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Logical Reasonings / 9.17.18

A. USNWR has some thoughts on the predictive success of online LSAT/GPA calculators. Pro tip: we have a pretty good one that you can use for free. U.S. News & World Report

B. And if you want to know where famous attorneys went to law school and where those schools are ranked, USNWR has a slideshow on that too. U.S. News & World Report

C. Scores from the July 2018 Multistate Bar Exam — the multiple-choice section of the bar exam that is a part of nearly every state’s exam — are in and they are not pretty. Above the Law

D. Maybe the Law & Corpus Linguistics project, which was just unveiled today and can help users translate and understand the text of founding federal documents, will help bring law students understand Con Law, and bring those scores up in the future. Law & Corpus Linguistics

E. There was a lot of news about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend. Here’s a helpful explainer on the nomination from the inveterate explainers at Vox. Vox

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Getting to Yes on the LSAT

Before you start law school, the one book everyone will tell you to read is Getting to Maybe. As its subtitle How to Excel on Law School Exams might suggest, it’s a tract on how to excel on law school exams. Its essential thesis is that up to law school, most exams lavishly award students who can identify the “right” answer. But a law school exam — in which complex fact patterns are devised with no clear “right” answer, requiring students to apply legal analysis to both sides of an issue — is a different beast that requires a different approach. The book describes how to live and thrive in this land of “maybe” in which law school exams exist.

Logical Reasonings / 9.14.18

A. Your Friday Public Service Announcement: Tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern is the deadline to cancel your score for the September 2018 LSAT. Review the rules for cancellations here. LSAC

B. Still wondering whether you should cancel? Check out this video. Blueprint LSAT

C. A new study shows that higher tuition costs actually boost law school enrollments. Quick, everyone hide this study from all of the law schools.

D. Not only was InfiLaw shockingly bad at running law schools — having run the recently shuttered Charlotte School of Law and Arizona Summit School of Law — it’s apparently bad at running a profit too. It’s been running at a deficit for years, so the settlement it reached in the class action brought by former students is quite paltry. Above the Law

E. Finally, for the SoCal folks: Come hang with us this Saturday at Southwestern Law in Los Angeles! We’ll be offering discounts on Blueprint’s LSAT courses and giving a seminar on the LSAT! RSVP here. Blueprint LSAT

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September 2018 Post-LSAT Carnival

As we do after every LSAT, we’re throwing a carnival! And not just any kind of carnival — the best kind! No, no, not the crazy lit Brazilian ones with the steroidal parades or Caribbean cruise ones or the ones with rigged games. And no, not that guy from the TV show … that’s a Cannavale. No, folks, we’re throwing a post-LSAT carnival! Yes, we’re throwing a party with all your post-LSAT pals.

Logical Reasonings / 9.13.18

A. Parties to a class action lawsuit brought against the shuttered diploma mill Charlotte School of Law have filed a joint motion to settle the suit, but some disgruntled former students are not joining. ABA Journal

B. Kind of proving the activists’ point, a study shows that admissions officers are less likely to respond to black applicants who are engaged in black activism. Inside Higher Ed

C. Democratic Senators submitted written questions to Kavanaugh — he had to respond to more questions than all other Supreme Court nominees combined, in fact. Here’s a collection of some of his responses. @DavidLat

D. Meanwhile, Senator Diane Feinstein was tipped off to info from an anonymous regarding Kavanaugh that she felt she had to bring to federal authorities. CNN

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: Even in the wild west of Vegas courtrooms, you can’t intimidate opposing counsel by flashing your pistol. Legal Profession Blog

Logical Reasonings / 9.12.18

A. LSAC launched its redesigned website today, replete with new features for aspiring lawyers, like a BuzzFeed-style quiz to see which field of law is right for you. LSAC

B. Hurricane Florence is closing courts and law schools in the Carolinas. Stay safe out there, folks.

C. Some tips on navigating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Above the Law

D. In case you were too busy studying for the September LSAT to keep up with the Kavanaugh-mination hearings last week, here’s a recap, in podcast form. Above the Law

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You That in Your Professional Ethics Class: Putting a GPS tracking device on your ex’s car is going to get you suspended from the bar. Bloomberg BNA

Logical Reasonings / 9.11.18

A. Get a good look at LSAC’s current website — tomorrow it’s all going to change. LSAC

B. A taxonomy of the professors you’ll probably have in law school. Above the Law

C. Berkeley Law School is considering completely removing the Boalt name — taken from 19th century mining baron, attorney, and racist belief haver John Henry Boalt — from its campus. ABA Journal

D. Some Oregon lawyers are taking the Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME — in which the Court held that nonunion members need not pay fees for collective bargaining costs — to get out paying their mandatory bar fees.

E. A loving ode to the guy with the gumption to charge his Juul while during a lecture, a Romeo and Juuliet for our depraved times. BuzzFeed News

Logical Reasonings / 9.10.18

A. Despite what her husband says, Kim Kardashian is not, in fact, currently in law school. Extra

B. If she were, she would need to develop these seven essential law school skills. Above the Law

C. And here’s a little more advice on one of those essential skills: outlining. National Jurist

D. Study those tips up for law school, because there won’t be enough jobs for everyone and you’ll need to get ahead — in August, the number of legal jobs dropped for the second straight month.

E. A new study issued by the ABA found significant biases against women and people of color in the legal profession. File this study under shocking but not surprising. ABA Journal

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The Morning Cometh: The September 2018 LSAT Recap

In the summer months, millions of people around the globe travel en mass to their local multiplexes to see the blockbusters that Hollywood has bestowed upon them. These films can feature superheroes, or they can be sequels to beloved dinosaur movies; they can feature superheroes, or they can be prequels to beloved space movies; they can feature superheroes, or they can be sequels to beloved spy movies; they can feature superheroes, or they can be sequels to beloved heist movies. In some rare cases, they can feature, well, The Rock, who is essentially a superhero anyway. The point is, when Hollywood knows it has to release a movie that will attract as many eyeballs as possible — movies that will be comprehensible to people not only in the Americas, but to those in Europe and Asia as well — it plays it safe, and goes with the classics that people know and love.

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Your September 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

September test takers, congratulations! You woke up early, ate a nourishing breakfast, ambled over to your test center, checked in, fidgeted nervously as you waited for the test to start, completed five sections of intense multiple choice questions, and then wrote a short persuasive essay for some reason. And now finally — finally! — you can take a well-deserved rest. Or you can elect to drink deeply from the cup of life, imbibing sweet elixirs all night long. No matter how you decide to celebrate this achievement, you’ve earned it.