Logical Reasonings / 5.24.16

A. Hate the USNRW law school rankings but still want a metric with which to cast angry judgment on the law school industry? Here’s this year’s attempt by ATL. Above the Law

B. Bill Cosby to stand trial on rape charges in Pennsylvania. It’s about time. Deadline Hollywood

C. Super Bowl is comin’ to Blueprint’s stomping grounds (good ol’ Los Angeles) in 2021! Woot! Oh, and some other places before that. ESPN

D. An upstate New York man was found not guilty in the FOURTH trial in which he was accused of murdering his estranged wife who disappeared in 2001. ABC News

E. Why did it take this long to invent a digestible origami robot??? Slate


The LSAT 4-Month Study Plan

Were you to start studying for this year’s September LSAT, you’d have precisely four months from today to study. Following the long-established tradition (established approximately two months ago) of periodic study plans, and without further ado, here is your official 4-month LSAT study plan.

Logical Reasonings / 5.23.16

A. Donald Trump released a Supreme Court nominee shortlist last week. You may want to think about what that means before you cast your vote, especially if you’re a woman. Slate

B. There’s a dispute brewing in Vermont regarding a law school graduation and a dog. Above the Law

C. Baltimore police Officer Edward Nero found not guilty of assault in the death in police custody of Freddie Grey. CNN

D. So here’s a preview of the apocalypse: hordes of octopuses brought to you by climate change. Gizmodo

E. The Supreme Court of the United States still functions on occasion. Behold a 7-1 ruling in favor of a death row inmate who accused the state of Georgia of racially discriminatory jury selection. NPR

Logical Reasonings / 5.19.16

A. A federal magistrate judge has received his LLM from Duke Law School 40 years after the school rejected him. ABA Journal

B. Uber has created its first self-driving car. But is it self-puke cleaning as well? The Verge

C. Hillary to Trump: You’re not qualified. Hillary to Bernie: Time to pack it in, bub. CNN

D. The Centers for Disease Control have released their annual Poop in the Pool report (bleah!). The conclusion: Do not EVER go into a pool that a child uses. EVER! Newsweek

E. Florida Woman, life partner of Florida Man, does her best to make her boo proud. The Smoking Gun