Jodi Teti

Don’t let the long locks and blue eyes fool you, Jodi Teti, is more than just  a pretty face.  She also has attractive elbows.  At least that's what her garden gnome told her when she was out planting radishes.  He also said not to put too much paprika on deviled eggs, but he was just plain wrong about that.

After getting a BA from Stanford in English (an utterly worthless degree) followed by an MA in English from the University of Virginia (a horrifying 30K accumulation of debt with no job prospects whatsoever), Jodi Teti began consulting with students to assist them in making their own life mistakes by going to graduate school.  When she discovered the a JD that can actually be paid off by a job in the field for which it was intended, Jodi Teti fainted dead away, then promptly limited her consulting to law school (though the occasional dentistry college will creep in).

Jodi Teti was the leading admissions consultant for a national test preparation company for over three years, during which time she supervised and consulted on applications for hundreds of students.  At some point, she decided to strike out on her own with Trent Teti and Matt Riley to found Blueprint, where she oversees law school application consulting.  Jodi's blog posts focus on law school admissions, although she dearly loves finding LSAT fallacies in Project Runway episodes and employing palindromes for instructional purposes.  Her latest for how much to study the night before the LSAT?  Not a ton.

Author Archive:

Logical Reasonings: Charlie Sheen Edition / 3.8.11

A) Letter from Munger, Tolls, & Olson to Sheen’s lawyer.  A must read.  Highlights:  “Warner Bros. would not, could not, and should not attempt to continue “business as usual” while Mr. Sheen destroys himself as the world watches.”  Munger, Tolles & Olson.

B) “I am an F-18 bro and I will destroy you in the air.” 20/20.

C) “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” 20/20.

D) “fastball. the trolls are foaming from their toothless holes. rumor mill abundant with evil gossip. mainstream heretics smirking.”  Twitter.

E) “The only thing I’m addicted to is winning.”  The Daily Caller.

Logical Reasonings / 3.7.11

A) This is so coming up on a reading comp passage. Something about comets and life in outer space.  Time.

B) Fun with causal fallacies.  Why you should drink coffee because it’s healthy for you.  Right.  Shine.

C) How to accept a law school offer or negotiate for a better one.  Anna Ivey via ClearAdmit.

D) We thought the Thin Mint fight was bad.  London woman trashes store when told her favorite cupcake is sold out.  Metro.

E) Updates on Libya and the Middle East.  Preview: more chaos than a girl scout cookie unveiling at a Biggest Loser audition.  NY Times.

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February 2011 LSAT Scores Released

February LSAT scores are out and the curve was….

Oh that’s right, we’ll never know the curve because February is UNDISCLOSED.  Yes all you peeps in February LSAT land, one of the oddities about this test is that it’s the only one of the four yearly LSAT administrations that’s undisclosed.  This means you won’t be sent a copy of all the questions, you won’t know which questions your got right and which you got wrong, and you won’t receive a conversion chart letting you know the curve.

The upside of getting virtually no information is that you won’t spend an undue amount of time obsessing over why you missed the logical reasoning question about monkeys.

Logical Reasonings / 3.2.11

A) Will Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? Slate puts it at 51%. Slate.

B) Texas gets tough on immigration.  Except, of course, if you need a nanny or maid.  Yahoo News.

C) Charlie Sheen’s sons get taken away from him.  Odd, since he’s demonstrated so many great parenting qualities lately.  ABA Journal.

D) Attention pre-med majors:  what you learned in organic chemistry.  Grahpjam.

E) Why women’s sexual currency has decreased, even as young men become increasingly irresponsible.  Slate.

Logical Reasonings / 3.1.11

A) Men suffering more from the recession but women still poorer, overall.  The Huffington Post.

B) If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve missed your chance.  Breast milk ice cream taken off shelfs.  NPR.

C)  Networking tips for lawyers that apply equally well to law school events.  And possibly Halloween parties.  Vault Law.

D) Which law school graduates made the biggest bucks?  Hint:  Cooley not in the running.  The National Law Journal.

E) At least the girl scout cookie fight involved Thin Mints.   Man stabbed over chicken patty fight by 13 year old is just sad.  Fox News.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.28.11

A) What is the value of a law degree?  Things to consider before going to law school.  California Bar Journal.

B) Miss the Oscar fashions?  From a preggers Portman to the lace overlaid chestal region of Mila Kunis, here they are.  Also, was it just us or did James Franco seem really high?  Youtube.

C) Charlie Sheen reveals intent to sue CBS in the same interview that he boasts of taking seven-gram rocks. Not sure a wrongful termination suit is the best way to go on this one.  The New York Times.

D) We thought breast milk ice cream was gross, but stallion semen milkshakes blows that idea out of the water: disgusting, creamy, stay away from it, water. AOL News.

E) Offensive, or just true?  Cardozo Law School Health and Fitness Club encourages female law students to stay in shape.  Above the Law.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep is expanding to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This spring, Blueprint bring its LSAT love to Philadelphia, PA  home to the liberty bell, NFL teams that place second in the superbowl (it was a close game), and the world’s best sandwich, the cheesesteak.

The Blueprint Philadelphia LSAT class will be located in Houston Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus, which makes it an easy commute for Upenn, Temple University, and Drexel students as well as denizens of the greater Philadelphia area.

Logical Reasonings / 2.25.11

A) Census results – looks like we’re moving away from the cities and expanding, diversificationally speaking. Forbes.

B) Judge upholds Seinfeld’s constitutional right to call someone a wacko.  NPR.

C) Space shuttle made of hay explodes.  NASA scientists baffled.  The Onion.

D) Our thoughts on breast milk ice cream?  Not titillating.  Fox News.

E) Fun with email flame wars:  University of Michigan law school up in arms over a man beauty pageant for charity.  Above the Law.

Logical Reasonings / 2.24.11

A) Star Trek convention attendees, World of Warcraft players, and Pi afficianados rejoice! The new MacBook Pro is out. Apple.

B) Villanova Law School’s ethics lapse points to deeper flaw.  Newsworks.

C) GWU Law Review puts their thoughts on law school gunners into song. Warning:  mature language, some (read no) nudity, and a great deal of angst.  Youtube.

D) Too soon?  Qaddafi celebrity look alikes.  Slate.

E) Attention law students!  How to have a successful spring OCI.  Vault Law.