All Tutoring Packages 20% Off This Week!

Remember how in the first Star Wars, Luke was a pretty mediocre Jedi, and then, after he meets Yoda, he’s crazy good? (Bear with me here if you aren’t all over Star Wars like Jabba the Hutt on a jar of live frogs.) The difference was that he got personalized training from the master of Jedi masters, Yoda. Having a wise hand steer you through life’s difficulties makes all the difference in the world.

The LSAT is no different. Sure, you can self-study and take a class and do well enough, but if you want to slay the LSAT — the Darth Vader of standardized testing — it is best to have a master guide you through your training.

Lucky for you, Blueprint has a veritable cornucopia of LSAT masters waiting to guide you into battle: Enter the Blueprint LSAT tutor. Even luckier for you, that kind of invaluable training is a whopping 20% off this week. This isn’t just for an hour or two or some other kind of nonsense. Oh no, you get 20% off any tutoring package, up to and including our premiere packages which come with a minimum of three months’ access to our online course. We’re basically throwing in a light saber for free. NBD. Just use promo code SAVE20, and you’ll automatically get the discount at checkout.

Blueprint has tutors in all of the areas in which we run classroom courses, and Skype tutoring is available anywhere. Sign up today, because this promotion ends at 3 pm PST on Saturday, April 30th.

May the LSAT force be with you.

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