Trials of the Century: The Lindbergh Baby Abduction

Charles Lindbergh, a completely unknown air-mail pilot, flew his way into history. He was the first person to complete a solo, nonstop flight from New York City to Paris. When he landed in Paris, a crowd of about 150,000 people were there to greet him. When he finally got back to New York City, a crowd of 200,000 welcomed him back. To put that into perspective, Beyonce on average only manages to turn out 45,000 people. Lindbergh was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor — an award usually reserved for combat veterans. He was named “Man of the Year” by the Times. The U.S. Post Office commemorated his flight with a 10-cent stamp. Lindbergh went on to use his fame to help popularize commercial aviation.

Logical Reasonings / 10.20.16

A. University of North Texas, Dallas has bought the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963, planning on housing their law school there. NT Daily

B. Here are the things every law school dean or assistant dean ought to know, as related by a law school professor. Above the Law

C. Here’s a guy who intentionally lets bugs sting him. Worst job ever? Thrillist

D. Facepalm 2016. CNN

E. Aaaaand… after last night’s can’t-shower-enough-to-wash-away-the-trauma presidential debate, what the world needs is a gallery of cute pics of sloths. Bored Panda

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In Keeping With the Times, Law Schools Address Issues of Sex Assault and Harassment.

I recently read a disconcerting article on sexism in law school. This post is going to discuss my observations on the subject, as well as the ways the national dialogue about sexism, rape culture, sexual assault, and the like are making their way into the law school consciousness.

Now, before I delve into those topics, I feel the need to provide two disclaimers. First, I am not going to pretend that I, as a white male, have any real experience with sexism.

Logical Reasonings / 10.19.16

A. Hey, NBD or whatever, but Blueprint showed up in an article in the Atlantic Monthly. The Atlantic

B. UCLA School of Law is offering $100,000 to the winners of a student entrepreneurship challenge. The Daily Bruin

C. It appears that Hillary Clinton’s debate prep has been focused less on policy than it has on psychology. Business Insider

D. Despite seeing his other children, Brad Pitt apparently hasn’t seen his eldest son, Maddox, since his split with Angelina Jolie. Looks like the ugliness isn’t just between mom and dad. AOL

E. Rigged election? Not according to anybody with any actual information on the subject. CNN