Win a Free LSAT Logic Games Book!

Sadness. Helplessness. Anger… These are emotions most LSAT prep students have acutely felt. But have faith: you’re not alone. Anyone who has known the love of a pet has had feelings like that when stumbling across this kind of scene.


Well, we want to use their misery to cure yours, by giving you a free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games! All you have to do is submit a funny LSAT or prelaw-related caption for the above photo in the comments section below. We’ll pick our favorite one, and the lucky scribe will win a free LSAT book. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The key is to be creative. Here are some past examples of Most Strongly Supported caption contest winners to give you an idea.

We’ll announce the winner next week right here on the LSAT blog. If you’ve already won a caption contest on the LSAT blog before, sorry, but you’re not eligible. Limit one entry per person.

Caption away!

9 Responses

  1. Lauren Millsaps says:

    Steve told us that all bones are hidden in ugly leather couches, so we thought that all ugly leather couches had bones hidden in them. Sorry mom. Unrelated, you didn’t happen to pick up any bones at the store did you?

  2. Ruru says:

    LSAT, Shmellsat. We’re calling animal protection, you crazy f***.

  3. Austin says:

    There are exactly two dogs: Yellow and Black, one couch and three couch cushions 1,2, and 3. At a minimum one couch cushion must be on the couch and at least one dog must be on the couch. No dog can sit on a couch cushion. The following conditions must apply:

    Dog Y is before Dog B only if cushion 3 is on the couch.
    If cushion 1 is on the couch, then cushion 3 must be on the couch.
    If cushion 2 is not on the couch, then both dogs must be on the couch.

    16 days until the LSAT…..

  4. Matthew Noxsel says:

    Things you’ll deal with later because you’re studying for the #LSAT.

  5. Derrick says:

    if all yellow dogs sit on a couch and it spontaneously combusts and all black dogs sit on a couch that spontaneously combust, then all black and yellow dogs sit on couches that spontaneously combust… This is clearly not our fault… Logical right?

  6. Jessica says:

    “Dogs ate my LSAT score. Help #Blueprint!”

  7. jerry says:

    “How do you like us now?”After ignoring us for weeks locked in your room studying for that God forsaken LSAT we decided to pay you back by reupholstering the couch . “Not too shabby huh” ?

  8. Lisa says:

    We heard you say you were losing your mind studying for the LSAT, we were just trying to help you find it.

  9. Val says:

    When you are eager to get home from long day of work to only find out that your dogs had a pillow fight with your new couches

    Mutual feeling

    When you are eager to finish an lsat pratice test to only find out that you have much more work to do

    the joy of life

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