Logical Reasonings / 9.26.16

A. Here’s a tidbit on law school in Liberia. The legal community is a global community. Front Page Africa

B. ICYMI, we’ve got some info for you to chew on before you cancel that LSAT score. MSS

C. It’s always nice to have something to hate on. Here are twelve tv shows that fit the bill. Rolling Stone

D. It’s not just you. Brad Pitt’s ex (AKA Angelina Jolie) has blocked his calls and texts. The Huffington Post

E. SpaceX unveils its Raptor engine, which it hopes will take humans to other worlds. Space.com

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September LSAT: The Morning Cometh

Ohhhh… poor baby. Your eyes are all bloodshot. Don’t get up yet. Here’s a glass of ice-cold water and some Advil. Go ahead, drink it down. I’ll wait, because I’m so proud of you my smart little LSAT taker, although you really let loose last night after the exam. In case you’re wondering, those new pants aren’t salvageable.

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September 2016 LSAT: Instant Recap

Ack! It’s over. Alright, here’s a sample of what we know:

Logic Games

It appears that there is widespread pandemonium regarding a Logic Game about computer viruses. This information has come from people who did not have an extra Logic Games section, meaning that this game was the real deal and will factor into your score. Please tell us what you know below.

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Fall Classes Start TOMORROW!

Did it occur to you that the December LSAT is 71 days away? “But wait,” you say with a gigantic lump in your throat, “aren’t we not even done with the September LSAT yet?” Nice work, detective. You’re right. Nonetheless, December is closer than you might think, and the LSAT is also harder than you might think.

Luckily, it’s a good likelihood that there’s a Blueprint course gettin’ all fired up tomorrow right in your backyard. You can still enroll today, and, even if you can’t make it tomorrow, that’s a practice exam — not a lesson — that you can take on your own. Lesson 1 is Monday or Tuesday for most classes.

Logical Reasonings / 9.23.16

A. Fall classes start tomorrow, people. Get in on this shizzy! Blueprint LSAT

B. The wife of Keith Lamont, whose death at the hands of Charlotte NC police has sparked days of rioting, released cell phone video she took of the events. The PD has not released body cam video. (Warning: Graphic video.) The Daily Kos

C. In this tight lawyer job market, career services officers at some law schools are getting, um, creative? Above the Law

D. Turns out Brad Pitt might be a nasty jerk rather than a dreamy Prince Charming. NY Mag

E. The first general election Presidential Debate is Monday evening. Make sure to wear goggles and a disposable smock for this one. The Daily Beast