Devin Race

Devin's hometown is Austin, TX and he got his undergrad degree from Yale, where he's also getting his law degree. His favorite LSAT section is Logical Reasoning, because it's the one that reminds him the most of the halcyon days of high school debate.

A couple of his favorite current news writers are Patrick Radden Keefe, who writes mainly about large criminal operations for the New Yorker, and Rukmini Callimachi, who writes about ISIS for the New York Times and who Devin estimates he has heard at least four hours of interviews with. He isn't sure if their badass investigative journalism has influenced his approach to writing 500-word curiosities about the LSAT, but he sure hopes so.

Devin likes writing about civil rights, democracy, and weird things that you didn't yet realize are related to the LSAT.

Once, while coaching a debate team at a tournament that took place at a hotel in March, a man dressed fully as Santa Claus came into the room during the middle of a debate round and listened for several minutes. Devin never got a chance to ask what he was doing there but he left the room smelling like cigarettes and Chex Mix.

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Listening to These Podcasts Can Make You Better at Reading Comp

At some point while studying for the LSAT, you will have the delightful experience of doing a reading comp passage that’s right in your wheelhouse. You are a Russian Literature major and the passage is on Doestoevsky or you’re a math major and the passage is an explanation of fractal geometry.

Familiarity with the topic allows you to read faster and to feel comfortable and confident, a huge part of performing well on test day (though you’ll still need strong reading comp fundamentals to handle the questions).