June 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

Summer starts a week early for many of you this year.

The Solstice is next Wednesday, the 20th, but that magical moment when the proctor calls time on the last section will feel just like when the school bell rung on the last day of fifth grade.

While you don a sun dress and head to the park or beach (and look slightly like a crazy person, as the exam won’t be over until the evening), however, we here at Most Strongly Supported will be compiling information on the LSAT and commenting on your reports!

So what did you think of the exam? Hard? Easy? One killer logic game? Experimental in the writing section this time? Please post below, but remember that all comments will be moderated to enforce the LSAC’s prohibition on specific content.

And don’t forget to check in to see initial reports from the East Coast and comments from others on the test!

-Updates below-

First reports are in from the East Coast. Most are saying that, overall, it didn’t feel like an LSAT. The questions were “weird”, according to several accounts.

Overall, feelings are that RC was average and Logical Reasoning was on the easy side (but, like we said, weird). The Logical Reasoning section has been called out for some ambiguous language, which keeps up with the trend of eschewing the usual keywords for more subtle ones.

Logic Games seemed to be easy for those who struggle with the section and difficult for those who usually do well. This often suggests weird games that lacked deductions, but we haven’t heard any specifics yet. However, we have learned that the Games were each on two pages!

As a reminder, please do not give out any information, including subject matter, of anything on the LSAT. This policy is probably more strict than LSAC’s policy, but we’re going to err on the side of caution.

195 Responses

  1. Lucas says:

    “Logic Games seemed to be easy for those who struggle with the section and difficult for those who usually do well.”

    100% how I felt.

    • Jermaine says:

      Completely agree. I normally at least get to the fourth game, and I didn’t in this one. I feel like you were given rules that didn’t really help you out. I had A LOT of hypotheticals.

      • William says:

        Totally agree! I’ve been nailing games in practice tests! I was shocked when I barely touched 4 th game but other folks at my center said they were easy

  2. Michelle says:

    The 26 question LR section was hardest for me .

  3. Em says:

    The double reading comps felt like a 1-2 punch. What a way to start.

  4. Misty says:

    I thought it was pretty easy, especially Logic Games. I usually have trouble with timing and I was done early on every section!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Overall, I thought it went fairly well. Blueprint definitely helped me to be prepared for all the sections. The logic games did seem fairly easy, but there were a few words that made it easy to mix up the diagrams.

  6. Logan says:

    There definitely weren’t as many deductions in games as I’ve seen in previous practice tests. Not very many “L must go here” and more “if L is here, R is here” rules. Also, the experimental game section kicked my ass. At least, I hope it was the experimental section!

    • Dave says:

      ditto. crushed one LG section, almost cried when my fifth section was another LG (much more cruel to me) and I realized I might’ve aced the experimental.

      • Everyone I’ve heard from who deduced their experimental had it as their second section.

        • Ian says:

          What’s your take? Does a whole game section lacking deductions for the most part sound the least bit plausible?

          I doubt it, I can understand how some people may have thought some of the rules were vague, but I just think they were stylistically unfamiliar.

          This has me freaking out because I found major deductions that blew two of the games wide open, but I had to digest it all for a moment before they became apparent.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Logan,

      I have the same feeling about the LGs as you do. Any clue to tell which one is the experimental?

  7. Ryan says:

    Much easier than I expected, which makes me nervous. If there was ever a test to do well on though, this was it.

  8. Samantha says:

    Not sure if Em meant there was an experimental reading comp – I had LRs. Logic games were surprisingly easy, but I had a tough time with the reading, especially since it was first. Hopefully they’ll balance each other out!

  9. Jermaine says:

    Yeah I agree. The feel was…off. And LR’s were oddly worded as well.
    I had two LG’s…I did amazing on one, terrible on the other. Anyone know which was experimental?

    • mike says:

      i had 2 LG sections, 2nd and 4th. 2nd section was a breeze and the fourth section was ridiculous. hoping that the LG in section 4 was experimental. apparently up until oct 2011 they only put experimentals in the first three sections, but now they can be in any section. the oct 2011 lsat was the first one they put an experimental in the 4th section

      • JP says:

        I had RC, RC, LR, Games, LR.

        I BELIEVE “Section 2” was experimental, which means the 4th section (games) was scored.

        First three were very do-able. fourth one was really hard.

        Was able to create hypotheticals for two out of four games

      • Quez says:

        I really hope the 4th was experimental too

    • Madison says:

      My boyfriend and I both took the LSAT yesterday and he had to LG’s and I only had one. He agreed that one was mildly easy and the other was impossible. We think we figured it out that his insanely difficult one was the experimental section because I didn’t recognize the topics.

  10. Ryan says:

    I did not have an experimental games section and when I finally realized this it nearly brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

  11. Nick says:

    LR had a few questions that seemed to require outside knowledge (more so than previous exams). RC seemed straightforward. LG was a killer, IMO. Lack of deductions. The two pages per game three me off. Definitely required more time due to lack of desk space. Had to keep flipping back and forth between the two pages. The extra space didn’t give me much help. I wonder if the two pages on LG impacted others.

  12. john_jacob_jinglie_heimer-smith says:

    Any idea which logical reasoning was experimental…? In the first half of the test, I had one with 27 questions and one with 26.

    • jake says:

      pretty sure the 27 one was experimental.

      • john_jacob_jinglie_heimer-smith says:

        I sure hope your right… I straight-up bombed the LR with 27 q’s and felt like I crushed the other… Did those test-takers without an experimental LR have a 27 question section?

      • Michelle says:

        I had 1 that was 27 and two that were 25 I think?

