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Logical Reasonings / 12.4.17

A. Trying to save for law school can be daunting, but here’s a potential solution: A prospective UVA student is living in a van (presumably down by a river) before matriculation. Daily Progress

B. A small brewery created a beer called the “Dilly Dilly IPA,” in reference to Bud Light’s current slogan and your dad’s favorite commercial. The Bud Light legal team spared the brewer from the pit of despair, but did send a town crier to the brewery to deliver a cease and desist letter. Above the Law

C. Also in questionable legal strategies, Trump’s attorney claimed that a president technically cannot obstruct justice. Legal experts say that is technically incorrect. Washington Post

D. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, allowed the third version of the travel ban to go into effect in its entirety, effectively blocking travel from 8 predominately Muslim countries. NY Times

E. If there are three things we can all agree on in this divided country, they are: (1) the rich have it way too tough, (2) our health care system works too well, and (3) our natural splendor is too well-protected. While the White House works on fixing the first two, Trump just fixed that last problem. NPR

Logical Reasonings / 12.1.17

A. Don’t forget: Our Holiday Sale ends this Sunday at 11:59 pm PST. So why don’t you check out some of the classes we have starting up this weekend, and use promo code HOLIDAY200 when enrolling, and use that $200 you saved for something nice. Blueprint LSAT

B. Former Trump White House official Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to FBI agents about meeting with a Russian ambassador and is expected to testify that Trump’s team directed him to engage in talks with Russia. NY Times

C. This will be upsetting to Trump for the obvious reasons, but also because it may overshadow what could be his first legislative accomplishment — a massively unpopular “tax reform” that grants massive tax cuts to his family, donors, and corporations. NY Times

D. One guy who is taking enormous pleasure in this is James Comey, who took to the ‘gram to get in a shot at the president who fired him. @a_higher_loyalty

E. Finally, the best of luck to everyone who is taking the December LSAT this weekend. If that’s you, you should mostly be spending today relaxing and recharging before the big day. But also make sure you have everything in order for tomorrow morning. Here’s LSAC’s list of what you need. LSAC

Logical Reasonings / 11.30.17

A. You got a few more days to take advantage of our Holiday Sale, which we’re holding until Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. Just enter promo code HOLIDAY200 when enrolling in any of our Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom courses to dock $200 right off the cost. Blueprint LSAT

B. For three years, an actual lawyer attempted to make sense of how the legal profession is depicted in TV and the movies. Here’s what he learned. Above the Law

C. In real legal news, a federal judge is allowing Trump’s pick to hold the interim director position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the departing director’s pick. Washington Post

D. In other legal news, looks like Paul Manafort is going to take a bail deal worth $12 milli. CNBC

E. Senate Republicans are probably the only people on the planet in more of a panic than those about to take the December LSAT, now that a report on their tax plan predicts it would add a trilli to the fedearl deficit. NY Times

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Get the (Snow) Ball Rolling with Winter Classes this Weekend

Winter is in the air, so you know what you that means. A winter break away from your studies Time spent making holiday memories with your friends and family A season of giving and sharing The February LSAT. That’s right. Those shivers running up your spine aren’t the winter chills getting to you. It’s the ice cold realization that this abominable exam slowly creeping up.

Logical Reasonings / 11.29.17

A. Don’t forget about our Holiday Sale, which is going on through Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. We’re taking $200 off any Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom course on our website with promo code HOLIDAY200. Blueprint LSAT

B. With the loss of the state and local tax deductions in the GOP tax plan, lawyers are speculating that the junior associate pay rate might raise to $200K at New York big law firms to compensate. Above the Law

C. Meanwhile, the ABA — a collective of a ton of people with a fair amount of student loans — is adamantly against the elimination of the student loan interest deductions in the GOP tax plan. ABA Journal

D. SCOTUS heard oral arguments today on a case that may decide whether law enforcement can access your cell phone records to track your movement without a warrant. LA Times

E. Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, whom you may remember as enjoying a fleeting 15 minutes of flame as Trump’s extremely short-lived press secretary earlier this year, resigned from the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy board after he huffed and tuffed and threatened to sue a Tufts student. Time

Logical Reasonings / 11.28.17

A. Our Holiday Sale is still going strong. Until Sunday at 11:59 pm PST, we’re offering a $200 discount on the in-person Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom courses we have posted on our website. Just enter promo code HOLIDAY200 when you enroll online! Blueprint LSAT

B. Here’s a chart explaining how students from the various New York law schools did on the infamously difficult New York bar exam. Above the Law

C. Lest you think that frivolous law suits and insolent students are exclusive to the US of A, here’s an Oxford grad suing his former uni, alleging that “bad teaching” cost him a chance of attending an Ivy League law school. It’s like this dude hasn’t been paying attention to the advice this blog’s been giving for years: that your LSAT score is way more important your GPA. ABA

D. Don’t forget that a J.D. can open up a lot of doors. Hell, even a fake J.D. can open up the doors to Buckingham Palace. BBC

D. The Art of a Deal, Chapter 13: How to preemptively alienate the other side and get them to negotiate with other people instead. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 11.27.17

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C. A survey shows that Princeton Law School is now a T-20 school, despite not existing. Above the Law

D. Who watches the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s watchmen? There’s going to be a legal showdown on who will direct the agency, now that Trump eschewed the departing director’s pick Leandra English and instead appointed Mick Mulvaney. CNN

E. A member of the FCC took to what she must know are the dying airwaves of print media to implore the public to protest the FCC’s own “lousy” plan to end net neutrality. LA Times


On This Holiest of Cyber Mondays, Don’t Miss Out on Our Holiday Sale!

Cyber … it’s not just a word we thought would be much more prevalent back in the 90s. It’s also the descriptor for today’s Monday. Because today’s Monday is not like any other Monday. Today’s Monday is down to cyber, which means something very different to us early Millennials (b. 1983-1988) than it does to the mid to late Millennials (b. 1988-1997) who elected to make “sext” their portmanteau of choice.