Win Free LSAT Tutoring!


You like free stuff – especially free LSAT tutoring to get your LSAT score to the next level. We’d like to be featured speakers at the South by Southwest Educational Conference. That’s why we’re raffling off the following three prizes for everyone who votes for us:

1. Four (4) free hours of LSAT tutoring (live or skype)
2. Two (2) free hours of LSAT tutoring (live or skype)
3. One (1) paperback copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

You can enter up to 4 times by following the instructions below.

– First, head here.
– In the upper, right-hand corner side of the screen, click ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Create Account.’
– This will direct you to make an account (don’t worry; it’s just your name and email address). A link to confirm your email will be sent to your inbox.
– The link in the email will take you back to the sign in page. Sign in once again and you can either look for the panel by copying and pasting “The Truth About Social Gaming and Adaptive Learning” into the search bar or you can go back to the original URL:

Once you’re there, cast your vote by clicking on the thumbs up in the upper left hand side of the page. And that’s it! That’s enough to get you one entry in the raffle! If you want more, go down to the bottom of the page and leave a message expressing your interest and excitement in the presentation. After writing your message, either log into your FB, Twitter, Gmail, or sign up with Disqus to post on the message board.

You then can repeat the same steps mentioned above for our other entry as well, which will get you an additional 2 entries for a total of 4 entries.

Here’s the fine print:
1) The raffle will close at 5PM, PDT on Wednesday, August 19th.
2) 1 thumbs up vote = 1 raffle entry and 1 comment = 1 raffle entry; If you do both for each video, that’s a total of 4 raffle entries.
3) In order to be eligible for the drawing, send a screenshot of your votes and/or comments to or reply to this email with that information. If you are using a Mac you can take a screenshot by holding Command+Shift+4. If you are using a PC, you can follow the directions here to take a screenshot.
4) Raffle winners will be emailed by 5pm on Thursday, August 20th.

Thanks so much for your help, and may the odds ever be in your favor! Now get back to studying for the LSAT.

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