Logical Reasonings / 11.22.17

A. To wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving, we’ll be kicking off our holiday sale (officially known around these parts as our Christmakwanzakah Winter Solstice Day of Non-denominational Merry-Making Sale) this Friday at the crack of midnight. We’ll be discounting our Logic Games and Reading Comp books on Amazon. Learn more about these amazing resources right here! Blueprint LSAT

B. Law school is a humbling experience, even for Kennedys who are suddenly struck by the fact that Harvard Law Students are too busy to care about their family name. Boston Globe

C. Running a law school can also be a humbling experience, especially when the ABA sanctions your school for lax acceptance standards. Above the Law

D. And if running a law school is hard, try running an entire university. Especially if that university is as prominent as Harvard, and you have the DOJ on your back for allegedly discriminating against Asian-American applicants. Reuters

E. Finally, if you’re among the one in three Americans who dread the prospect of political discussions over Thanksgiving, some last minute study time for the December LSAT may be your savior. NPR


Getting the Most Out of Your Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is upon us. A holiday in which we commemorate an event that may or may not have happened and may or may not have been an actual Thanksgiving ceremony, in which of a bunch of Pilgrims and Puritans and Wampanoag tribe members (who had just been devastated by disease and who just got hoodwinked into giving up 12,000 acres of their land) allegedly sat down for a feast. We do this while blithely ignoring Wampanoag descendants’ insistence that this was probably a less chill endeavor than your little brother’s second grade play suggests.

Logical Reasonings / 11.21.17

A. Months after we published a similar take, the Chicago Tribune discusses how more law students are going to law school as a reaction to Trump. Chicago Tribune

B. There’s more law school news coming out of Chicago, btw, as the University of Illinois School of Law has plans to merge with the John Marshall Law School. Chicago Business

C. BYU is the latest law school to find comfort in the warm and tender embrace of the GRE. Ever wonder how these schools prove that the GRE is a valid predictor of law school success? Apparently ETS, the group that administers the GRE, helps them out with that. Above the Law

D. Meet Brett Joseph Talley, the Alabama federal court nominee who has zero trial experience, a rare “not qualified” stamp of disapproval from the ABA, and tons of experience huntin’ ghosts and writing horror fiction. ABA Journal

E. The FCC just announced plans to repeal net neutrality — in other words, to allow internet providers to charge more for or block access to certain parts of the internet — a seismic shift in federal policy. NY Times


Get into the Spirit of Giving (to Yourself) with Blueprint’s Holiday Sale!

With Thanksgiving coming up and various winter-timed holidays right around the corner, we here at Blueprint decided to provide something to be thankful for while simultaneously getting you in the spirit of giving. We have two, count ’em, two sales coming up. Call it our Christmakwanzakah Winter Solstice Day of Non-denominational Merry-Making Sale.

Logical Reasonings / 11.20.17

A. USNWR has a good rundown of law school admissions experts’ opinions on how, especially now, a good LSAT can score can make law school a lot cheaper. U.S. News & World Report

B. A good LSAT score also makes you more likely to pass the bar. This is especially important in California, where the bar passage rate is still atrocious. Above the Law

C. But once you pass the bar, you get to do all kinds of cool stuff, like maybe represent the president against increasingly likely charges of obstruction. ABC News

D. And, what’s more, the president will personally pick up the tab. Reuters

E. But, remember, being a lawyer is a hard job. If you don’t do a good job drafting a cease and desist letter for your allegedly pederast Senate candidate client, you’re going to get called out. Wonkette