Logical Reasonings / 7.22.16

A. The University of Nebraska College of Law has developed an app to help law school students track their personal, educational, and professional development as they make their way toward being lawyers. Law.com

B. Florida Man and Florida Woman are at it again, this time taking selfies with unconscious emergency patients. Shine on, Sunshine State! The Miami Herald

C. 94% of the eight-or-so people who bought the Apple Watch are satisfied. Way to go, Apple! Computer World

D. If you’ve taken a Blueprint course, you know that dark matter holds a place in our collective heart. Here’s some more info about it. Scientific American

E. Tried so very hard to get through today’s Logical Reasonings without a reference to Donald Trump, but he’s back to harping on the whole “Ted Cruz’s dad murdered JFK” thing again. The Daily Kos

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What’s the best major for the LSAT? (Video)

If you’ve done a little bit of nosing into the idea of going to law school – and chances are that, if you’re reading this blog right now (and you are reading this blog right now, just to be clear) you have – you’ve likely found out that there’s no required major or minor or even courses you must have taken to go to law school. Unlike med school where you need to do pre-med and take inscrutable things like organic chemistry and physiology, whatever those are, law schools’ mission is to take absolute beginners and turn them into lawyers in three years.

Logical Reasonings / 7.21.16

A. Mike Pence didn’t like law school. Oh yeah, Mike Pence? Maybe law school didn’t like you either. ABA Journal

B. Why does this keep happening? Think Progress

C. Latter day super duper genius guy Elon Musk unveils his master plan for the products of his various companies. Wall Street gives the plan a thumbs down. The Los Angeles Times

D. In at-least-it’s-over news, an 81-year-old Marine Corps veteran was freed from four years of imprisonment by a man who was collecting his benefits. ABC News

E. In the race to determine who will enslave humanity first, Facebook got a leg up on Google by launching a drone that is just to deliver wifi. No, we swear, it’s not about enslaving humanity. Fast Company

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Melania Trump: Copyright Infringer?

The irony of Melania Trump’s now well-documented plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech is plain to see. Without getting too political about it, Donald Trump elbowed his way into national politics as the leader of the birther movement, trumpeting (pun intended) the demonstrably false claim that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. and therefore ineligible to serve as president. That Mrs. Trump would lift portions of a speech singing the praises of then-Senator Obama in order to sing the praises of Mr. Trump is strange at best.

Logical Reasonings / 7.20.16

A. Dude who totally deserves to get banned from Twitter gets banned from Twitter. Vox

B. Some solid advice from USNRW on getting awesome letters of recommendation. Check it out. US News & World Report

C. Murder? Or assisted suicide? Either way, this defendant’s story sends a chill up the spine. The Los Angeles Times

D. Is calling for the execution of your opponent just politics? Um, kinda creepy what’s goin’ on these days. The Huffington Post

E. Finally, Twitter is allowing users to apply for a verification badge, rather than just handing them out as they see fit. Now you and your 12 followers can breathe easy. Refinery 29