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Catching Up With Our Recent LSAT Prep Success Stories

We love to see our students excel. When we receive a phone call or email from a student raving about a 15, 20 or sometimes even 30-point increase on their LSAT, the news makes waves around the Blueprint office.

When that person is close to our headquarters here in Los Angeles, we’ll often bring them in and use their story for advertising purposes. We call them “success stories.”

This past summer and fall, we had a handful of success stories that were especially impressive. Although all these people featured have their own ads plastered across several campuses, we thought it would make sense to run down their stories on Most Strongly Supported to let everyone see.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.31.12

A) If you’re a Chicago LSAT prep student waiting for Blueprint’s summer course to start, you might as well see a show. It’s Legally Blonde, if that helps. Chicago Sun-Times.

B) What’s going on with this NYU Law School trustee — or should I say, NYU Law School buckaroo? NYU Local.

C) Law school is nice, but don’t forget that going to business school or living in the woods is always an option. Above the Law.

D) George Washington University Law School set to launch a health care law and policy program. First on the agenda: Who do you sue when you injure yourself chopping down a cherry tree? National Law Journal.

E) Man shoots his son because of the way he was singing karaoke. See, this is why nobody should do karaoke drunk or sober. Daily Mail.

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Believe These February LSAT Conspiracy Theories (Or Else)

After you take the February LSAT in twelve days you’ll never get to see your test again. With other LSATs you get to comb through the test, reliving all your little mistakes. But the February LSAT is non-disclosed. This can actually something of a blessing, as once the test is over, it’s over. But why should the February LSAT be the only non-disclosed test? LSAC says it’s for internal research purposes, and so that they have extra questions for LSAT-related emergencies. But what’s the real reason? What are they trying to hide? Maybe the February LSAT…

Isn’t actually an LSAT! Relatively few people take the LSAT, so they could probably get away with just throwing in an old GMAT or SAT, right?

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Logical Reasonings / 1.30.12

A) How do we fix legal education? Start with this article, then go from there. AmLaw Daily.

B) Don’t spit out your Raisin Bran, but you’re not too old for law school. Careerist.

C) Richard Dawkins takes a critical look at the American judicial system and doesn’t once mention You-Know-Who. The Richard Dawkins Foundation.

D) There is a reference to the LSAT somewhere in this article. Find it, and you win your own reality show. TMZ.

E) Student orders book from Amazon and finds a bag of cocaine inside. Amazon now recommends she check out something called “black tar heroin.” Huffington Post.

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Book Review: Busy Applicant’s Guide to Get into Law School

Another book review? You bet your ass another book review.

This time we’ve got Busy Applicant’s Guide to Get into Law School: Everything You Need in a Pocket-Sized Resource, which is available now for Kindle on Amazon. The book checks in at 133 pages and was written by former LSAT instructor Stephen Ilg and former Yale law career counselor Levi Weikel-Magden. It’s a breezy but informative read that, for anyone interested in a JD, would be an adequate next step in research after a few hours on Google.

Moreover, Get Into Law School would be an ideal read for a student who just completed his or her first year of college and was considering law school.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.27.12

A) A poll last week asked how strict the American Bar Association should be regarding LSAT scores and GPA. Survey says… Above the Law.

B) Preparing for the LSAT? Take a philosophy class. The Reflector.

C) Look at Vermont Law School raising $15.3 million. Go Vermont! VT Digger.

D) If you’re not sure what to do after law school, here are a few ideas. “Become a magician in Las Vegas” isn’t on there, but you should also consider it. Law Admissions Lowdown.

E) The most epic animal photobombs ever captured. Try not to giggle. Just try. Huffington Post.

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Time to Hunker Down if it’s Your Third LSAT in Two Years

Are you ready for a slew of clichés? Good, because here they come.

It’s crunch time.

It’s the bottom of the ninth.

It’s the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.

This one’s for all the marbles.

The whole enchilada.

Hopefully you’ve gotten the point by now. What the crap am I talking about, though?

Well, for some folks out there, this is the last LSAT they’ll be able to take for a while.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.26.12

A) You’d think if anyone knew about sampling fallacy on the LSAT, it would be a law school. Marquette Tribune.

B) “Electronic tablets will make paper books in law schools obsolete within a decade.” Yes, but will law students get to class on Hoverboards or jetpacks? Law Technology News.

C) Remember that internet thing last week with Wikipedia. The SOPA and PIPA nonsense? A lawyer explains why it was nonsense. Web Pro News.

D) Man gets $22 million after wrongfully being imprisoned in solitary confinement. The worst part: His only reading material was Twilight novels and old TV Guides. CNN.

E) He should be happy he didn’t have to read any of these books, including If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open? BuzzFeed.

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And the Oscar Goes to: LSAT Logic Games!

Oscar nominations were announced yesterday (Gary Oldman for Best Actor, you better believe it) and the following 7 movies were among those nominated: The Artist, The Descendants, Hugo, Moneyball, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Help and War Horse. Although winners will not be announced for another month, the following details have been leaked regarding the winners:

• Only four of these seven movies will receive an Oscar
• If Hugo does not receive an Oscar, then The Descendants will receive one
• If Moneyball receives an Oscar then The Artist will not, unless Tinker Tailor receives one
• If The Artist and Tinker Tailor both receive Oscars, then The Descendants cannot receive an Oscar

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Logical Reasonings / 1.25.12

A) What awaits law schools in 2012? (Please let it be robot professors. Please let it be robot professors. Please let it be robot professors…) National Law Journal.

B) A Connecticut mayor is in hot water after saying he’d help Latinos in his community by eating tacos. Note the photo that’s running with the story, which features the mayor posing in front of his most recent Racist of the Year awards. CNN.

C) Oh, your clever Canadian law firms and your slave puns. Above the Law.

D) If you’re still getting emails from Groupon, stay tuned. You might be find a great deal on a defense attorney. Wall Street Journal.

E) Bored? Take 95,000 pieces of chewed Nicorette gum and make a ball out of it. If you don’t have that much time, just read about this guy who did. Gizmodo.