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Logical Reasonings / 4.19.17

A. The once-in-a-blue-moon Blueprint tutoring sale is still ongoing. We’re still offering 20% off all tutoring purchases until Friday at 6:30 pm PST. Just enter promo code SPRING20 at checkout. Blueprint LSAT

B. The freshly stocked Supreme Court will hear Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer today, so here’s everything you need to know about the case that has all the makings of a hot-button legal showdown, including recycled tires, children’s playgrounds, Missouri’s application review procedures, and the separation of church and state. SCOTUS Blog

C. To those who are using Bose wireless headphones to block out the outside world, some unfortunate news: A Chicago lawsuit alleges that the headphones use an app to collect and sell data about users to third parties, without the users’ permission, in violation of the Wiretap Act and state privacy laws. Fortune

D. The first “DREAMer” to be deported under new immigration guidelines, Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, filed suit in federal court to release information about the case. San Diego Union-Tribune

E. Days after being acquitted of double homicide, and while awaiting appeal of a 2015 murder conviction, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell, from apparent suicide. Boston Globe

Logical Reasonings / 4.18.17

A. Hey, LSATers, Blueprint LSAT is still offering 20% off all tutoring purchases this week only. So what are you waiting for? Promo code SPRING20. Blueprint LSAT

B. Usually when we say, “Only in Hollywood,” something ridiculous has happened, but this time it’s actually pretty cool. The upcoming film on the Armenian Genocide The Promise will gift the UCLA School of Law $20 million in proceeds to establish the Promise Institute for Human Rights, which will allow the school to expand its research and advocacy of genocide and human rights awareness. LA Times

C. Defending a lawsuit that alleges he incited a riot at one of his campaign rallies, Trump’s lawyers are arguing that the presidential immunity he enjoys applies to actions he made before being elected or taking office, which isn’t quite how that works, according to legal experts. CNN

D. Attempting to consolidate power for the Conservative Party in Parliament, and to strengthen the mandate for her version of the “Brexit,” British Prime Minster Teresa May is holding a “snap election” on June 8. Ironically, importing music from German band the Snap!, who had number one hits in the UK back in the 90s, will presumably be more difficult following the snap election. NY Times

E. Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Fizdale really went in on the refs after last night’s playoff game against the Spurs, but provided a perfect catchphrase for you to yell after scoring every practice exam until test day—”Take that for data!” ESPN

Logical Reasonings / 4.17.17

A. This seems about right. EXTREMELY MILD SPOILERS, but the series finale of HBO’s Girls, which aired last night, suggested that the uptight, meddling character Marnie will attend law school. Vanity Fair

B. US News & World Report has a good overview of the law schools’ various deferral policies, should you find yourself in the enviable position of being accepted to a law school, but able to delay the start date. US News & World Report

C. File this under: Glad That’s Not My Client. A lawyer has to convince a Texas jury that conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones is not a volatile human incarnation of the angry face emoji, but a “performance artist.” Washington Post

D. Pence engaged in some saber-rattling in Korea this weekend, warning North Korea that the era of “strategic patience” is over. “Strategic patience,” however, is an apt description of the slow but steady process of learning to master logic games. LA Times

E. Enjoy this video of Trump signing a kid’s hat at the White House Easter Egg Roll and then carelessly tossing the hat back into the crowd. @Politico

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hh, the signposts of spring are among us. Winter is washing away with the balmy breezes of mid-April. Delphiniums and peonies are blooming. Antihistamine sales are booming. Your Instagram feed is full of your friends doing fun stuff, whether it’s hiking, enjoying a cool rosé outside, or partying at a $700 million dollar music festival.

And here you are, studying rigorously for the LSAT. You’re indoors, trying to make sense out of logic games and reading comprehension. And that’s great! You have a goal, and you are resolute in achieving that goal. But maybe you’re feeling a little stuck. Maybe you feel like you need to get a study plan in order for the exam. Or maybe you’re a little intimidated by the sheer amount of things to do in the 55 days before the exam (Oh yeah, the test is less than two months away. Try to breathe.).