        • Emma says:

          I had two LR, and they are 25 and 26 respectively, so I’m pretty sure your 27 one was experimental.

          • john says:

            Which number was the 27 quesiton one? I had LR in 1,2 and 4. The 4th was the most difficult, but I forget how many quesitons their were…

    • Matt says:

      Did the 27 question LR section end up being the experimental for you guys? I am just curious because I recently took the 2013 October LSAT and also had 3 Logical reasoning sections, and the first one had 27 questions..

  13. Michael Mik says:

    Logic games were weird. The first one especially. I usually do well but did not feel that way this time. We will see though.

  14. Logan says:

    Michael you must have had the same test as I did. That first LG sucked. First setup was really easy but then the middle two were awful. I’m fairly sure that was the experimental section for us though.

  15. Katie Y says:

    I definitely thought that the games were easy given that I almost always run out of time and didn’t today—I’m hoping everyone didn’t find them so easy. Although I could be completely wrong and blew it hard. All in all I felt good about it…the LR sections were pretty long in my opinion but overall okay.

  16. Courtney says:

    I thought it was fine. I also had RC for the experimental, and the two sections were one after another which seemed terrible. I did better on one than the other, so I guess we’ll see which I had for experimental. It’d be nice if it was the one I did better on that was scored, obviously!

    I had two pages for LG as well, but the two pages were the open pages, it wasn’t front and back. I don’t think the extra space actually helped, but I guess it was nice. I’ve never felt a huge need for the extra space though.

    Ironically, I thought the LR questions were great. Seemed much easier than the practice tests I had done. Maybe I think weird, and thus it worked out for. ;D haha.

    Overall, it seemed easy. I can echo feeling nervous about that, though.

  17. Tom says:

    I did not enjoy having LG on two pages, which kind of through me off. It felt like a cruel trick. I felt less assured than usual because there were fewer obvious deductions to make upfront.

    I had an experimental LR section but not sure which one didn’t count. Any ideas?

  18. Arksha says:

    I disagree with some here. I had been doing fairly well in practice tests and this test actually seemed very hard to me. The questions were worded weirdly and I completely ran out of time on the reading comp. The games (which I usually do well on) lacked a lot of deductions and the back-to-back LR sections were somewhat brutal. Did anyone else find the test hard? Maybe I just bombed, but it seemed a lot harder than a lot of others.

    • Caro says:

      I had been doing awesome on prep tests, and always had left over time to spare, and I was incredibly rushed on RC!

    • Tom says:

      I agree with you.

    • Thomas says:

      This exactly describes my experience. I usually nearly ace RC but today I ran out of time and basically had to guess for all of the questions for the last passage. Games were weird. Hopefully I got lucky because once again I felt like I did a lot of guessing. The only reprieve was LR for me which I thought were pretty straightforward. I guess we’ll see in July…

    • jake says:

      100% agree. I scored a 170 on my last practice test before the exam, so I felt pretty confident going in. I don’t feel that way anymore.

    • Niloo says:

      You took the words out of my mouth! I didn’t have time for the last passage and the experimental logic games were easy while the one that will count was actually difficult…

      • Nate says:

        Feel you Jake. RC I normally finish comfortably but something about this one made me rush towards the end. Several LR questions seemed odd to me and the extra space on games made my set up less effective. I had to keep looking back…and a lack of deductions didnt help much either.

      • Carol says:

        Same problems– are any of you cancelling?

      • sami says:

        I had been scoring 168+ on all my practice tests and never ran out of time on RC and she said 5 minutes remaining as I started the last passage and basically had to educated guess the last 5 questions which was a huge bummer. I also had 3 LR sections… first two sections back to back. Didn’t have games section til the last section which was awful seeing how I had all my reading up front, so I agree completely.

        • Nate says:

          Not sure. Just hoping this test has the most generous curve of all time. As far as the feel of the test, June’s was considerably different from February which I also took. It could be that June’s is harder? Comments seem to say so but I’ll have to hear more people’s opinion.

    • Rusty says:

      Yes. Exactly how I felt. I usually finish the RC confidently (even if only with 30 seconds to spare) and I have been doing really well on the logic games for the last 10-15 Preptests… and I bombed this one! I was behind on time from the 2nd game on. I guessed a couple questions on each of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th game. I couldn’t figure out why it was taking longer than usual.

      Did the big pages slow anyone down!? I was used to small diagrams already, haha.

    • Patrick says:

      I completely agree with what you’re saying. I took many practice tests and these LR questions were……weird. LG didn’t seem to have difficult games, but the games left in my opinion very few inferences. Test seemed hard to me.

  19. Josh says:

    I honestly feel the LG and RC were easier than PT’s but the LG….. horrid is all I have to say.. I didn’t finish 4 in each section..

  20. Cameron says:

    Oh my ah-god. I am so glad that is over!

    I had an experimental LR section. My first section definitely had some strange language going on in the prompts.

    When I hit games I was like “whaaat?” all that extra space threw me off for a second, but I thought they were kinda easy. True about the limited setups though. I just dove in and scribbled all over the place! I agree with the other poster: if there was a test to do well on, that was it. No major surprises in there. Thanks Blueprint!

  21. Taylor says:

    I feel bad about my test . RC first seemed more difficult than usual and it’s normally my best section ; I struggled to finish on time and had to rush for the last passage. I had two LG sections 2 and 4 . Two seemed really easy , 4 was marginally harder . Heres to hoping 2 was not experimental. The LR sections were not terribly difficult but there was more convuluted language than in past tests.

