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Letters of Recommendation and How to Get Them

“You’re so beautiful, you could be a part-time model.”

That’s Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, making up an awesome song that he thinks is actually paying a great compliment to a pretty girl he meets at a party. When I saw that episode recently, I thought of applications, because it’s a great example of damning with faint praise, one of the common things that can go wrong with recommendation letters.

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Law School Letters of Recommendation II: For the Old Folks

I don’t know about you (although I am intrigued: what’s your name? How did you hear about moststronglysupported? Do you like horchata? Have you ever been to Delhi? If you could only speak using phrases from a single song for the rest of your life, which song would you pick and why?), but I feel myself getting older. My hearing, once so reliable that I could pick up frequencies only received by radios and Rottweilers, now leaves me angling my head to put my “good ear” toward the conversation. If I jump frequently playing basketball, my knees inevitably hurt the next day. On weekends, I like to take mid-afternoon naps. I often feel compelled to yell at the damn kids to get off my lawn. I am 24 years old.

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Getting Good Law School Letters of Recommendation

If you’re planning on applying to law school this fall and have already taken the LSAT, you should be working on everything else now; getting letters of rec., writing your personal statement, explaining how that 1.9 GPA from your first quarter of school was from a “family illness.” If, however, you’re taking the LSAT this September, you can pretty much ignore it all for the time being. Studying for the test can and should encompass hundreds of hours, which doesn’t leave you with much time for the other stuff. After the test, you’ll have all of the month of October to write your personal statement and get your other proverbial ducks in a proverbial row, and you can apply in early November if you really want, way ahead of the proverbial pack.