Starting right now – RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE – we are having a flash sale.* Enroll by 5pm PDT on Wednesday, July 22nd, in any of the following courses, and ONLY the following courses, and get $400 off a classroom course. That’s only $1099, a small-teeny-itsy-bitsy-widdle price to pay for the best LSAT prep in the biz. Click the link below for the class you want. We suggest one near your place of residence.

Atlanta, GA
Berkeley, CA
Dallas, TX
Davis, CA
Fullerton, CA
Gainesville, FL
Miami, FL
New Haven, CT
Northridge, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Pasadena, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Riverside, CA
San Francisco
San Diego
Washington DC

*Here’s some cool disclaimers for you: Discount is not applicable to other course locations, is not combinable with any other discounts, is available only to new students, and is not available for the online course or other Blueprint products or services. This discount may not be applied retroactively to students already enrolled in these courses.

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