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The primary difference between me and the other bloggers on this site is that I am significantly better looking. Less importantly, I’m actually going to law school. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t see the appeal of teaching and studying the LSAT until you are eligible for AARP, but—oh no, wait, it’s exactly that.

Nevertheless, I too love that little guy, with all four of his scored sections and the months of stress and dread he produced. I’m especially fond of him because I am living proof that a good showing on game day can offset an undergraduate GPA that better reflects a social life well enjoyed than academic responsibility. So it’s with pride that I now head to Law School in the City, knowing that I’m at least partially qualified. Hopefully.

I’m also going to law school with a few years, and a brief career in public education, under my belt. So I’m calling my blog Plan B, both because it is literally the second career I’m trying, but also as a nod to that other Plan B. The one that can only be found at the end of a string of bad decisions, but the sort of bad decisions that you know, if given a second chance, you may not have made any differently.

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Sweatpants or No Sweatpants: the Big Questions of Law School

My mission of providing LSAT students with the insider information they are dying to know about law school continues this week.  Except I unfortunately ran out of topics to write about.  Luckily, I’m tenacious, so to solve the problem I solicited my number one commenter, James Swift, to sit down and talk (aka GChat) with me about some of the questions the kids have.