Caption Contest: Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Put on your hazmat suit. It’s time for another Blueprint LSAT Prep caption contest.

Comment below with the funniest pre-law-related caption for the above photo, and you could win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. We’ll announce one winner — picked by the Blueprint LSAT Prep staff — next week right here on the LSAT blog.

Limit one entry per person. Previous Blueprint LSAT Prep contest winners are ineligible.

Remember to keep your comment funny but unoffensive. If you need inspiration, here are some previous caption contests we’ve run on the LSAT blog.

That being said…fire away!

8 Responses

  1. T. Quit says:

    Hurry! We need to hose down this student. He got -0 on the logic games section by just skimming through Blue Print’s LSAT Logic Games book! He’s on fire!

  2. Tiffany Williams says:

    Let’s hose down the two hot narrators on the blueprint Lsat prep videos before there totally on fire!

  3. Natasha Dane says:

    (From right to left) Consequetively, each person represents the difficultly and how I feel doing doing each game in the Logic Games section (1,2, and 3). What represents the fourth game? That’s the pressure of the water coming out of the hose!

  4. Randa says:

    Ok. There’s 3 trees and 4 parks we need to figure out which tree goes where. Tree A cannot be in park B–
    Can’t we just torch all the trees?
    *All look at each other*
    Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave…

  5. Robert Park says:

    Wait…this is a different kind of fire we are dealing with, 1/10 of a second=30 bucks. Paypal is fine

  6. Alex Crownhart says:

    “Get ready boys, the LSAT’s just about done and they haven’t had time to shower for weeks.”

  7. Ben Botteh says:

    Get Ready.. Get Set..


  8. Pedro says:


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