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Back before I came to my senses, I wanted to go to law school. I initially took the LSAT in 2005, and I was hooked. That last sentence does not, strictly speaking, have any truth to it. But after not knowing what to do with with a German major from Cal, I somehow wound up teaching the damn thing. Which has been great, because it allows me to get by working 15 hours per week and waking up at two in the afternoon every day. This causes some people to assume I smoke a lot of weed, and I feel like I’m missing a big opportunity by not being a pothead.

I often find myself asked the question, “Colin, with such a great LSAT score, why aren’t you going to law school?” To which I usually respond, “Leave me alone, Mom.” This is usually followed by a plethora of follow-up questions, mostly revolving around why I can’t be more like my brother.

Due to a personality flaw I have yet to identify, I actually enjoy taking the test. This is partly because the LSAT is quickly turning me into an encyclopedia of the most random facts imaginable. I’m like a walking sack of Snapple bottle caps. I can tell you anything you want to know about dinosaurs, Thurgood Marshall, or peat bogs. Seriously. (Did you know you can buy peat in gas stations in Scotland?) Also, the LSAT and I share a deep hatred of astrology.

My blog will be about whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment, and how I can jimmy that into some sort of LSAT relevance.

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Don’t Be Spooked By This LSAT Logic Game Hayride

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you’re studying for the December LSAT you probably haven’t had time to think about it. Allow me to put you in the Halloween mode with this fall-themed LSAT logic game:

Hayride: A school has taken a number of first, second, and third graders on a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Some of these children will get to go on a hayride. Three trucks will be used for the hayrides. One truck is red, one truck is green, and one truck is black. Each truck will give only one hayride, and each hayride will transport at least one child. The following conditions apply:

The red truck transports three children, none of whom are in the second grade.

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October 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

I just walked home after taking the third LSAT of my life. If you’re reading this, you likely just took the exact same exam. Congratulations to all of us, my friends, and thank God it’s over.

My experience was interesting, to say the least. I’m currently in the middle of a bout with mono, and haven’t eaten any solid food in a few days. Also, while we at Blueprint LSAT Prep always recommend getting a good night’s sleep before the test, I foolishly spent all of last night fighting off a fever and running to the bathroom. Needless to say, I don’t think I pulled a 180. C’est la vie.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the October LSAT.

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5 Things You Must Do the Week of the October LSAT

Today is Monday! The LSAT is on Saturday! Holy crap!

Alright, let’s calm ourselves down just a little bit. You’ve studied, things are looking good, and you just have to ride this week into a great LSAT score on Saturday. To keep you on the right track, we’ve got a list of things you need to make sure you do this week (perfect for after you’ve read the three things you should NOT do this week).

No. 1 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Administrative Stuff

Double check everything with your LSAT registration, and take care of all the little things. Print out your admission ticket, make sure you have a non-expired acceptable form of identification, and get your passport-style photo taken.

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How an LSAT Prep Instructor Approaches the October LSAT

The October LSAT is a week from Saturday, which is big news for a lot of you guys out there. It’s also big news for me, since I’ll be joining in the festivities. That’s right: good ol’ Colin Elzie is retaking the LSAT for a third time.

Why? Well, the last time I took the test was three years ago, which means my LSAT score is going to start expiring for some law schools. I don’t have any immediate plans to apply to law school, but I like having the option there just in case. I’m also just looking forward to getting to sit for a real test once again. Knowing that I’m probably not applying to law school this year means there’s very little pressure, so I’m more excited than anything else about the October LSAT. (This is a good lesson to all you studying for October; paradoxically, the less freaked out you get about how you’ll do, the better you’ll do.) But, like everyone, I need to study. So how does one who’s taught studying the LSAT for nearly five years study for the LSAT?