    • Niloo says:

      I think I had the same test as you! unfortunately logic games section 2 was apparently the experimental one =(

  22. Liza says:

    There was some weird wording. But I felt good about the lr and rc (although I had back to back rc to start off. Yikes!) I am pretty sure I got dominated by the lg though. Ran out of time and must have missed several more than usual. Will have to wait a few weeks to find out how it went for sure though. Those middle two games were rough.

  23. seth says:

    i had 2 rc sections. does anyome know which was the scored one?

  24. Patrick says:

    Tremendously upset right now. I had been PTing consistently in the low-mid 170s going into today and felt very good through the first three sections of my exam.

    I was extremely confident when I took my break. Came back to what was apparently the scored LG section and completely bombed it — outright guessed on at least 7 or 8 questions and wasn’t tremendously sure about others. Felt like time just evaporated on me. I can’t imagine I’m going to do better than the mid-160s, which is not much better than my initial diagnostic. I feel sick. So much prep work for the last 2-3 months and likely not much to show for it.

    • Ian says:

      My exact experience.Was confident before but after that- bleh

      • Liza says:

        Exactly how I felt. Probably missed more lg questions than on my diagnostic six months ago… No way I did as well as I have been doing on the pts.

      • Goodloe says:

        My exact experience…Rc, Lg,Arg,Lg,Arg. Cruised through the first three sections, then the Lg killed me. Apparently it was the scored section. I am canceling. When can we discuss the contents of the game to be sure which game was counted?

    • Mike says:

      These are my sentiments EXACTLY. I was scoring in the low-to-mid 170s on all the recent prep tests as well and felt just as you did throughout this test. We probably had the same test form.

      I had an LR, then an LG (which I later deduced was the faker), then the RC. After the break I had the second LR followed by the real deal games, which, as others have said, had the two middle games with very few deductions to work off of.

      The LR felt pretty straightforward. That fake LG section wasn’t too bad, though the two pages threw me off for a second. RC continued the usual trend of slightly tougher questions / ambiguous answers. I definitely think that’s where the tests are getting harder. Went into break thinking that it’s not that bad.

      Got back to that second LR section and somehow ran out of time and had to guess one question. Still not too bad though.

      That last section… with the real games… had to guess on 3. Really not happy about it. I wish I had done some prep with 2 page game layouts but they don’t exist. I’m hoping that the psychology of introducing that will result in a more lenient curve. We can only hope so.

      In fact, the psychology of that 2-page twist is a big factor here. People who consistently score well on LG know to quickly glance at all the questions to get an idea for how ‘determinate’ the game is. You couldn’t do that as easily. Furthermore, people typically symbolize rules on that same page of the whole game, but on this test, you’d write your rules down on that first page as usual, then have to refer across 2 pages to see them.

      Don’t for a second think that was done by accident. These are all well calculated decisions by LSAC. The curve’s going to be big here because of that.

      • Not to be a downer, but I honestly wouldn’t count on that. The score conversion wasn’t that forgiving for the first Comparative Reading, and they have the conversions set going in.

    • Edward says:

      Same here, for the most part. I was looking to destroy games, but choked; having to guess on atleast 4. Really really bummed right now. I’m glad others felt this LSAT was just plain weird. It didn’t feel right from the get go… Ugh.

    • Bryce says:

      Patrick, I feel your pain exactly. I was scoring between 168-172 in 32 minutes, yes 32, in practice; however, I felt like yesterday’s test could not have gone much worse. I got my sections respectively as follows: LR; LG; RC; LR; LG. Now, LG had always been my weakest section with near perfect scores on the other two types. Yesterday, when I got to my RC section, which I normally scored between 24 and 27 on, I exploded. The proctor called five minutes left and I was on like question 18- I was not “jazzed” about that. Had to guess on the the whole last passage. I also did not feel super confident about the section LR section- 26 questions- but did okay on logic games; perhaps 18-20 on each. Any ideas on what y0u all think the curve will be?

  25. aj says:

    the one with 2 passages with 8 questions each was the experimental.

  26. Sarthak says:

    I had the RC as my experimental, and the fact that it was RC followed directly by another RC sapped my energy. It definitely didn’t help that the LG section made me feel like an idiot. My practice tests were 165-168 and i’m now just hoping for a 161-163. Sucks.

    • vyourlawyer says:

      I also had 2RC sections. I dont remember which one had two (8 answer quesions) was it the first one or the second one the experimental. I hope it was the second it…It SUCKED!

  27. Jessie says:

    I felt ok to good about everything until I hit the last section–Logic Games. Like Patrick I guessed on 7 or 8 too. The middle two games killed me. On LR it seemed like there were a lot of Disagree questions.

  28. Chris says:

    RC felt brutal to me. Not entirely sure what it was. I can also attest to LR feeling weird–that made it seem a lot harder for me than it usually is.

    Games I felt was the easiest section. I had at least one with scenarios (I forget which one), and the fourth one had a deduction that made the game a lot easier than I first thought.

    but man, that RC.

  29. LittleCorporal says:

    Any conjecture as to which RC was experimental?

  30. Chloe says:

    I had two RC’s right in a row which actually was an awesome way to start the test in my opinion. Being able to get my first section jitters possibly out of the way but getting a second chance to monitor my time and possibly fix any mistakes I may have made test taking wise felt good. Possible the second passage was experimental, but even so. . The first RC had an awesome blend of passage styles and I thought set a great tone for the whole test. I loved knowing that everything from there on out was my one and only chance to kick ass and that the experimental had come and gone. . . LG I felt was quick and painless. Not many deductions, I could see that. . . But certain rules joined together often in a subtle way that was really the key to the entire game. . Finished the last one accurately i think with only 7 minutes left so I think that shows the level off difficulty was lower than most. . LR seemed to have a few questions that seemed to have weird answers. . or went about the answer in a strange way. . . Kinda threw me. . I hadn’t been where I wanted in my practice scores but I really feel like the pressure of actual test day made me quicker. . cut the bs a lot faster than normal. . . and extremely focused. This may have been my best score yet by far. . . I can’t wait to find out!

