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Logical Reasonings / 5.5.16

A. Good news for those preparing to turn Canadian upon the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump: the vast majority of Canada is currently uninhabited. Vox

B. Considering handwriting your law school final essays? What’s handwriting, you ask? This: Bored Panda

C. The times they are a-changing, even in Oklahoma. Tulsa Law School is disavowing its founder for Klan ties. New York Daily News

D. The Chicago prosecutor handling the shooting of unarmed black man Laquan McDonald by a police officer has recused herself in the case. DNAInfo

E. Do you have time in your schedule to build a hoverbike from scratch? This guy does. New York Magazine

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Logical Reasonings / 5.4.16

A. 70% of 2015 law grads have a JD-required or JD-preferred job. Are you one of them? American Bar Association

B. Donald Trump is vetting VP picks. Under consideration are The Hamburglar and a handheld mirror. CNN

C. A Brazilian study claims that giving mosquitoes a particular bacterial infection makes it harder for them to transmit Zika virus. Reuters

D. Some Republicans are getting wobbly on blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court because Donald Trump could feasibly be president in a few months. Vox

E. The US Department of Justice has notified North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory that the so called “bathroom bill” violates the Civil Rights Act. Talking Points Memo

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The Revenge of LSAC

We told you a few months ago about the beginning of what is now a law school admissions trend (if two counts as a trend, that is): law schools accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT. If you’re reading this blog, you likely know that the GRE is the standardized test those going on to graduate school — rather than a professional school, like like law school — take. It tests math and verbal skills, whereas the LSAT tests logic and argumentation.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.3.16

A. Presidential historian Donald J. Trump announces that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, murdered JFK. Oh, and by the way, he’s about to put a lock on the GOP nomination. Daily Caller

B. Oh, the irony! Doctors are the number three cause of death in the U.S. NPR

C. Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, the target of one securities prosecution, may soon be the target of another. Ah, karma. Bloomberg

D. The smash hit 18th century hip hop musical “Hamilton” has set a record for Tony Award nominations. The Los Angeles Times

E. Australia is giving herpes to carp fish. Yup. Vice

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The Guide for Studying for the LSAT a Second Time

This is the guide for LSAT retakes. If you’re still wondering if you should retake, have a look at this post and this post from an actual retaker. I’ll assume you’ve got your mind made up to retake the LSAT.

0. Brush up on fundamentals

Before you do anything else, you have to brush up on your fundamental skills. You need to know how to diagram everything under the sun.