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Spend Your Last 2 Weekends Before the October LSAT Wisely

Today is Friday, September 21, and we are getting awfully close to the LSAT. If all goes according to plan, two weeks from tomorrow you’ll be doing the last logical reasoning questions, reading comp passages, and logic games of your life. There are only two weekends left before that happens. So how should you take advantage of these weekends? Well, by doing LSAT practice tests, for the most part.

Many of you work or go to school full-time, so the only chance you may have to take full LSAT practice tests is on the weekend. It’s important you don’t squander these opportunities. Another big plus of taking an LSAT practice test on the weekend is that you can take it at the same time that you’ll take the actual test – at roughly 9:30 in the morning.

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Test Your Thetan Levels in this Brand New LSAT Logic Game

It’s the weekend! Time to take a (short) break from your LSAT prep to relax. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely going to see The Master this weekend, since PT Anderson is probably the greatest filmmaker of our generation. You should all see it too!

Anyway, in honor of this movie, I’ve put together a fun new LSAT logic game. Enjoy!

Seven people have been stopped on the street for stress tests – Carl, Daniels, Eef, Flaquente, Geonkole, Horticulture, and Ittatitta. The people giving the stress tests hope to convert some of these people to Scientology. Anyone converted will be converted one at a time, first to last. The following conditions apply.

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Down the Home Stretch: One Month Until the October LSAT

Today is September 6. The LSAT is on October 6. We are officially one month away from the biggest test of your life. This sounds both scary and exciting. Exciting because you’re only a month away from having all of this behind you! Scary because, well, obviously. So where exactly should you be at this point?

First of all, it’s normal and to be expected that your LSAT score isn’t quite where you want it to be yet. You have a whole month of LSAT study in front of you, which is a lot of time to improve. This time will primarily be review, as well.

By this point, you should be done or nearly done learning how to do everything on the LSAT, and should be nearing the review phase. People often find that they improve by leaps and bounds once they’re done learning new information and they start practicing their new techniques.

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Other Side Effects of LSAT Prep (Besides Making You Smarter)

Last week we covered an exciting scientific study which showed that studying with Blueprint LSAT Prep can actually make you a smarter person. For those spending their days and nights submerged in LSAT logic games, reading comp passages, and endless logical reasoning problems, it’s nice to know that all your effort has some bonus beneficial consequences on top of, you know, getting you into law school. But the rewards don’t end there! While we might not have the same academically rigorous studies to back it up, there are actually a number of other great side effects of LSAT prep that we’ve noticed. Effects such as…

Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep I: Saving You Money

Studying for the LSAT can cost a decent chunk of change, what with LSAT books, prep courses, and registering for LSAT test day.

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How to Juggle October LSAT Prep and the Start of School

There’s a little more than six weeks until the October LSAT is upon us and your law school future is determined. Well, maybe not completely determined, but how you do on October LSAT test day will be the biggest factor when it comes to which law schools you will and will not get admitted to. So you clearly should want to study as much as you can for this beast.

Unfortunately, your life may have things in it other than LSAT prep. In fact, a lot of you are probably about to start school (or already have). Juggling being a full-time student with studying for the LSAT can be difficult, but it’s totally doable. If this is the situation you find yourself in, read on!

Here are a few different things to think about regarding studying for the LSAT and going to school:

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LSAT Flaws I Experienced on My European Vacation

I recently got back from a three-week European vacation, a trip filled with magic and wonderment and standoffish northern Europeans. It’s a land of picturesque fjords, rugged alps, and an abundance of LSAT logical fallacies.

LSAT logical fallacies such as…

Flying on Ryanair – A Composition LSAT Fallacy

Have you ever flown on Ryanair? It’s the Greyhound of the skies, but without the friendly charm. You get a millimeter of legroom, no free food or drinks, and a crew that consists entirely of surly Eastern European teenagers. Ryanair makes United look like Emirates. How do they get away with treating you like human waste? Well, their fares are incredibly cheap; I flew from Dublin to Oslo on Ryanair, an 800-mile trip, for a mere $14. Sounds amazingly inexpensive, right?