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What Would ‘Always Sunny’ Characters Get on the LSAT?

For this installment, let’s talk about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the beloved and depraved FX sitcom following a rag-tag group of ignorant, self-absorbed, morally bankrupt bar owners in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Celebrities Who Don’t Have a Law Degree (But Should)

Any idea what the brilliant Natalie Portman would be like as a lawyer? Perhaps Emma Watson? Maybe David Duchovny? With their degrees from some of the most prestigious universities (*cough * Harvard, Brown, and Yale *cough*) there’s no doubt they could all double as impressive legal professionals.

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Our Favorite TV Lawyers

With your favorite shows back on TV, you’ll be replacing your days of beach hanging with nights of TV watching (not that you ever do anything besides study for the LSAT, of course). Let’s talk about some of our favorite characters on TV with a law degree. Who said procrastination can’t have a motivational element?

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Sound-Tracking Your LSAT Study Montage

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it dozens of times: test prep is a sport, not a science. You’re not studying; you’re training.

And what does every good training montage need? A killer soundtrack.

Choosing the right music can help pump you up and clear your mind. Of course, you don’t want to listen to music while you’re taking a practice test – you have to simulate those game day conditions! But a well-balanced playlist can help you warm up for and wind-down from an LSAT workout. Here are my picks:

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What Would ‘Seinfeld’ Characters Get on the LSAT?

It’s time for the latest installment of What Would They Score on the LSAT, the Peabody-winning* series in which we speculate on what scores your favorite celebrities and fictional characters would get if they took the LSAT.

Today, I’d like to open up the vault and go back to a television classic: Seinfeld, the show about nothing. Seinfeld follows the wacky antics of four amoral New Yorkers – Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. But then, if you don’t know that, Jerry might have a thing or two to say to you, because Seinfeld was the #1 show for 41 years* and has had a huge influence on television ever since.

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If Law Schools Were “Harry Potter” Characters

Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t spent some time thinking about what character from Harry Potter each law school would be? What’s that – you haven’t? Well, luckily for you, I’m here with the comprehensive list of which character corresponds to each school. (For a completely arbitrary reason, I decided to look at only the top 10 schools. I apologize in advance if I insult anyone; don’t take it personally.)

1. Yale—Dumbledore

This is a pretty easy choice. Dumbledore is probably the wisest character in the Harry Potter universe. And he is a professor. Yale is the consensus number one school in the nation and it recruits the most impressive students, many of whom end up going into academia and becoming professors (see the parallel?).

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The (Fictional) Lawyers You Want on Your Team

To Kill a Mockingbird was the first “grown-up” novel I was forced to read in English class way back when, and now Atticus Finch is in the news again. The publication (under questionable circumstances) of Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman, has revealed a less pleasant side to the fictional lawyer. Let’s take this chance to go through some fictional lawyers and see whether you’d want them representing you.

Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird version). Representing someone that the town doesn’t want to see represented? Standing up for what’s right and presenting exculpatory evidence? These are all things you’d want to see out of your attorney. We can’t dock Atticus too much for failing to win the case; it’s fair to say the cards were stacked against him and he did the best he could.
Would you want him as your lawyer? 8/10

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Rap’s Biggest Fans: The Supreme Court?

President Obama became embroiled in yet another controversy last week when he dissed the New York Times’ guacamole recipe (consequently, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly lambasted the President for what critics have dubbed the administration’s “War on Peas”).

This isn’t the first time the President’s made a splash in contemporary pop culture. He’s noted for numerous appearances in Millennial-loved media – such as Buzzfeed and Between Two Ferns – and he cites rapper Jay-Z as among his favorite musical artists (even taking the time out of a full day of Presidenting to spit a diss track over Hov’s seminal “99 Problems”).

And yet, another branch of the federal government may just have him beat when it comes to captivating the minds of the youth and paying homage to hip-hop’s greats.

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Summer Movie Pre-Law Preview

Hey, summer is almost here! For those of you signed up for the June LSAT, you’re already painfully aware of this. The summer brings LSAT pains, but it also brings blockbusters. To make you feel less guilty about taking time out of your busy LSAT schedule to catch a movie or two (or seven), I’m going to tell you how seeing these movies will help prep you for law school and the LSAT.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Hollywood, in its latest low-risk grab for your money gives us yet another comic book movie. Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters May 1st. Two sequels are already planned. If you’re gonna throw your money at this tired movie genre, at least let it be a reminder that like Hollywood, LSAC is lazy. Look at the Logic Games section.