Logical Reasonings / 12.2.16

A. Find out where your preferred law school lines up on the ideological spectrum. Still want to go there? FiveThirtyEight

B. Hofstra Law School saw a 20% drop in bar passage over the tenure of Dean Eric Lane. As if that weren’t enough, just this week, Hofstra saw a 100% drop in the number of Deans named Eric Lane. Above the Law

C. The Writing Sample, ‘member that thing? That thing you’ll be doing early Saturday afternoon? US News & World Report

D. Area python dies after three months on new python fad diet, The Deer-A-Month Diet. Vox

E. Trump surrogate says, “There’s no such thing as facts anymore.” This presents a conundrum, for if that statement is true it implies that it is not true, since it asserts as a fact that facts don’t exist. Get ready for four-to-eight (or more) years of circular arguments. Talking Points Memo

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You Got This!

Well, this is it. After months of preparation, the day of reckoning – the December LSAT test day – is here.

Do you feel ready? No? That’s fine – in fact, that’s normal. No matter how long you’ve been studying, there will always be something else that you could’ve studied if you had just a little more time. But even if you don’t feel ready, you are.


The Perfect Snack for The December 2016 LSAT

We all know the most important part of the LSAT is your test day snack. It almost goes without saying. This post is going to cover the best, and worst, snack day options. Believe me, not all snacks are created equal — this is serious business.

First, let’s talk about some snacks that you should definitely not bring to the LSAT. I would recommend against bringing Red Bull, Five Hour Energy, or any other energy drink unless you are very used to taking practice tests with the jolt of liquid courage such beverages provide.

Logical Reasonings / 12.1.16

A. Here’s a little window into law school exams, which are coming fast and furious for some of our former students. Above the Law

B. There is still gender bias in law school admissions. Bloomberg

C. Democratic Senator from New Mexico Tom Udall is calling on President Obama to protect the Standing Rock protestors. The Huffington Post

D. Remember the civil war in Syria? Yeah, it’s still raging. CNN

E. As many of our students know, higher education in this country is a hot mess. Wait, no, just a mess. Forbes