Here’s the #Winner of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Every so often, the worthiness of social media shines through.

Take Blueprint LSAT Prep’s latest contest, for example. We asked you to send us tweets using the hashtag #ThingsIdRatherDoThanStudyForTheLSAT with the promise that the best one would receive a free copy of our new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. And boy howdy, did we receive some good’ns. In fact, you should check out all the tweets.

Alas, we had to pick one winner above all. So congratulations to @carituh for this tweet that earned her a free copy of Blueprint’s LSAT book:


Also, congrats to @PennSavvy for this honorable mention tweet that earned him a free $10 Starbucks gift card:


Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more great contests from Blueprint LSAT Prep in the future. Be sure to follow Blueprint LSAT Prep and Most Strongly Supported.

But if you’re studying for the October LSAT, get off Twitter.

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