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5 Websites that Will Help You on LSAT Reading Comp

Success on LSAT Reading Comprehension depends a great deal on one’s reading ability (I know, you don’t need to be a prophet to arrive at this stunning revelation). But how do you become a “better” reader? You presumably mastered reading in middle school, so it may seem that by the time you reach adulthood your reading skills are as good as they’re going to get.

The truth of the matter, however, is that you can significantly improve your reading speed and comprehension by simply reading more. People who regularly read books and articles will not only read faster, but also have better retention of what they read. This is because ample reading literally improves your short-term memory, allowing you to retain content more accurately and for a longer period of time.

So if you are having trouble finishing LSAT Reading Comp passages in a timely manner, you know what you have to do—read more!

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Summer Solstice Means More Time to Worry About the LSAT

For those of you who took the June LSAT, today’s summer solstice comes as a welcomed gift. It’s nature’s way of saying, “It’s OK; you can leave your dark bedroom decorated with LSAT practice problems and go back into the world,” like a mother giving her child a gentle shove through the doors of a kindergarten classroom. So for all of you who recently took the June LSAT, we encourage you to go out into the daylight and enjoy yourself. The sun may burn a bit at first, but that’s fine (and in case you forgot, avoid looking directly into it).

In all seriousness, try to relax; the June LSAT cancellation deadline has passed, so neither dwelling nor daydreaming will be particularly productive. Take advantage of the longest day of the year and hit the beach or go for a hike, but most importantly, quit worrying that you didn’t bubble in your answers dark enough or that you forgot to write your name on the Scantron. It’s still a couple of weeks before your LSAT score is released, so today is the perfect day to enjoy the accomplishment of finishing the LSAT, without being concerned about the result. Contrary to popular belief, refreshing your LSAC account home page will not make the results appear any sooner.

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5 Dos and Don’ts with Two-and-a-Half Weeks Until the LSAT

There are two-and-a-half weeks left until the June LSAT, but who’s counting? No doubt your emotions are starting to run high—be they excitement, anxiety, guilt, optimism, or some good old-fashioned paranoia. You’re probably going back and forth between daydreams of scoring a personal best LSAT score and nightmares of forgetting how to write your own name on a Scantron. The following advice will hopefully allow you to increase your LSAT score by a couple of precious points or, at the very least, avoid an infamous LSAT test day meltdown.


• There’s still time to achieve some solid LSAT studying. Iron out any wrinkles you may have — whether they’re LSAT logic games, Logical Reasoning flaw questions, or LSAT reading comp passages.