  31. Michelle says:

    any idea which LR was experimental?

  32. aj says:

    i think this test benefited ppl who didn’t study a lot more than usual…i don’t know why i feel this way but i feel this way.

    • audrey says:

      I think so too. I took the Feb 2012 LSAT and didn’t score anywhere near where I wanted so signed up for the June one. I still didn’t have time to study much before June, so I just took as many extra practice exams as I could and I felt really confident after the test.

      I had RC-LR-LR-LG-LR.

      LG was my worst section easily – the third game seemed impossible and I had to guess on 6-7 questions overall.

      My RC had 27 questions if that helps anyone narrow which RC counted. LG had 23 questions.

      I was really happy to get RC out of the way with all my focus sharp in the early part of the exam. My last LR was 26 questions whereas the other two were 25 questions. The last LR was the most difficult, so I’m betting it counted. Anyone have an idea?

      • Kelly says:

        I had the same exam. I’m pretty sure the 2nd LR (section 3) was the experimental.

      • Michael says:

        I had the same test as well. My 3rd and 5th sections both had 26 questions, while the 2nd had 25, so 3 or 5 was experimental…3rd section seemed to have the more convoluted experimental language but you never know with these people

  33. Sara says:

    I had RC-LR-LR-LG-LR which was the perfect test for me. Got the RC out of the way quick and the games right after the break. I think the first LR was the hardest but I was also really tired by the last LR… so we’ll see! I thought some of the rules in the games were vague- which made really hesitant in my diagrams. In terms of LR there seemed to be a lot of Necessary and Sufficient questions. Not sure what to think, overall!

    • BCK says:

      This was my exact test. The first LR was really difficult for me, there were a few ones in in the first page of questions that were just like WHAT, and I ended up basically guessing on two qs over the course of the section which is not my standard. I usually only get at most 2 wrong on any LR section. Hoping that one was the experimental one! Otherwise, I might be in trouble.

      The LR right before the break wasn’t too bad, but not super easy either. I finished pretty quick, but that’s because I really needed to go to the bathroom! I hopped up with 5 min left.

    • Michael says:

      Which one did you think was experimental here? I think it was either 2 or 3 and had the same test..

  34. Mike says:

    I normally do really well at games, but the first game through me off. I had to skip it then rush through the other three. Luckily I had time to finish the firest game fully. It may have been because each game took up two pages, which felt…weird. LR seemed easy, except for 1 section, which I believe was my experimental. Reading comp was ok, I am horrible at it and rushed through the last passage but it seemed manageable.

    Now it is time to wait and drink, mostly drink.

  35. Ryan says:

    How many different tests are there? Are they different questions or just different experimentals with the sections in different orders? I had LR-RC-LR-LR-LG

    • Chris says:

      A friend of mine said she had the same order, except the last LR and LG were switched. I thought everything but the experimental was supposed to match up, but I guess not anymore?

      LSAC is getting sneakier.

      • Ryan says:

        It made for an annoying test taking experience because the kid next to me was scribbling/erasing like a mad man (clearly bombing his LG section) while I was trying to read the long passages in my LR section. I wanted to murder him.

      • There are several test forms, so it’s never been the case that everyone was always working from the same order except the experimental. The exact opposite, in fact, as the experimental sections tend to overlap so that they have data from people at the same point in their test-taking.

    • DShupp says:

      I had LR-LR-RC-LR-LG

      • john says:

        I had that too! Which do you think was the experimental LR? I’m guessing 2, but Im hoping for 4, as it was more difficult for me…

    • Rusty says:

      I had the same one. Did you determine which LR section was un-scored? Also, did that Logic Games kick your butt!?

  36. Jcogs says:

    checking in from the west coast. Same weird test, were able to figure out that the second LR and the games in the section before the break were the experimental sections. Sorry dual RC people i dont know which one was yours. Only found one major deduction on the games section and that was in the first game the rest I had to rule drive on. Glad it is over

  37. Shan says:

    Which games section was experimental? Ppl who only had one games section which one was it?

    • Rebecca B says:

      Shan, I had only 1 LG section and it was #4. RC-LR-LR-LG-LR
      I agree with many of the comments on here about the weirdness of the LR, I have to admit, I am happy with the test I got and didn’t have to endure the double RC, yikes, but the LR was not easy peasy IMO. I agree there seemed to be many Necessary and Sufficient questions, which I was prepared for, also Justify the Reasoning, oh and what seemed like a big handful of PFlaw questions which I didn’t really have time for, so long, so I basically tried to make an educated guess for those! So great to come here and hear from everyone and to share our experiences. A bit comforting if that makes sense!
      Thanks Blueprint for your awesome prep course and this blog!

    • Kelly says:

      I only had one games section and it had 23 questions, if that helps.

  38. Elizabeth Coronado says:

    I had 2 RC sections right off the bat! I feel like I didn’t do as well. But I am hoping one of those is experimental. The rest of the test seemed like a breeze! Happy to kick off the summer! And finally study abroad in Barcelona come fall! Hence, why I took the LSAT in June. Just three finals to get through then summer vacation! Anyone else have finals this week as well? LSAC really knows to overwork students!

