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Logical Reasonings / 9.20.17

A. Above the Law gives presumably nervous and stressed 1L’s some tough advice: In addition to learning all this crazy stuff about the law, you have to start finding your career ASAP. Above the Law

B. Good news for those 1Ls though: the demand for in-house attorneys is apparently on the upswing.

C. Mueller’s request for documents relating to Trump’s actions in the White House is the strongest signal yet that the special investigation encompasses the White House. NY Times

D. But … could White House counsel assert attorney-client privilege? Reuters

E. Finally, how to best send aid to our neighbors to the south following the earthquake in Mexico. Bustle

Logical Reasonings / 9.19.17

A. Signs of progress, but still a long way to go: Women now make up a third of all equity partners in Big Law firms. ABA Journal

B. The American Bar Association, which represents all of the lawyers, filed a friend of the court brief asking the Supreme Court to invalidate Trump’s travel ban. American Bar Association

C. A former federal prosecutor explains Mueller’s aggressive investigations against Paul Manafort. Vox

D. The USD Law professor who wrote an anti-tolerance op-ed continues to get lambasted by his own students. Above the Law

E. In a partnership no one saw coming, the Washington Post collaborated with Rap Genius to give you an annotated version of Trump’s bellicose speech to the UN General Assembly. Washington Post


The Morning Cometh: The September 2017 LSAT Recap

On Saturday, what will almost certainly be the largest collection of law school hopefuls to assemble this year woke up to chase their proverbial paper boat of law school dreams down the street, leading them to a storm drain testing center. These law school hopefuls could have lost that paper boat down the storm drain, taken hostage by an evil, shape-shifting clown called the LSIT. Or they could have safely retrieved the boat before it washed down the drain, instead encountering a familiar, less scary, and predictable entity called the LSAT.

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Your September 2017 LSAT Instant Reaction

A big congrats to all those who just completed the September 2017 LSAT from all of us at Blueprint! Now that the exam is over, let this post serve as a safe space for you to unwind and reflect on the exam. So if your speech has not already devolved into a string of champagne and confetti emojis, drop us a comment below to share your experience today. And if you just want to unpack your frustrations after a grueling exam, we’re here for you. We’ll be updating throughout the day.

Logical Reasonings / 9.15.17

A. We’re gonna take a break from our normal news round up and have a little fun. First, we went ahead and googled “fennec fox” for you, because it is objectively the cutest animal. Fennec Fox

B. Speaking of animals, did you know that otters hold hands when sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other? Does that not melt your icy, LSAT-hardened heart? Mother Nature Network

C. Here’s a rough approximation of what you’re going to do to the LSAT tomorrow. The Raid Redemption

D. Here’s what you’re gonna look like after the exam. A Cool Ass Dog

E. And just for something a little bit practical, here are LSAC’s rules about the day of the exam. Remember to bring your admissions ticket, an ID, plenty of wooden pencils, an analog watch, and a snack and bev (20 oz. or fewer, plastic or juice box only). Leave your phone, vape, guns, and sleeved erasers at home. Good luck! LSAC

Logical Reasonings / 9.14.17

A. The California Bar has some harsh words for the California Supreme Court, which wants to lower the minimum passage requirement for the California Bar Exam. ABA Journal

B. Protests are alive at even the top law schools, as students at Harvard Law are protesting the transgender ban in the military as JAG officers recruit on their campus. The Harvard Crimson

C. Some tips for how those with a legal background can help Florida recover from Hurricane Irma. Daily Business Review

D. The “master negotiator” is close to a deal with the congressional Democrats to renege on his campaign promises and executive order and protect DREAMERs from deportation with little in return … which, I mean, thank goodness. Bloomberg

E. The makers of the popular sparking beverage LaCroix won’t reveal what’s in it. They call the sugar and GMO-free flavoring the beverage’s “essence” — hopefully it’s not LaCroix-sonous. Grubstreet

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Only a fool would predict what’ll be on the LSAT. So here are our predictions …

All right, the time is upon us. We are T-minus 2 days until the September 2017 LSAT is unveiled to a nation of law school hopefuls and, in the case of the fine people who contribute to this blog, LSAT instructors.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been studying for that moment for months on end. You’ve used past exams to guide your study. You’ve seen that, while there are only a few different kinds of Logical Reasoning questions, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension passages that the LSAT returns to again and again, you never quite know which combination of those you’re going get on a given exam. The malevolent sorcerers who write this test can be quite unpredictable in that way.

Logical Reasonings / 9.13.17

A. When a law school dies, it doesn’t make a whimper. It makes a gasp that reveals that there was a whistle-blower lawsuit that alleged that the law school’s parent company may have defrauded taxpayers of $285 million. NY Times

B. The ACLU has brought a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of warrantless searches of smartphones, tablets, and laptops at border crossings. ABA Journal

C. Berkeley Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky also wrote a brief that contends that Trump’s pardon is Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an unconstitutional use of the president’s pardon power. ABA Journal

D. The Supreme Court, however, continues to block lower court’s decisions that stymie the Trump Administration and matters that benefit the Trump Administration. Today, they blocked a lower court’s order for Texas to redistrict the state’s congressional map. SCOTUS Blog

E. The CEO of SoFi, the big time student loan refinancing start up, has resigned due to lawsuits that claim he engaged in sexual harassment in the workplace. Apparently a little too much Social, not enough Finance. NY Times

Logical Reasonings / 9.12.17

A. SCOTUS just put on ice a Ninth Circuit Court decision that said that Trump’s travel ban — which remember, only applies to those without “bona fide” connections to U.S. citizens — couldn’t bar refugees with legitimate offers from resettlement agencies or sponsors. So now a bunch of refugees who thought they could come to U.S. now can’t all because no one knows what the hell “bona fide” means. Washington Post

B. Hopefully the U.S. will at least be more generous to those affected in the Caribbean by Hurricane Irma, who are in “dire” need of resources. Miami Herald

C. In the federal trial of the police officers who were involved in the death of Freddie Gray, the result is as sad as it is predictable. NY Times

D. Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that granted same-sex married couples federal rights and protections, passed away today. NY Times

E. Meet the iPhone X, which is like the old iPhone but bigger and without a home button. CNET

Logical Reasonings / 9.11.17

A. This is the basically the last possible moment to RSVP to the two webinars we’re hosting tomorrow, September 12th. So what are you waiting for? Do you hate reliable information on law school admissions, helpful guidance on the LSAT, or receiving $300 discount on an in-class Blueprint LSAT course and a $75 discount on the first month of an online subscription course? If so, we can’t help you. If not, sign up right here! Blueprint LSAT

B. After the 9th Circuit Court loosened the restrictions of the so-called revised travel ban to admit refugees with an offer from a resettlement agency, Justice Kennedy said, “Not so fast people who need immediate humanitarian relief.” The rest of the Supreme Court is expected to address the issue soon. Reuters

C. After two law professors wrote a dog whistle-y op-ed, law students are trying to bar these professors from teaching 1Ls. Above the Law

D. Sort of proving the above students’ point, university officials at University of North Carolina voted and will now ban students from litigating civil rights cases as part of the legal clinics at the UNC law school. ABA Journal

E. Being called the Fyre Festival of anything seems to be the big insult of 2017. A New York pizza festival has just earned that dubious honor. Grub Street