Jodi Teti

Don’t let the long locks and blue eyes fool you, Jodi Teti, is more than just  a pretty face.  She also has attractive elbows.  At least that's what her garden gnome told her when she was out planting radishes.  He also said not to put too much paprika on deviled eggs, but he was just plain wrong about that.

After getting a BA from Stanford in English (an utterly worthless degree) followed by an MA in English from the University of Virginia (a horrifying 30K accumulation of debt with no job prospects whatsoever), Jodi Teti began consulting with students to assist them in making their own life mistakes by going to graduate school.  When she discovered the a JD that can actually be paid off by a job in the field for which it was intended, Jodi Teti fainted dead away, then promptly limited her consulting to law school (though the occasional dentistry college will creep in).

Jodi Teti was the leading admissions consultant for a national test preparation company for over three years, during which time she supervised and consulted on applications for hundreds of students.  At some point, she decided to strike out on her own with Trent Teti and Matt Riley to found Blueprint, where she oversees law school application consulting.  Jodi's blog posts focus on law school admissions, although she dearly loves finding LSAT fallacies in Project Runway episodes and employing palindromes for instructional purposes.  Her latest for how much to study the night before the LSAT?  Not a ton.

Author Archive:

Logical Reasonings / 3.21.11

A) ABA to change employment reporting for law schools.  Tax Professor Blog.

B) Many lawyers don’t pass the bar. During happy hour, that is. Employment Crossing.

C) Turns out you shouldn’t buy crack when you’re prosecuting people for buying crack.  Las Vegas Review Journal.

D) Wowza, the uniforms are short.  Top 25 cheerleading squads for the NCAA tourney.  Complex.

E) For all you renters out there.  The Onion.

Logical Reasonings / 3.18.11

A) Suffering from post-Patrick’s hangover?  We certainly are.  How to recover.

B) On the best-paying jobs for women list, lawyer ranks third, below pharmacist but above computer programmers.  Forbes.

C) Libya declares a cease fire to fend off international military intervention.  USA Today.

D) Man wants 2 million for being exiled to New Jersey. We say it worked for the Sopranos and Snookie.  New York Post.

E)  There might be such a thing as too much safe sex: rubber robbers arrested in Kuala Lumpur.  AOL News.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We had a post.  It was beautifully written with substantive information and a subtle use of alliteration to reinforce important concepts.  Then, Matt Riley (yes, at one point it was O’Riley) passed the Guiness around the office.  We’re currently paying beer pong out of green cups, taking shots of Jameson, and listening to Galway Girl.  Until tomorrow, LSAT people.  Until tomorrow.  Or possibly the day after, depending on hangover conditions.

Logical Reasonings / 3.16.11

A) Attention anyone living under a rock! Jury needed for Barry Bonds upcoming trial. NY Times.

B) Introvert or extrovert?  Learn your virtues, and challenges, in the workplace.  AOL Jobs.

C) It’s all about honesty in advertising.  Fork Party.

D) Estimate to rebuild Japan over $100 billion.  How much have other disasters cost?  The Telegraph.

E)  Line between freedom 0f speech and tasteless humor demonstrated in tweets about Japan.  The Village Voice.

Logical Reasonings / 3.15.11

A) US News & World Report Law School rankings are out!  Welcome to the big time, UT.  Above the Law.

B) Mom sues private school for ruining her 4 year old’s chances at an Ivy league school. Our take:  we hope she wins to pay for her daughter’s inevitable therapy.   NY Daily News.

C) More law school grads getting jobs.  ABA Journal.

D) Would you wear a condom with Kesha’s face on it?  AOL Music.

E) “You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”  100 pieces of cinematic advice.

Logical Reasonings / 3.14.11

A) Japan’s nuclear situation becomes increasingly dire.  NY Times.

B) Al Qaeda launches women’s magazine.  Their beauty tip for maintaining a creamy complexion?  Cover your face.  The Huffington Post.

C) When asking for law school letters of recommendation, make it easy for your recommender.  The Ivey Files.

D) Fun with LSAT Fallacies.  ClearAdmit.

E)  Be careful when texting in class if you’ve friended your teacher.  Failblog.


Blueprint Classes for the June LSAT Starting Now

Today’s post is a reminder of how important the LSAT is for law school applications, followed closely by why you therefore need to prep for it, and winding up with a discussion of why if you prep with a course, Blueprint is the way to go.  How’s that for laying out a clear thesis?

If you don’t know yet, consider yourself informed that the LSAT is the single most important factor in law school applications.  This is because of a variety of factors, including the difficulty of evaluating GPAs that differ enormously across multiple variables (strength of school, strength of major, grading inconsistencies, etc.), the fact that the LSAT is a good predictor of first year law school success, etc.  Whether or not you like this, that’s the way it is in law school admissions right now.  I personally think a pie eating contest would be an epic way to gain law school admittance, but I was overruled by the ABA.

Logical Reasonings: Japan Natural Disaster Edition / 3.11.11

A) Photos of the devastation wrought by the 8.8 earthquake and subsequent flooding. The Washington Post.

B) Where you can donate to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunamis that rocked Japan. CBS News.

C) How to survive a tsunami.  Slate.

D) What you should keep in your earthquake kit.  Slate.

E) Footage of the tsunami hitting the Japanese coastline.  Youtube.

Logical Reasonings / 3.10.11

A) Michael Vick-esque news.  Mistrial declared in uber-creepy and sad dog decapitation case.  The Huffington Post.

B) Remember this slime bag?  Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo to stand trial.  NPR.

C) Still watching the trainwreck.  Charlie Sheen sues for 100 million.  The LA Times.

D) Attention lawyers to be:  what’s the bigger infraction here?  Failblog.

Logical Reasonings / 3.9.11

A) Urethra grown in petri dish.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Time.

B) Go to Stanford Law School to make a lot of money after graduation, and other really obvious correlations between law school and $.  Forbes.

C) The end of an era and Krista McAuliffe jokes: space shuttle lands for the final time.  NPR.

D) Mel Gibson tries to broker a deal for his domestic violence charges.  CNN.

E) It’s all about the five dollar footlong – Subway eclipses McDonald’s as world’s largest fast food chain.  The Huffington Post.