Daily Archive: February 2nd, 2012

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Down! Set! LSAT Logical Fallacies at the Super Bowl! Hike!

Super Bowl XLVI, also known as “Super Bowl Extra Large Six,” is a mere three days away. You have exactly that much time to fly to Las Vegas and lay down your savings on the Giants, the Patriots, the over, the under, or whether or not Madonna kisses Gisele Bündchen during the halftime show.

By this time next week, the big game will be a thing of the past and the February LSAT will once again engulf your concentration. But there’s no reason we can’t tie the two subjects together.

So throw on your jersey, huddle around, and read these five Super Bowl-themed logical fallacies.


Logical Reasonings / 2.2.12

A) Happy Groundhog Day! When a nation of people waits in anticipation for an oblivious woodland mammal to exit a hole in the ground. (If aliens ever visit while we’re doing this, they’re just going to turn around and go home.) Los Angeles Times.

B) Burglars steal $3 million in gold from a California courthouse. Undercover investigators have already begun staking out all area strip malls that have a Cash4Gold store. KRCRTV.

C) Here’s a plea to put Supreme Court deliberations on television. Hope it’s on Bravo instead of C-SPAN. CNN.

D) Any Star Trek fans out there? (“Yay!”) What about Deep Space Nine? (“Boo!”) Well, anyway, a dude from the show was arrested for DUI. CT Now.

E) A boat in Tasmania pulls 145 water skiers. Pfft. Would’ve been more impressive if it was a paddle boat. Matador Network.