  39. betty says:

    Having LG on two pages really threw me off also…..but overall they were easy, though I did have some difficulty with the 3rd game, but not much.

    I also have to agree that the LR was “weird”…. yes, mostly to do with the language.

    The RC – was a lot easier for me than usual (this is usually my weakest section).

    I had 2 LG in the first 3 sections… which I wish I had to LG instead…

  40. Shan says:

    Which was the LG section that is not experiential .. Those of you who only had one games section.. I had two which one did u guys have?

  41. Shannon says:

    Which was the LG section that counts?

  42. Shannon says:

    I had two games sections I can’t figure out which one was experimental

  43. Jobsies says:

    I had LR LR RC LR LG. I liked ending the test with the games since that’s my weakest area.

    Actually thought the rest was ok…it didn’t seem too bad…but guess I’ll know for sure on 7/6.

  44. betty says:

    Having LG on two pages really threw me off also…..but overall they were easy, though I did have some difficulty with the 3rd game, but not much.

    I also have to agree that the LR was “weird”…. yes, mostly to do with the language.

    The RC – was a lot easier for me than usual (this is usually my weakest section).

    I had 2 LG in the first 3 sections… which I wish I had to LG instead…

    Also there was this guy “cheating” (he had section 1 open the whole time everyone was bubbling in their name and LSAC number etc….) and the proctor said nothing!

    • C Ben says:

      You should report that proctor and testing center.

      • betty says:

        what would that do?? not like I’ll get any extra points..

        • C Ben says:

          That proctor needs to be educated on the correct protocol for the test. It’s not about you getting anything out of it, it’s about principle. I wouldn’t want more people to get an unfair advantage on this test because of an uneducated proctor, but hey, that’s just me.

  45. Jordan says:

    Had the double RC. I hate RC. A friend of mine prepped my by saing “don’t say I will be fine as long as RC isn’t first.” So, I decided I would be fine with RC first and then laughed when I saw it. But by the 3rd passage I became pretty sure it was experimental due to the easiness of it and kinda panicked. Sure enough there was another one right after. Now THAT I had not prepared myself for. Praying the first was the real one; doubtful, though.

    As for LC, I think I there was a 25 and a 26. I think I got perfect or close to on the 25. 26 I did well but had to guess the last 3. Loved the games (well the first 3). Unforunately, I didn’t have much time for the 3rd but was more confident on the first 3 than usual!

  46. Jordan says:


    I had prepared myself mentally for an RC out of the gate because that is my worst and didn’t want to get bummed out. I felt like I was crushing it until the end of the 3rd passage. At that point I started to wonder if it might be experimental because it seemed uncharacteristically easy. The second one was much tougher for me, possibly because I psyched myself out.

    I thought the first 3 games were pretty easy but I didn’t leave myself much time for the 4th.

    For the LR, I pretty much crushed the smaller of the two. The 26 question section seemed to have longer passages with more diagraming type questions. That took me more time and I missed the last 2 or 3. We’ll see! :-/

    • Jean says:

      Ugh, I’m beginning to think I know which one of my RC was experimental. The second. The first RC was too easy :-(

  47. Joe says:

    I had LR-RC-LG-LR-LG.

    Breezed through both LRs and RC didn’t seem that difficult.

    The first games section was really really easy for me and then the last one was pretty hard — guessed on 4 or 5 of them. I am hoping that the first games section was the real one and the last one was experimental, but I have a bad feeling that it’s the opposite.

    Does anyone have any memory of any of the games that could let me know which one was experimental?

    • Michelle says:

      I had the exact same test and experience, except that I had SEVEN left when time was called on the last logic game. From reading the comments the overwhelming majority are saying that the first was the experimental, but I would also love some confirmation. sigh.

    • VBRO says:

      I feel like the second game was more similar to the previous games, therefore it must be the one that will be scored. Section 2’s games were unfamilar in style but seemed easier and unfortunately I believe that is the LG section that won’t be scored. This test just sucked, honestly, wortst test that I have seen from the LSAT.

  48. Andrew says:

    Reading comp for the first section. I felt terrible, but I finished and I went on and it was easier. I think that I over studied logic games finished a few minutes early on those sections. I had RC-LG-LR-LG-LR im thinking that the first LG was experimental. Best part of the LSAT was running into friends from school. One friend’s boyfriend actually brought his boat to the test to go fishing afterwards and another brought the wine to celebrate on the boat. So once the exam was done we had fun- and made it home safely. Im not sure if the boat is on the list of prohibbited items to bring to the test center but it definitely made it better afterwards.

  49. Michelle says:

    Ugh I had an experimental LR section, the first of which was oddly worded and therefore difficult for me. AND THE RC SECTION TOTALLY KICKED MY
    ASS. I’m usually pretty good at RC, finishing with extra time. But I had 5 minutes to do all the questions for the last passage. And the first two passages, which I usually consider the easiest, we’re really hard for me on this test IDK WHY!!! LG was weird too…I finished on time but I don’t feel too confident Bc again I didn’t get a chance to go back and recheck. Idk I thought this test was pretty hard overall.

  50. Dana says:

    I’m not sure how many different tests there are, but mine was LR LG RC LR LG and I’m pretty confident that the second (and easier) section of logic games was the scored section.

    • Stacy says:

      I had the exact same test and I am PRAYING that the second one is scored.. Had no idea how to even set up 2 of the games for section 5 ):

    • nn says:

      I’m 99% sure the second section (much easier one) is the experimental =(

      • sw says:

        I know that the second section was the real one and the first was the experimental – if you had LR LG RC LR LG

  51. BMa says:

    I maintained a 168-172 spread in the Preptests.

