Logical Reasonings / 3.24.17

A. Here are the schools with the highest median LSAT scores. There’s one surprise. Above the Law

B. A word about Harvard Law’s earth shaking decision to accept the GRE, straight from the horse’s mouth. The Harvard Crimson

C. Insurers who paid out heavily after the 9/11 attacks are trying to get their pound of flesh from Saudi Arabia. In court, of course. Reuters

D. It really sucks to be Paul Ryan right now. The Washington Post

E. The picture of London attacker Khalid Masood, who killed four people and injured dozens more yesterday, is becoming clearer. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 3.23.17

A. Know who doesn’t like the California bar exam? EVERYBODY. The Los Angeles Times

B. Internecine warfare claims the dean of Cincinnati Law. Above the Law

C. Have you heard about the Diddy reverse racism lawsuit? You haven’t? radio.com

D. The GOP is having a tough time coming up with 218 votes for the American Health Care Act. The Washington Post

E. Remember the recent rash of bomb threats at Jewish community centers? It has a twist ending. The New York Daily News


A law school’s cost is only one factor in assessing value.

One of the biggest factors driving students in their choice of law schools is cost. Forbes recently put out a list of the most expensive law schools for 2017. Even when you know exactly what a school costs, it is still difficult to recognize the best value. I’m going to cover some of the factors I would recommend considering, beyond the mere cost of attendance.

Employment Statistics. There may have been a time when jobs were handed out like Halloween candy to recent grads, but we don’t live in that world any more.

Logical Reasonings / 3.21.17

A. Preet Bharara was fired as US Attorney for the southern district of New York. This was only after the Trump Administration asked him to resign, a request Bharara declined. A week later, he’s signed on with NYU Law. CNBC

B. GRE or LSAT? How ’bout neither? Slate

C. This guy sued a bar in Philly because they wouldn’t serve him. What was the problem? His #MAGA hat. philly.com

D. Literally anything is better when you add a dancing zebra to it. UPROXX

E. Ivanka’s got her own office in the West Wing. The Hollywood Reporter