Matt Riley

My name is Matt but most people call me Riley.  In case you were wondering, I didn’t come up with the name LSAT Ninja.  I was not blessed with many talents in life, including coming up with clever names for blogs.  However, roughly seven years ago I discovered that I have an uncanny ability to solve word puzzles quickly and accurately.  In other words, my only real talent is the LSAT.

After receiving a 179 on my first LSAT in 2002, I went down the normal road and applied to law school.  I decided to turn down schools like Harvard and NYU and started teaching the LSAT (I know, my mom didn’t quite understand, either).  Then I kept teaching the LSAT, and kept doing it some more.  Now I am one of the owners of Blueprint and I still teach the LSAT.  I probably know every question that has ever been featured on the test, including the one about monkeys and teats, as well as male sage grouse air sacs.  Let's just say neither topic makes for a great pickup line.

So I am here as the “LSAT Ninja” to help you with your own LSAT adventure.  Most test prep companies keep this stuff under lock and key, but my idea is to liberate LSAT prep information.  I will discuss the experience of taking the LSAT, tips and strategies for doing well, and even a foolproof strategy for getting lucky with that cute guy or gal at your testing center.  I have a head for numbers so there will be lots of stats, charts and graphs and hopefully some spirited debate about the importance of such things.  It’s gonna be great.  I hope you enjoy…

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