Logical Reasonings / 2.16.18

A. Hey, you dilatory dingus, you only have a few hours left to get $200 off any Blueprint classroom course using the promo code LOVEBP? You have until 6 pm PST, so what are you waiting for? Blueprint LSAT

B. And you also have until 6 pm PST to get 40% off The Blueprint to Logic Games and The Blueprint to Reading Comprehension at a 40% discount over on Amazon. Amazon

C. Robert Mueller has finally brought down the hammer (!!!) … on 13 Russians … who made Twitter bots … whom the U.S. government can’t find (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) … in his investigation into interference with the 2016 election. NY Times

D. UCI Law prof Richard Hasen argues that maybe we should knock-it off with the hero worshipping of Supreme Court justices, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. LA Times

E. No one tells you about some perks of being a lawyer. Like how sometimes mystery people will just send hundreds of free pizzas to your office. BBC

Logical Reasonings / 2.15.18

A. Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can still take advantage of Blueprint’s Valentine’s Day sale. Until Friday at 6 pm PST, we’re still offering $200 any Blueprint classroom course with the promo code LOVEBP. Blueprint LSAT

B. And until Friday we’re still offering The Blueprint to Logic Games and The Blueprint to Reading Comprehension at a 40% discount over on Amazon. Amazon

C. Students at New York Law School who ask new student Miriam Weeks, “You look familiar … do I know you from somewhere?” will likely be embarrassed by her response. Above the Law

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Responsibility Class: If you’re charged with running a legal clinic at a top law school, you cannot embezzle nearly $200,000 from the clinic. Law.com

E. Trump’s travel ban, in its never-ending ping-ponging from circuit court to circuit court, was issued another blow today when the 4th Circuit ruled that the ban displays an animus towards the Islamic faith. NY Times

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Law School Mythbusters: Your Classmates Will Sabotage You

With the February LSAT in the rear view, we’ve entered a relatively LSAT-bereft period that will last until June. In this span, we’re going to do a series covering law school myths. To kick things off, we’ll talk about one of the most prevalent notions regarding law school — that it is a competitive environment filled with cutthroat law students.