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Logical Reasonings / 1.20.17

A. There’s still time to RSVP for Diversity Day at Southwestern Law School. It’s tomorrow. Blueprint LSAT

B. Well, America, here goes nuthin’… Yahoo!

C. Oh for the love of God, Charlotte Law School. When will you just stop being a law school?? WFAE

D. Very interesting. UNM Law School is hosting a traveling exhibit about the fates of Jewish lawyers in Nazi Germany. UNM

E. This will take your mind off the sad, sad state of the world. Bored Panda

Logical Reasonings / 1.19.17

A. Don’t forget to RSVP right now for Diversity Day at Southwestern Law School. It’s right around the corner. Blueprint LSAT

B. At this point it seems like Charlotte Law School is just f***ing with its students for the hell of it. Above the Law

C. Law school deans are, unfortunately unsurprisingly, opposed to new, tougher bar passage standards set by the ABA. WSJ Blog

D. The feds are suing student loan servicer Navient for being utterly awful. NBC News

E. Brangelexit is important, and there’s some stuff happening. Pay attention. Inquisitr

Logical Reasonings / 1.18.17

A. Don’t forget to RSVP right now for Diversity Day at Southwestern Law School. Do it! Blueprint LSAT

B. Some law schools are in trouble. Consolidation over shutting the doors? ABA Journal

C. Here are some ways to make sure the law school application process doesn’t drag on forever. US News & World Report

D. Obama’s last press conference is in the books. Le sigh. The New York Post

E. The nominee to head the Department of Education doesn’t seem to know much about, y’know, education. Politico

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Join us at Southwestern Law’s Diversity Day!

If you’ll be in the LA area this weekend — or understand the importance of this event and have the resources to book a flight to the LA area on a moment’s notice — you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by stopping by Southwestern Law School’s Diversity Day event on Saturday, January 21 from 2-6:30 pm.

Logical Reasonings / 1.17.17

A. Don’t forget to RSVP right now for Diversity Day at Southwestern Law School. Blueprint LSAT

B. Not sure how many future Rhode Island lawyers are reading this post, but we figured we’d throw this opportunity out there anyway. Patch

C. A student at University of Oregon School of Law has sued the school in federal court for failing to accommodate his disability and subsequently branding him a threat for Facebook posts about it. The Register Guard

D. A former Apprentice contest has sued the president-elect for defamation after he branded her a liar for accusing him of sexual assault. Here we go, folks! The Daily Beast

E. The often call meth “ice,” so of course Elsa from Frozen is in handcuffs for it. Radio Times

Logical Reasonings / 1.13.17

A. Some law schools shouldn’t be in business, but we need to figure out how to get to the right number in an equitable and efficient way. Forbes

B. Some are taking the downward spiral of Charlotte Law School as a good reason to open a law school at UNC Charlotte. Um, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The Charlotte Observer

C. An antitrust lawsuit brought by the feds against Apple is back on. Reuters

D. Paul Ryan claims replace will accompany repeal onto the floor of the House. Still no idea what replace looks like. CNN

E. Here comes the (throws up in mouth a little) “soft sensuality” inauguration. Politico

Logical Reasonings / 1.12.17

A. The Dept. of Education is not pleased with the debt-to-income ratio of these five law schools. Three of them are run by the same for-profit company. ABA Journal

B. We told you yesterday about how Charlotte School of Law was still handing out loans to students, in spite of its massive trouble. Now here’s a story about how it might be going out of business. Ethical issues, anyone? The Charlotte Observer

C. C-ya, Obamacare. NBC News

D. Looks like Apple is taking a cue from Netflix, Amazon, and pretty much errbody else these days. CNBC

E. Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson in a made-for-TV movie. Screenshots are soooooooo creepy. Us

Logical Reasonings / 1.11.17

A. Here’s a little advice for undergrads who want to make sure they’ve got a solid plan for getting into law school. US News & World Report

B. Turns out going to a failing law school can result in a successful acting career. In Ireland. Twenty years ago. If you’re Cilian Murphy. Irish Central

C. Charlotte Law School is forging ahead, helping students get further indebted this spring. Woohoo. ABA Journal

D. The top five Billy Joel songs according to a guy who knows something about Billy Joel songs: Billy Joel. Vulture

E. Um, ahhh… haha. Uh. Oh, jeez. Yuck. Medaite


The Deal With That Trading Buildings Game

It’s rare in this world to find something that everyone can agree upon. In the hours after the December 2016 LSAT, however, we found something that fits the bill: the Logic Game about companies trading buildings was all kinds of f***ed up. Well, last week, as happens every year this time, the exam was released. And, of course, we got our grubby little hands on it immediately to take a gander at this oddity. To be sure, this game was weird.

Logical Reasonings / 1.10.17

A. The Academic Dean at Charlotte Law School — which we will refer to as Charlotte “Law School” henceforth — has been forced out. She’ll probably be replaced by a Big Mac or a dustpan or something. The Charlotte Observer

B. People are taking action against sites like Breitbart News by taking screenshots of ads next to offensive content and posting them on social media, an attempt to shame advertisers into withholding ad dollars from the site. The latest example? UC Hastings School of Law. Above the Law

C. Fox News has settled a lawsuit with a former anchor who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment. New York Daily News

D. Trump’s controversial pick for Attorney General is being grilled in a confirmation hearing today. Politico

E. Does the battery on your new MacBook Pro run out of juice in the blink of an eye. Consumer Reports is on the case. Mac Rumors