Win a Free LSAT Logic Games Book!

UPDATE 10/8: Thanks for the great response, guys! Submissions are now closed. I’ll be doing the drawing this afternoon, and will be in touch with the winners soon.

Do you want a good score on the LSAT? Do you like free stuff? Do you want free stuff that will help you get a good score on the LSAT?

Have we got a deal for you…

We’re offering two FREE copies (we’ll even cover shipping) of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games to the Most Strongly Supported readership. Now, we could pretend that it’s because you’re a bunch of well-meaning, deserving individuals who we’re helping out for altruistic reasons… but we all know this to be a lie. We’re trying to get some reviews added to Google Books, and are willing to give you free LSAT prep to do it. So let’s pull together in the harness of convenience: We’ll dish out free books, you give us unbiased reviews.

Comment below to enter yourself in the book drawing. Please include your name, e-mail address, zip code*, and which LSAT you’re planning to take.

In exchange for the book, we ask (but do not require) that you write up an unbiased review on Google Books by October 27th (the winners will be e-mailed more details). You don’t need to have made it through the whole book by then – though if you have, kudos on being a Logic Games terminator – but you should have used it enough to form an educated opinion.

If you’re not familiar, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is approximately 600 pages of awesome, covering every strategy you need for Analytical Reasoning by working through 35 official Logic Games. There are numerous drills, and we use our trademark Blueprint Building Blocks method (new for the book) to break apart the games.

You also receive online access** to fully animated video explanations featuring Blueprint founder Matt Riley for every game in the book. Finally, we provide an index of every game released through prep test 68 (December 2012), including the game type and the strategies to unlock that game.

So comment below, and get a-Gaming!

Boilerplate stuff: We reserve the right to refuse this offer to anyone for any reason. Before accepting this offer, you will need to sign a short agreement stipulating to a few conditions. Blueprint reserves the right to end or extend this promotion at any time.

*You must be in the continental US for shipping purposes.
**Online access lasts a year from registration.

29 Responses

  1. Eliana says:

    December 2014

  2. Cinthia Castillo says:

    I took a BP course (summer 2014) and I think it was awesome! I am planning to take the December exam. This book would be so much help!

  3. Susan Yu says:

    I’m taking my LSAT on Dec 2014

    Zip: 92833

  4. Michael Sassounian says:

    Michael Sassounian
    December 2014

  5. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Interested in joining BP this winter. Taking the exam in February. Heard great things about your program

    Zip: 19115

  6. Hannan Seirafi says:

    Hannan Seirafi
    December 2014

  7. Melissa Clarke says:

    December 2014 Lsat
    11203 zip code
    1315 Brooklyn Ave
    bk ny

  8. Sevan Manoukian says:

    Sevan Manoukian


    December 2014

  9. Melani Tiongson says:

    Melani Tiongson
    Dec. 2014 LSAT

  10. Francisco Ramos says:


    DEC 2014 LSAT

    I took the summer course through Blueprint. It was very informative and greatly increased my understanding of the material. However logic games are my worse area. This would greatly help. However, for all the information i received regarding the rest of the exam, the blueprint strategies made the entire test much more manageable. Very glad i took this course.

  11. Cindy Park says:

    Name: Cindy Park
    Administration: December 2014 LSAT
    Zip: 91214

    Thank you,


  12. Mark Geylikman says:

    Name: Mark Geylikman
    Zip Code: 91604
    Planning to take December LSAT

  13. Emily H. says:

    I would love a copy of the book!

    I’m taking the December 2014 LSAT

    Zipcode: 91344

  14. Meredith Reid says:

    Meredith Reid
    zip 35073
    February 2015 LSAT

    *crosses fingers and goes back to studying*

  15. Alexander Lopez says:

    It will be my first time taking the LSAT in December 2014, trying my best to study the best I can to obtain a score of 160 or higher to obtain a minority honors scholarship from the law school I want to attend which will cover 100% of my tuition.

    Zip: 49090

    Thank you!

  16. email:
    zip: 10031
    test date: Feb. 2015!!

  17. Penelope M Guevara says:

    Penelope Guevara
    TEST DATE: December 2014

  18. Michelle Cho says:

    zip: 10036

    I took the Boston Spring 2012 class and now I am taking the online course for the Dec 2014 LSAT! This would be really helpful, as I really need to rock it this time! :)

  19. Michelle Cho says:

    zip: 10036

    I took the Boston Spring 2012 class and am now taking the online course studying for the Dec 2014 LSAT! This would be really helpful, as I need to rock it this time!! :)

  20. kitty says:

    When will the winners be announced?

    Kitty Lynndale
    zip: 35073
    test date December 2014 (way too soon!)

    Hey Meredith! I notice we’re from the same area, we should try and get together to study! Shoot me an email if you’re interested!

  21. NeKisha Mims says:

    zip: 35020

    test date: December 2014 !

  22. Rahel Eyassu says:

    Name: Rahel Eyassu


    Zipcode: 90025

    Test date: December 2014

  23. Vahe Pouskoulian says:

    Name: Vahe Pouskoulian
    Exam: December 2014 LSAT
    Zip: 91208


  24. Caren Mohillsmith says:

    Zip code: 92592

    LSAT date: Signed up for Dec 6th but SERIOUSLY considering Feb’15 in hopes of earning a “scholarship worthy” score to complement my 3.7 GPA in Finance. . .

    I LOVE you guys at BP! I have been using your material since June ’14 and have come to appreciate your insight and delivery to this humbling exam. Your sense of humor, quick whit and tireless enthusiasm for detailed explanations is truly commendable. I can’t imagine how many hours (years) you guys put into your program but I would like to say THANK YOU for all that you have done.

    I am working VERY HARD to make this exam my . . . . servant, so I would GREATLY appreciate any material you guys have put together to hone my LSAT skills further. Nothing breeds humility like studying for the LSAT . . . Nothing breeds confidence like mastering the LSAT . . .


    • Greg Nix says:

      Hey Caren,

      Submissions for this contest closed last week, but stay tuned for further giveaways. Or if you’re really interested in the Logic Games book, let me know and I can give you a discount!

  25. Caren Mohillsmith says:

    I thought you guys would see my e-mail address but I am not seeing it reflected in my previous post so here it is :)

    Caren MohillSmith

  26. Blake Ford says:


    Feb 2015

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