    Anyone had 3 LRs? (Sections 1, 2 & 4). I felt much less confident about my answers in those sections than I usually do. Nerves, or am I due for a stomach-dropping surprise?

    • Jessica says:

      I had the same order of sections, but my room was right next to a room where the school was hosting a historical musical for middle school students. The first section was peppered by singing and violin playing, although I hope that the second LR was experimental because I felt worse about that one.

  52. BMa says:

    I maintain a 168-172 spread in my Preptests.

    Got 3 LRs (1,2 & 4) and don’t feel as confident abt them as i normally do. Anyone else had the same? Nerves, or a impending case of the bad surprises?

    • C Ben says:

      I also had three LR’s (1, 2 & 4) and I really feel like the first one was experimental. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but it was just “weird”. The other 2 LR’s felt more like what I’ve been practicing. Is that how you felt?

      • sam says:

        Thats exactly how I felt. I had LR (1 2 and 4) also. That first LR seemed really odd. It may off been because I was nervous but the last 2 LRs were a breeze for me. Let us hope the first LR was experimental.

        • German says:

          I feel the exact same way. The last two LR sections were much more like what Im used to in the games. The first couple of questions for the first section of LR were awkward for me, and I had to adjust in order to continue moving forward. I am PRAYING the first LR is the experimental one.

  53. Payam says:

    I don’t know if it was me, but the test was easier than any practice test I’ve taken thus far.

    I had to RC back to back in sections 2 and 3. No idea which one was experimental? Seems like everyone had something different all over the place.

    Also, I felt like there were absolutely no deductions in the games? LG was KILLER. Felt so confident until I was hit with LG in the last section!

    Anyway thanks DAN and BLUEPRINT! 2nd time a charm!!

  54. Roya says:

    The two LR’s were SO weird. I got through the games, which was a pleasant surprise but the LR’s were what I was hoping to really have an easier time with. I didnt diagram at all, which made me feel like I was totally doing things wrong, and i felt like everything was very “theory” rather than calculatory… its not a word, but you get me. Overall confidence is kinda low. Very strange test, unlike many of the practice exams where I felt like i could anticipate with MUCH more ease :(

  55. John says:

    Did anyone who did NOT have an experimental LR section have a LR section with 27 questions?

    I think the three LR’s were 25, 26, and 27.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  56. Ryan says:

    I honestly thought the test was easy. It was my first real test so I was a little shell shocked during the first 5 questions, but after that it was smooth sailing. I had 2 LGs and I know which is the real one. After the experimental LG I was like: “Please don’t let there be another LG, I did awesome on this one.” Although there was another LG, I’m confident it well. RC was UNUSUALLY easy. LR was moderate to maybe a bit on the difficult side. I think we’re in for a brutal curve. -11+ would shock me. How’d did everyone else feel about the difficulty of the test on the whole? I pretty much always am feeling the heat because of time on at least one section and that didn’t happen on the entire test so I think that is a good sign. Fingers crossed. Good luck to everybody.

  57. Mahir Haque says:

    I felt like the logic games needed a lot of scenario work this time, and the second section of LR seemed a little overly heavy on the operation questions.

  58. Mahir Haque says:

    I felt like the Logic Games needed a lot of scenario work this time around, and the 2nd LR seemed overly heavy on the operation questions. Also, both RC were quite long (both 27 Q), though none too dense to make zero sense.

  59. Darkhawk says:

    Can anyone confirm this is the first time games were spread across two pages? It was initially distracting, but wound up really helping for all the hypotheticals. Or have they always been two pages, and the Official PrepTests were just playing games on us?

  60. Stacy says:

    I had LR-LG-RC-LR-LG.. The first LG was like everything I have gotten on various practice tests.. Not necessarily easy, just not unexpected.. The second LG (my section 5) was like nothing I have ever seen before.. I really couldn’t make any deductions at all and pretty much guessed on at least 50% of the questions.. Any way the last section can be an experimental? Also totally agree with an earlier post.. The test was not completely unexpected or difficult compared to PTs. but I definitely just felt off my game…

    • Historically, the experimental has been in the first 3 sections. However, they bucked this trend last year with a 4th-section experimental. Reports are that section 2 was experimental this time, however.

  61. nico9381 says:

    I thought this test was pretty rough; my test consisted of RC LR LR LG LR in that order. I consistently scored around 160 on 10 practice exams with very constant scores on my LR and RC section, however I did not feel terrific about my efficacy on these sections during the actual test. I felt like time was slipping away very fast and the answer choices seemed to contain less nonsensical items than usual. Though the passages in the RC were easy reads the questions were tough. I did not run out of time and be forced to guess on long strings, however I did not feel great about the answers on many and due to time constraints was forced to push forward. The LG section was workable, but seemed steered towards total or large enumerations, again making time a more critical factor than on my practice tests.

    I noticed a greater emphasis on wordage in the answer choices in the LR section as well. Being able to discern (or know) the meaning of a word seemed to be the factor on quite a few questions. Either way, I thought the test was rough, but hopefully my scores don’t reflect such.

    • Sasha says:

      I also had RC LR LR LG LR, I hope the second LR was the experimental one…

      • nico9381 says:

        I’ve been reading that the 27 question LR was the experimental section, however I can’t remember for the life of me when I took that section so little good it does me. Is it June 6th yet?

