Logical Reasonings / 7.29.16

A. Here is clear video of the worst person in the world today, July 29, 2016. Bravo, childhood ruiner, bravo. MLB

B. The legal battle between University of Houston Law School and Houston Law School (formerly South Texas College of Law) rages on. Chron

C. Holy Moly! Rio in 10K HD. The Creators Project

D. Must have for all guitar players. Strumming is for peasants! Laughing Squid

E. A Muslim man, not a politician but rather the father of a soldier who died in Iraq, gave one of the most intense and well received speeches of either convention last night. The Daily Beast

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Slow down there, LSAT student!

At the beginning of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s courses, many students are understandably more than a little anxious about timing. There are a whole lot of questions on that sucker; how will they ever be able to get through them all?! And, to be honest, that anxiety will likely continue for a large portion of the course. That said, it’s a bad idea to stress about how quickly you’re getting through questions during the first half (or so) of your course, and here’s why.

Logical Reasonings / 7.28.16

A. What changes ought to be made to the law school model? As some recent graduates. They know. Fortune

B. Today is the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philly. Stay tuned for all the juicy tidbits. The Atlantic

C. Bad news for trypophobics (those with a fear of holes): the world’s biggest hole has been found in the South China Sea. CBS

D. In they’ll-arrest-you-for-anything-nowadays news, a man is mulling a lawsuit over being arrested for donut glaze possession. In case you were wondering: yes, this happened in Florida. The Washington Times

E. You’ve earned it. Here’s a bunch of pics of adorable kittens. Mew! Buzzfeed


From the Vaults: A Brief Rundown of the Law School Admissions Timeline

“Tick-tock,” says the applications timeline clock. “Stop ticking,” says the law school applicant.

Today’s post is a rundown of when you should be doing what when it comes to applying for law school starting in Fall of 2017. (If you’re looking to start this coming Fall and have yet to get the ball rolling, this post is also for you, because you’re too late, bucko, and it’s Fall 2017 for you, also.)

Logical Reasonings / 7.27.16

A. Vermont Law School is consolidating its debt with a federal loan. Maybe they can make lemonade out of lemons by letting their budding lawyers handle the paperwork. Or not. Above the Law

B. Donald Trump, whom we shall refer to as D-Trizzle going forward, wants Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. Time

C. This is profoundly stupid. Politico

D. Pokemon Go creator Nintendo is facing tough times. Maybe they can catch whatever Pokemon has some power for creating money or whatever. Ars Technica

E. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge craze of ’14? Good news, it actually made a difference! WFAA