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The primary difference between me and the other bloggers on this site is that I am significantly better looking. Less importantly, I’m actually going to law school. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t see the appeal of teaching and studying the LSAT until you are eligible for AARP, but—oh no, wait, it’s exactly that.

Nevertheless, I too love that little guy, with all four of his scored sections and the months of stress and dread he produced. I’m especially fond of him because I am living proof that a good showing on game day can offset an undergraduate GPA that better reflects a social life well enjoyed than academic responsibility. So it’s with pride that I now head to Law School in the City, knowing that I’m at least partially qualified. Hopefully.

I’m also going to law school with a few years, and a brief career in public education, under my belt. So I’m calling my blog Plan B, both because it is literally the second career I’m trying, but also as a nod to that other Plan B. The one that can only be found at the end of a string of bad decisions, but the sort of bad decisions that you know, if given a second chance, you may not have made any differently.

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Law School Competition (and Libidos) Heat Up

So as we quickly approach our two-month anniversary as law students, there have been some changes comin’ round.  Up until now, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how casual and noncompetitive the atmosphere at school has been.  No, seriously, and I have a pretty sensitive “Unnecessary Ridiculousness” meter, so I would be the first to notice