Logical Reasonings / 9.22.17

A. If you’re studying for the December LSAT, Blueprint’s last round of classes are starting this weekend, and we have many more classes already underway. Check out the classes here and use promo code PLUS11 to save 11%. Blueprint LSAT

B. The Dept. of Education just lowered the Obama-era evidentiary standard recommended to universities dealing with sexual assault on campus from “preponderance of the evidence” to “clear and convincing evidence.” These may sound like meaningless words, but by 1L, you’ll get why this is a big deal. Dept. of Education

C. You got to give it up to the students at Howard University — they know how to heckle a speaker. USA Today

D. The future does not look very bright for big law firms. Above the Law

E. And the same can be said of Graham-Cassidy: looks like McCain is ready to DDT the health care bill, which may make it DOA. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 9.21.17

A. Another law school — the University of Hawai’i’s, in fact — has decided to start accepting the GRE. Above the Law

B. If you’re looking for a good value law school that will give you a solid shot at getting a job upon graduation, here are the law schools with the most improved employment rates. National Jurist

C. The Trump Administration got with another law suit, this from California to stop construction of the border wall. ABA Journal

D. And a defamation lawsuit against Trump got some support from law professors. The Hollywood Reporter

E. A useful list on how to best contribute to relief efforts following the recent earthquakes and hurricanes. Meanwhile, please just chill for a little bit Mother Nature. Vox

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A Legal Primer, for Those Annoying RC Passages About the Law

One of the best things about the LSAT is that you don’t really have to remember any substantive information. Sure, you have to learn some techniques to answer questions, but you don’t have to know any legal facts (and believe me, once you take the bar exam, you’ll truly appreciate how wonderful that difference is).

And yet, many recent LSATs have had Reading Comprehension passages on the law and legal processes.

Logical Reasonings / 9.20.17

A. Above the Law gives presumably nervous and stressed 1L’s some tough advice: In addition to learning all this crazy stuff about the law, you have to start finding your career ASAP. Above the Law

B. Good news for those 1Ls though: the demand for in-house attorneys is apparently on the upswing. Law.com

C. Mueller’s request for documents relating to Trump’s actions in the White House is the strongest signal yet that the special investigation encompasses the White House. NY Times

D. But … could White House counsel assert attorney-client privilege? Reuters

E. Finally, how to best send aid to our neighbors to the south following the earthquake in Mexico. Bustle

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Last Round of Fall Classes Start This Saturday!

Visualize next year, around this time. Do you see yourself starting law school? If so, the December LSAT is your last chance for many law schools. If you want to prepare for the December LSAT, Blueprint’s last round of classes for the fall starts this weekend. It’s time to get started or wait another year.

The classes starting this weekend all have their first session this Saturday, 9/23.