  62. joanna says:

    I had two RCs back to back. The first one seemed harder than the second one, let’s hope the first one was the experimental. I don’t feel confident about the LR sections because of some weird question types. Also, it seemed like there were too many “justify” type questions…I was not able to get through all LR questions and couldn’t even get to my 4th game. The first 3 games were not too difficult but for some reason, the third game took me a long time to get through because I had to diagram a lot more per question to get the right answer…Over all, I can see how some people found the test easy but somehow I have a feeling it was a treaky test…we shall see…

    • emily says:

      I had the same test. completely agree that the first RC was harder/strange, but I was definitely feeling the most nervous during that section. but on the second RC I was rushed for time on the 4th passage, though the first 3 passages seemed normal/fair. I can’t remember how many RC questions there were in the 2nd passage and it is driving me nuts!

  63. Alex says:

    That LG was weirddd no? I’m totally in the same boat as the people who feel they’re usually good at LGs felt like the LG was more difficult than normal. I’ve been scoring consistently 21-23s on LG, but I’m not sure about this one… I wish there were more deduction based games vs. the big picture stuff. And the two page games threw me off big time. Sigh* I guess I had to vent. I hope my other sections provided enough leverage to allow me to never take the LSATs again… If not… Hello October?

  64. Brittnie says:

    Yeah, same here! I felt pretty confident throughout the exam, but 1 logic game was a time sucker for me and I had to skip and go back, then mostly guess unfortunately. Hoping for a 170+ so we’ll see if I have to retake or not.

  65. Himynameischris says:

    I had LR, LR, RC, LR, LG. I don’t know what it was, but the first LR, right out of the gate, seemed overly obnoxious. I have a feeling that they threw an experimental at us right from the start, they always keep us off our feet…

    • C Ben says:

      That’s exactly how my test was structured and I also think that the first LR was experimental. It was just really odd and didn’t feel like all the LR sections I’ve practiced before.

  66. Logan says:

    Matt – any guess as to how the curve might be? Overall the test seemed relatively easy, but with the LG having so few deductions and the LR having some strange wording, what kind of curve do you think we’re in for?

    • I’m going to guess -11/-12. I wouldn’t be surprised by a -10, though, based on a large number of people who claimed this test was easy. But I’ve literally just covered all the bases.

      • Sean says:

        Sorry, but does these numbers mean the number of questions one could miss and still get a 170?

        • Oh, sorry, I forget that not everyone works in the LSAT prep business!

          That’s the number incorrect that would map to a 170. A -13 would be a very generous ‘curve’; a -10 would be a very tight ‘curve’. I’d expect this one to fall somewhere in between.

          However, since the test was weird, the prediction is more likely to be wrong.

  67. Jay says:

    I consistently score 165 and WHAT THE FUDGE!
    LG is my anchor to a 165 and yeah, let’s just say the anchor GAVE WAY.

  68. Jessie says:

    What do you mean by -11/-12? Does that many wrong answers likely correspond to a certain score?

  69. Jessie says:

    What do you mean by -11/-12? Does that number of wrong answers likely correspond to a certain score?

  70. VBRO says:

    I just don’t understand why the structure of test had to change so significantly. The dual page LG and just the vaugeness of them was absurd.

    • Sean says:

      I thought the games were pretty manageable. It did seem to keep with the trend I noticed in my practice tests of the more recent tests having generally more difficult games sections than older tests. There were conclusions to be drawn from the setups and rules, though they might not have been immediately apparent from a quick read-through. I, personally, prefer a fairly tough games section (but hold the mauve dinosaurs, please!). LG used to be like a black hole where my LSAT points went to die, but several months of doing literally every game from PrepTest 19-65 made it into my consistently strongest section.

      • Ian says:

        How could people not see that two pages for each game is a blessing? Even if you don’t, it changes nothing. Some games used to give you an area the size of a postage stamp to work with.

        I hear all this talk about the lack of deductions. I agree with Sean though, there were definitely deductions. I got major deductions and nearly complete setups on a few games. They were there, in light of the nature of the questions, I have no doubt.

        Have you ever seen an entire section that lacked deductions? Unlikely. And that was not the case.

  71. attalenti says:

    Before I get to my take on the test, here is a story. I have been PTing in the low-mid 170s. This is my 2nd time taking the LSAT. Finishing up section 5, I was feeling confident I nailed the score I was targeting (exact opposite of my sentiment on the December ’11 I took). As I was bubbling in my last answer on Section 5 (the scored games section), with at most 45 seconds to go, I noticed my last bubble was 1 number off (short) of where it should have been…in other words, every single bubble was in the wrong spot for the last 10 questions…pure panic.

    I rushed back trying to find where I “double-bubbled” and with probably 15 seconds before “pencils down” I found it was all the way up at like question 12. I erased every answer below and tried my best to flip through the last 2 games and re-bubble every answer in the right spot in like 10 seconds. I THINK I was able to get my answers in the right spots, but quite honestly, with zero time and the panic of the moment, I’m only 75% sure. Honestly, they could literally all be wrong, I had no time to double check. What would you guys do if you were me and you’re 75% certain you got them where you wanted?

    For the substance of the test, despite each LG spanning 2 pages, I actually thought the test was pretty straightforward (even LR).

    RC: I thought RC was on the difficult side, and I will say there were a couple questions on the comparative passages that, rather than trying to pick between 2 attractive options, I found myself staring at all 5 choices and not being able to pick a single one that made sense. Did anyone else feel that way?

    LG: Most people, myself included, probably wasted some valuable time looking for deductions where they didn’t exist and/or making scenarios where they didn’t prove to be very useful. Scenarios did help with the unstable grouping game though (am I allowed to say that?). Overall, can’t complain though. I’d much rather have LSAC surprise me with games on 2 pages than with “Mauve Dinosaurs” or something.

