20% Off All Blueprint Tutoring Packages!

September 24th, September 24th… That date sounds important — and it’s just around the corner — but I can’t for the life of me remember what the big deal about September 24th is.

Okay, just Googled it, and it’s rapper and 2 Chainz collaborator Kreayshawn’s birthday. I mean, that’s important and all, but I just don’t think it’s…

Oh yeah: The LSAT.

Yup. Just a few short weeks away, and here you are studying industriously. Doing your homework. Taking practice exams. Worrying. Taking some more practice exams. Worrying some more. Occasionally tearing your hair out, but just a bit.

Well, that sounds exhausting.

You know what could take the edge off of your studying? Having a calm hand guide you through this process and answer your mountain of questions one-by-one. This hand will, of course, be attached to a brilliant Blueprint LSAT tutor.

“But isn’t tutoring expensive?” you ask. “Isn’t it just for the guy in my class who parks his BMW in two spaces and wears tight, white jeans?”

No, friend. It’s for you, and it’s well within your budget this week only. All Blueprint tutoring packages — all of them! — are 20% off today through Friday at 5 pm PST. That’s two hours right up and through our 30- and 60-hour premier packages when you use coupon code TUTOR20 at checkout.

Your LSAT score determines the school you get into, which determines what you make out of law school. Scoring high is an investment that literally pays dividends throughout your career. It also helps convince law schools that you’re worth offering a scholarship. One other big consideration: If you don’t get the score you want in September, you may be studying again for December. The cost in time, extra studying expense, and missing the first few months of rolling applications could be steep.

Every Blueprint tutor scored 170+ on an actual LSAT, has gone through the entire Blueprint training process, and is deeply knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the exam, how to study for it, and even how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a brutal few hours.

That’s why buying tutoring with Blueprint at any price is a winning decision, and it’s only winning-er when it’s 20% off. Don’t miss this opportunity. Sale ends Friday! Just use coupon code TUTOR20 at checkout.

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