Our LSAT Book is Here: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

We don’t have a Pope, meteors are crashing into Russia, and the universe is officially doomed.

You’ll have to worry about that stuff later because we’ve got some even bigger news:

Blueprint LSAT Prep is proud to announce the release of our first-ever LSAT book. It’s called The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, and it’s available right now. Here’s the lowdown on the latest (and greatest) LSAT book to hit the market:

At 561 pages and covering 35 real Analytical Reasoning problems, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is one of the biggest and most comprehensive LSAT Logic Games study guides out there. The book, much like Blueprint’s LSAT prep course, uses insight and humor to teach the best techniques to unravel LSAT Logic Games.

Also, each copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games comes with a free Blueprint LSAT Prep account so readers can log into our website and watch fully-animated HD video explanations for every LSAT Logic Games problem in the LSAT book. The videos are the same as those used in Blueprint’s LSAT prep online course and feature Blueprint LSAT Prep founder Matt Riley — the latter of whom wrote The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games and has never missed an LSAT Logic Game question on a real LSAT.


Many students find LSAT Logic Games to be the most intimidating section of the exam. Luckily, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is here to help. If you’re planning to take the June LSAT, it makes for a great (and timely) addition to your spring LSAT prep course. Or if you’re studying on your own, you now have another tool for tackling LSAT Logic Games.

We’re excited to release our first LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games — available at the introductory price of $49.99 until June 1.

So pick up your copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games now, lock yourself in a doomsday shelter, and learn how to dominate some LSAT Logic Games.

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  1. Marshall Harbinson says:

    Is this LSAT prep book still available? What is the price? I really love what this prep book seems to be because I am having an especially tough time with this section. I would love to have some material, such as this, that can specifically help me to improve on this section in terms of speed and accuracy. I am very interested, so I will be eagerly awaiting a reply.

    Thank you,

    Marshall Harbinson

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