Logical Reasonings / 1.12.18

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B. Here’s a law-themed Instagram account for all your snarky legal meme needs. Above the Law

C. Las Vegas’ new NHL team, the Golden Knights, just got hit with a trademark challenge by the U.S. Army, whose parachute team uses a similar logo. Just like Vegas to make a cheap facsimile. Washington Post

D. The ABA’s case against an underperforming lawsuit, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, heats up with ABA’s summary judgment. ABA Journal

E. Some tips for succeeding in the second semester of 1L. National Jurist


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It’s a new year, and in a not at all overhyped and cliché way, it could be a whole new you! While 2017 might have been a time of uncertainty about your future, a year marred by a disappointing LSAT exam, or a period void of motivation — January 2018 is full of opportunities. If you are thinking about taking (or re-taking) the LSAT, there is no better time to make those plans and to find the right educational tools for your success!

Logical Reasonings / 1.11.18

A. You have until tomorrow at 6:30 pm PST to get 20% off any tutoring purchase with the promo code WINTER20! Blueprint LSAT

B. If you’re interested in studying abroad during law school (and hey, with the cost of law school, you may as well get a vacation out of it), here are some of the wildest study abroad programs. National Jurist

C. . They don’t teach this in your professional responsibility class: Apparently, you can’t inflate your internet billing records to look more busy to your partners at your law firm. ABA Journal

D. Some music publishing companies dropped a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Spotify, a judgment that will drastically cut into the streaming service’s rap caviar budget. Above the Law

E. Welp, doesn’t look like our president will be welcomed in Haiti, El Salvador, or Africa any time soon (and a bipartisan bill that protected 800,000 DREAMers from deportation isn’t looking so hot either). Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 1.10.18

A. Don’t forget about our tutoring sale! Until Friday at 6:30 pm PST you can get 20% off any tutoring purchase with the promo code WINTER20. Blueprint LSAT

B. SCOTUS just struck down North Carolina’s congressional districts as unconstitutional, forcing the state to draw a less partisan map. NY Times

C. Over in the Senate, Dems Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were just appointed to the Judiciary Committee. The Hill

D. Some advice on repaying student loans as a first-year associate at a law firm. Above the Law

E. Why proofreading is important. @LettersOfNote