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Watch a Compilation of Fallacies From the 10/13 Democratic Debate

Check out Democratic Presidential candidates’ most memorable fallacious statements from October 13th’s Democratic Debate on CNN. Just so you know — These videos a part of our continuous series where we will analyze fallacies in both Republican and Democratic debates. For a detailed explanation about our methodologies, thought process, and fallacy definitions check out our


Logical Reasonings / 10.12.15

A. A product liability lawsuit is a first for the marijuana industry. Los Angeles Magazine

B. You can now test your Supreme Court knowledge on a daily basis. Above The Law

C. Obama has some words of wisdom for Yeezy’s 2020 Presidential run. Funny or Die

D. Northwestern Law School says goodbye to their accelerated two-year J.D. program. CRAIN

E. Some pug images to brighten up your Monday. Buzzfeed


Save $400 on a LSAT Prep Classroom Course

Time is running out to save $400 on a fall classroom course! Blueprint’s LSAT Prep classroom courses in your city are now on sale, but not for long… Atlanta Austin Boston Fullerton Irvine Long Beach Los Angeles-Downtown Los Angeles-Westwood Manhattan Miami Northridge Pasadena Philadelphia Riverside San Diego San Francisco San Jose Seattle Washington DC Don’t

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Logical Reasonings 10.1.15 / 10.1.15

A. What’s more shocking… There’s a lunch thief loose at Cornell Law School or Ruth Bader Ginsburg lunch bags exist?! Above the Law

B. Barrack Obama: 44th President of the United States of America and Wildlife Survival Expert-In-Training? The Telegraph

C. A Court of Appeals ruled that replicas of the Batmobile infringed on copyright law. Deadline

D. A familiar struggle for all college students. Buzzfeed

E. Studying for Saturday’s LSAT got you down? Cheer up, it’s Marnie the dog! Mashable

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The Necessity of Law Internships

Look. You could go to law school because you’re a humanities major and that’s just what humanities majors do. Or, you could get some work experience at a law firm before you take the plunge into law school. Law school is not for everybody. Neither is practicing law.

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Should You Write a Diversity Statement for Law School?

Everyone knows you need to write a personal statement when applying to law school, but did you know you might need to write a diversity statement too?
Before I share tips on how to write one, let’s first talk about the purpose of the diversity statement.

Good law schools want a rich learning environment for their students. A rich learning environment involves the inclusion of different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies contributing to the dialogue, debate, and discussion in each class. Good law schools recognize that having a diverse student body is a benefit to all law students (and to law professors as well). The diversity statement is one way to see if an applicant would contribute to a diverse 1L class, because the application form may not give the law school admissions committee enough information about the applicant’s background and diversity factors.

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4 Things to Do Before You Start Law School

Today, we’re happy to welcome Alison Monahan, founder of The Girl’s Guide to Law School and co-founder of the Law School Toolbox, Bar Exam Toolbox, and Trebuchet Legal, to the blog. She’s here to share some tips on starting off on the right foot in law school.

In these last few weeks before law school orientation, what – if anything – can you be doing to set yourself up for success as a law student? Reading the Constitution? Brushing up on the Federalist Papers? Yeah, probably not so helpful.

Here are a few things that might help!