn’t stop there.
Many of our students experience ridiculously huge score increases.


98 Of students increase their score during the course

+5 or more points
+10 or more points
+15 or more points

52% scored 160 or higher on a practice exam during the course

34% scored 165 or higher

16% scored 170 or higher

120 130 140 150 160 170 180

(In case you need a point of reference: LSAC reports that only about 19% of all test takers score 160 or higher, and only about 2% of test takers rock out with a 170 or higher.)

The "Fine" Print

Success on a practice exam does not always equate to success on the actual LSAT. Unfortunately, we don't have access to our students' actual LSAT scores, so we can’t use those to calculate our average increase. However, if students are able to replicate these results, an 11-point increase can mean a lot. For instance, if a student scores a 151 (approximately the 50th percentile), then increases their score to a 162, that student is now scoring in the 85th percentile. And then life is good.

Details of our study:

  1. Our study was run in the spring of 2014 and included all qualifying students in all of our classroom courses. To qualify for the study, students had to take all six proctored practice exams given during the course. Repeat students and online course students were excluded.
  2. Our students’ average improvement from their first practice exam to their last practice exam (rather than their best) was 9 points.
  3. Our score increase data was calculated by the accounting firm BPE&H using test results taken directly from the Blueprint database.