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Boy, this Reading Comp passage is… Zzzzzzz….

There is a Reading Comprehension passage that we cover in Lesson 6 of the Blueprint course that is dedicated to explaining the usefulness of analyzing fossilized pollen grains for the purpose of understanding the history of agriculture in Ireland. If you fell asleep before finishing that sentence, just imagine how how hard it is to keep your eyes peeled while reading the dang thing.

Logical Reasonings / 8.22.16

A. Goldman Sachs CEO and Satan’s understudy Lloyd Blankfein thinks law school is a waste of money. CNBC

B. For our friends/former students who are entering the hallowed halls of law school for the first time this week, here are some helpful hints. US News & World Report

C. So that whole round up 11 million people and throw them out of the country thing? Yeah, you know, maybe or maybe not. Whatevs. CNN

D. A federal judge has temporarily blocked an executive order issued by President Obama requiring public schools to allow transgender students to access the restroom of their choice. Politico

E. California, birthplace of Blueprint LSAT Prep, is pretty much entirely on fire. The Los Angeles Times

Logical Reasonings / 8.19.16

A. Just a few hours left to get a free Kindle copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension! Blueprint LSAT

B. More bad news for former Clinton bete noir, Kenneth Starr. After being demoted from President and Chancellor to lowly law professor as punishment for indifferent and inept handling of campus sex assaults, Starr is now out entirely. The Houston Chronicle

C. Some restaurant patrons — presumably citizens — wrote on the tip line of their bill “We only tip citizens.” Not that it matters, but their server was born and raised in the good ol’ US of A. Mediaite

D. Florida — America’s painful hanging chad — is a now the subject of a CDC travel advisory in the ongoing Zika saga. CNN

E. What does a lady wish for on her 105th birthday? Why, a fireman with tattoos of course. Hubba hubba. Bored Panda