Logical Reasonings / 9.27.16

A. Yale Law School held a forum for previously and currently incarcerated women. Yale News

B. Johngelina? Inquisitr

C. Samsung Galaxy Note 7, get it while it’s hot! BGR

D. Elon Musk will unveil his plan to colonize Mars today. We believe that includes naming himself Emperor for Life of Muskonia, the Planet Formerly Known as Mars. Space.com

E. What really matters when it comes to a presidential debate is what undecided voters thought. ABC News

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Should I cancel my September LSAT score?

You have a few days left, but, if you’re considering canceling your September 2016 LSAT score, it’s time to give it serious thought.

Directly below, you will find a timeless classic of Blueprint videography, To Cancel or Not to Cancel, featuring Blueprint founder and certified LSAT-cancelologist, Matt Riley.

Logical Reasonings / 9.26.16

A. Here’s a tidbit on law school in Liberia. The legal community is a global community. Front Page Africa

B. ICYMI, we’ve got some info for you to chew on before you cancel that LSAT score. MSS

C. It’s always nice to have something to hate on. Here are twelve tv shows that fit the bill. Rolling Stone

D. It’s not just you. Brad Pitt’s ex (AKA Angelina Jolie) has blocked his calls and texts. The Huffington Post

E. SpaceX unveils its Raptor engine, which it hopes will take humans to other worlds. Space.com

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September LSAT: The Morning Cometh

Ohhhh… poor baby. Your eyes are all bloodshot. Don’t get up yet. Here’s a glass of ice-cold water and some Advil. Go ahead, drink it down. I’ll wait, because I’m so proud of you my smart little LSAT taker, although you really let loose last night after the exam. In case you’re wondering, those new pants aren’t salvageable.

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September 2016 LSAT: Instant Recap

Ack! It’s over. Alright, here’s a sample of what we know:

Logic Games

It appears that there is widespread pandemonium regarding a Logic Game about computer viruses. This information has come from people who did not have an extra Logic Games section, meaning that this game was the real deal and will factor into your score. Please tell us what you know below.