  72. Mike says:

    I had 2 RC to start–i thought first one was easy (might have been just cause my blood was pumping to start the test), but the second RC was an absolute beast. here’s to hoping that was the experimental. the rest of the sections i finished with time to spare and go over the more difficult ones… so far i’m feeling pretty good about it.

  73. joanna says:

    I had 2 RC back to back too but I thought the 1st one was more difficult than the second…but then, I got very little sleep the night before and I was very nervous when it all started. I had a tiny desk and I had to fold my tesk book and then unfold it to get to the questions on the next page…my pencils were slipping from the desk…no air conditioning and it was well above 90 degrees yesterday. Ah!

  74. Jeff says:

    Does anyone else feel guilty/weird not doing some type of studying today??

    • Holly says:

      Yep! Going on vacation in a few weeks and took all my will power not to start highlighting my travel guide.

  75. Holly says:

    I had
    LR, LR (experimental I think), RC, LR, LG

    Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension were either insanely easy or I’m delusional. I not only finished every section but had time to go back and check my work. Which is freaking me out. This never happens especially with reading comprehension.

    Logic games were a complete disaster I kept pushing forward and not double checking assuming I’d have time to come back and then they called time when I was on question 22. I was so far into lalaland I had missed the 5 minute warning. I have never not finished a game section in time. Have no clue if they were right or if I even bubbled correctly. I was so mad when I turned to the last game and saw that it was the easiest one. I could have gained easy points by skipping ahead.

    But the best part of my site was that 15 minutes into the first section a kid came bursting into the room with his dad demanding to take the test. This was 45 minutes after 12:30. It took a good 3 minutes for them to usher him out the door.

  76. Kelsey says:

    Okay I’ve literally read every comment on here and am I the only one that had LG first and last??? And what’s the consensus–easy or hard logic game as the experimental?

  77. June2012LSAT says:

    I thought the LG were difficult but that’s because I freaked out. I thought there weren’t many deductions like most people on here said but that’s opposite of the truth. I came home, remembered nearly all the rules of each game, and realized at least two had limited possibilities that you could diagram out real quick and fly through the game…..

  78. Sara says:

    Does anyone know which RC was experimental? I had RC back to back. Any hints or guesses? cus one of them was def much weirder than the other.

  79. Sara says:

    Any idea which RC was the real one? ONe of them was definitely very strange.

  80. Mick J. says:

    I had been scoring in mid to upper 160’s the past 5 or so Practice Tests, and had several times completed perfect LG’s. On this test I had LR LR RC LR LG. Sadly, I went into the test without even a minute’s worth of sleep – I had spent the prior 10 or so hours laying down with my eyes shut… LR and RC were never really my strong suit, but somehow, without sleep, I seemed to finish sections 1-3 each with at least 30-60 seconds to spare.

    My tester’s high crashed during break, I suppose, and the third LR found me guessing one at the end, and then came games. Game 1 was extremely easy and quick, but Game 2, while seemingly easy had so few obvious deductions for me, that I felt like it took forever to trudge through. Game 3 I somehow didn’t make proper or any scenarios and skipped after a little while to go to Game 4 which was much easier. Went back after and completed a few Game 3 questions, and guessed on what seemed like a handful.

  81. Justin says:

    I also had two RC sections. Talk about a DRAG! Anyways, my buddy had three LR sections so we put our heads together and figured out each of our experimentals (good thing they were in our favor).

    Anyways, I see a lot of people complaining about not getting the deductions in LG… There definitely were deductions as well as limited options in at least a couple of the games. I’m usually not THAT great with LG, but I (at least) thought I knocked it out of the park this time. We’ll see though. Best of luck to everyone.

  82. Greg says:

    anyone have a reason to believe the second RC (in the RC_RC 1st and second sections scenario)is the experimental one?

  83. Greg says:

    Justin, do you think the first or second (back to back) RC was the exp?

  84. Mark says:

    I didn’t take the test, but what’s with the two page game thing. All the practice test have the games on one page and then space below that to draw diagrams. inferences, ECT.

  85. German Lopez says:

    I had LR LR RC LR LG
    TWO of my LR questions had only 25 in them. The second LR had 26. The first one was super weird, and I probably missed more questions than usual. Did anyone have this test as well? Any ideas on which the experimental section was? LR2 and LR3 seemed to be far easier, and I was able to handle them like business as usual. Im hoping that first LR was the experimental in this case…

  86. Michael Faragalla says:

    Hey guys how does the curve work exactly? can our scores actually be better than we actually did?

  87. arran says:

    RC – RC – LR -LG – LR

    Killed the first RC, did bad on the second.
    anyone know which one was experimental?

  88. Sarah says:

    I had RC-LR-LR-LG-LR. Super weird configuration, and I had 25, 25, and 26 questions in the LRs. I’m guessing the last LR was experimental because of the recent trend of not putting experimental in the first 3 sections + it was weird/hard (or maybe I was just tired?) Overall it went okay, but BOY were those games weird!!

  89. Sara says:

    Email score date got changed to today! Nervous…

  90. Cory Spruill says:

    Thank God it was the test and not my Games skills… “82 for a 165” my ass; I am (was?) decent at AR, yet I finished the first LG in 11:50, the second in 15:00, and only finished two of the fourth. Total: 13 questions *attempted*.

    That curve is, I submit, objectively unreasonable.

    • Yuko Sin says:

      Don’t let it bring you down.

      Just check the explanations and redo the games a few times. If anything similar shows up this June, you’ll be in good shape.

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