Logical Reasonings / 4.14.17

A. Drops galore today: First, the Justice Department is dropping its lawsuit against North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” after North Carolina replaced the controversial HB2. Private challenges to the replacement HB142 will continue apace, however. LA Times

B. Second, Trump just signed a bill that will allow state and local governments to drop federal funding for Planned Parenthood, reversing a last-minute rule made by the Obama Administration. A big win for the Ivanka-Kushner wing of the White House, surely. NY Times

C. Third, the US military defended its decision to drop the “MOAB” yesterday, though certain details, like who exactly greenlighted the strike, remain murky. CNN

D. Next, China basically told the US and North Korea to drop it. Washington Post

E. And finally, the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just dropped. Enjoy your weekends everybody! io9

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LSAT studiers, let’s a have a chat. Pull up a chair. Imagine that I am across from you, sitting backwards in a chair, arms crossed over the top of the seat just like a cool 90s guy about to give sage advice. Because that’s what I’m here for. Sage advice. You ready?

We are officially two-months away from the June LSAT.

Logical Reasonings / 4.13.17

A. David Dao, last seen being forcibly dragged across a plane by United Airlines security, will “probably” sue United Airlines. United Airlines “certainly” regrets how it handled that sitch. Reuters

B. The US just dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS target in Afghanistan. CNN

C. A new twist in the ongoing investigation into the Russia-Trump connection, as British intelligence agents claim they were the first to notice “suspicious” interactions between suspected Russian agents and Trump lackeys. The agents also throw some of that classic British shade, claiming that US intelligence was “very late to the game” in spotting these interactions. The Guardian

D. The processing of student loans may become even slower. Betsy DeVos has undone several student loan regulations that incentivized student loan companies to provide timely and accurate services to borrowers. Chicago Tribune

E. NASA found hydrogen on the icy Saturnian moon Enceladus, which means there might be other forms of microbial life within our own solar system. And there’s evidence that there may be life on Jupiter’s moon Europa too. Wild stuff. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 4.12.17

A. Harkening back to an election scandal that seems like it was literally a million years ago, the Daily Mail settled the libel lawsuit brought by Melania Trump. The Daily Mail will cough up $2.9 million for alleging that Melania provided … ahem … meretricious services in the 90s. Wall Street Journal

B. A new wrinkle in the battle over Trump’s travel ban: several ACLU branches are suing the federal government to turn over documents relating to the ban’s implementation. Stay tuned for the appellate hearing next month. The Hill

C. ATL ponders if law school is too easy to get into. Does ANYONE studying for the LSAT right now agree? Above the Law

D. Here’s a list of private law schools that are providing the biggest discounts in the form of grants. US News & World Report

E. And harkening back to a meme that seems like it was literally a billion years ago, science has finally unwrapped the enigma of “the dress.” Slate

Logical Reasonings / 4.11.17

A. SCOTUS apparently has hazing rituals for new justices. No word yet on whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Samuel Alito will hold Gorsuch’s legs during the keg stand. Business Insider

B. FiveThirtyEight discusses how Trump has joined the long lineage of presidents who have gone from isolationist to interventionist. FiveThirtyEight

C. A surprisingly competitive special election for deep-red Kansas’s 4th District is underway, pitting Republican Ron Estes against Democrat James Thompson. Both sides are bringing out their heavy artillery, with Ted Cruz’s hollowed corpse and a special tweet from Trump showing up on the right, and, like, Daily Kos readers on the left. Washington Post

D. The battle for the soul of your iPhone (well, technically the battle over licensing fees for chips used to connect your iPhone to LTE networks) rages on, as Qualcomm fires back with counterclaims against Apple. CNET

E. GTL: Gym, Tax Evasion, Laundering. Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore infamy faces a four-year prison sentence for tax evasion and fraud. Quite The Legal Situation he finds himself in. “Police cabs are here!” OK, we’ll stop.

Logical Reasonings / 4.10.17

A. A Harvard Law grad started a cool new job today. Washington Post

B. Some students have had a harder go of it. Washington and Illinois have filed claims against student loan giant Navient, alleging that the company offered risky private loans to students as a way to build a relationship with universities and acquire more lucrative federal loans. NY Times

C. Meanwhile, New York is going to start offering to tuition-free education to certain residents at the state’s two- and four-year public colleges. CNBC

D. Here’s what CBS News polls say about Americans’ reactions to the military strike in Syria. CBS News

E. A viral video shows that United Airlines probably wouldn’t do well on overbooked ordering games. Buzzfeed