Caption Contest: $200 Off Our Fall Online LSAT Prep Course

New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert!

Time is running out to register for Blueprint LSAT Prep’s fall online LSAT prep course for the 2013 December LSAT. That’s why we’re giving away a $200 discount towards our fall online LSAT prep course to whoever submits the best caption for the above photo. Make it funny, but not offensive, and try to connect it in some way to law school or the LSAT or anything pre-law. To see what we’re going for, here’s a recent example of a caption contest winner on the LSAT blog.

But hurry. We’ll pick our favorite tomorrow and announce the winner right here on the LSAT blog.

Please note: this contest is for new Blueprint LSAT Prep online LSAT prep course students only. Discount is not combinable with others, nor can it be used retroactively. Discount is for $200 off Blueprint’s fall 2013 online LSAT prep course, which grants access to a Blueprint LSAT prep account for the next two testing administrations. If you’ve already signed up for a Blueprint LSAT Prep course, make sure to let any friends know who may be interested.

After you submit your caption (all comments will have to be approved), take a look at all Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course has to offer.

Now let’s see those captions!

6 Responses

  1. Cameron says:

    “After incorporating aspects of Buddhism into his dissertation, Trent showed the Blueprint staff this picture, insisting the dog was indeed himself in a past life.”

  2. Justin says:

    Captain Dogmerica’s Gameplan
    1. Know the Rules (no scratching, no fur pulling)
    2. Build setup (aka make weapons aka my fists)
    3. Symbolize the rules (with my fists)
    4. Double check the rules (even you BatDog!)
    5. identify randoms (Red Skulldog, Dogtor Faustus)
    6. Deductions (RS and DF won’t be immediately after each other, they’re not that smart)
    7. Scenarios (Finally getting RS and DF in order!)
    8. Attack!
    9. Relax with my #1 Betsy RossWeiler

  3. Yes, I’m congress during the shutdown…in charge and at a complete stand still.

  4. Alysha Tseng says:

    Having a wruff wruff time preparing for the LSAT? Call Captain Americanine

  5. Augustus Bostick says:

    That October LSAT was ruff ruff ruff. Look out December – Blueprint is here to help me this time!

  6. Lordess says:

    Hounds, assemble! Is your human having a ruff time studying? Sign up for Blueprint LSAT Prep course today!

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