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Logical Reasonings / 3.13.17

A. Harvard Law School’s decision to start accepting GRE scores is sure to reverberate across the law school community. NBC News

B. Here’s a law school partnership that may or may not turn out people who practice law. Above the Law

C. Gawker founder Nick Denton looks back at the billionaire-funded lawsuit that took his company down. Ars Technica

D. Will firing Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara come back to bite the Trump Administration? The odds are good. The New York Daily News

E. Angelina Jolie was stupid enough to get a Brad tatoo, and now she regrets it. The Daily Mail

Logical Reasonings / 3.7.17

A. Is the free-standing law school (one not attached to a college or university) gonna go the way of the dodo? Above the Law

B. What better way to steal someone’s idea than… donate to their Kickstarter? The Verge

C. Congressional Republicans have finally brought the country together. Everyone hates their Obamacare replacement. Vox

D. We’re #7! We’re #7! We’re #7! USA Today

E. Leopard versus snake! Are you not amused? National Geographic

Logical Reasonings / 3.6.17

A. Tiffany Trump is, as we’ve told you before, eyeing law school. Will her infamous name help or hurt her? The Washington Post

B. Travel Ban II is on its way, hitting your local airport tomorrow. Sequels often suck. CNN

C. The new Nintendo Switch is getting solid reviews. Business Insider

D. And in other tech news, would you fork over four figures for an iPhone? Stock News

E. How would you like an adorable caricature of your pet emblazoned upon your body for a lifetime? Bored Panda


When the “L” in LSAT stands for Lent.

An underappreciated aspect of studying for the LSAT is what you must give up. And so now — with Lent upon us — it seems like a good time to talk about… simplifying.

Let me start by saying that I’m not Catholic, and so my experience with Lent is from the outsider’s perspective. But it seems to me that simplifying — getting rid of some things in life that might be slowing you down — is a great exercise, one that could be applied to the intensive period of preparing for the LSAT.

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February LSAT Scores Are In

In the world of law school admissions, the release of February LSAT scores is something of a watershed moment. For the vast majority of law schools, February is the last exam they’ll consider for admission in the current cycle. Which means it might be time to face facts.

(Of course, some of you took the February exam for consideration next year. You people are really early, and super type-A to boot. This article is not about you.)

Logical Reasonings / 3.3.17

A. So, you can actually take a law school class at University of Colorado that takes place in a raft on the Colorado River. No joke, bruh. 9News

B. Russia? Fake news! Witch hunt! FAKE NEWS! FAAAAAAAKKKEEEE NEEEEWWWWSSSS! NBC (fake!) News

C. ‘Member the other day when the internet broke? No, it was a pic of Kim K’s naked butt. It was a typo at Amazon. Get it together, Jeff Bezos! The Verge

D. Bitcoin is worth more than gold. Apparently, you can weigh bitcoin in ounces? NBC

E. The screw just continues to turn for Uber. Reuters

Logical Reasonings / 3.2.17

A. Law school is back, baby. #MAGA Above the Law

B. Apple’s putting the legal hurt on Qualcomm, this time in another country. Lawyers of the world, unite! The Verge

C. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has recused himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russian intelligence officials during the election. The Atlantic

D. Everybody who’s anybody owns Snap. Forbes

E. This is perhaps the clearest proof yet that Judgment Day is upon us. Vice

Logical Reasonings / 3.1.17

A. Allegations of liberal bias have been leveled at law schools just like they have at colleges and universities. Fair charge? The Washington Post

B. Thinking of headin’ to Chapman University Fowler School of Law? Might want to get an extra mumps vaccination. Above the Law

C. Uber’s had a bad month or two. Google appears to be trying to kill it off once and for all. Lyft is all smiles. Wired

D. Nintendo Switch? Maybe. Forbes

E. Say it ain’t so, Katando Bloomper! The Los Angeles Times

Logical Reasonings / 2.28.17

A. Police allege that two former Harvard Law administrators pilfered money meant to help disabled students. Really, guys?? CBS Boston

B. In a more uplifting Harvard Law story, the school has elected its first black woman president of the Law Review. The New York Times

C. Li’l Donny Snowflake totally isn’t bailing on this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner because he was traumatized by the last one he went to. The Washington Post

D. Should state and local governments be allowed to dictate which restrooms transgender people use? John Oliver thinks that there’s a more pressing bathroom invader problem. The New York Daily News

E. Put this one in the “Ya don’t say?” file. Politico