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Logical Reasonings / 12.15.17

A. Guys, today we’re kicking off a two week-long sale on our guides to Logic Games and Reading Comp. Over on Amazon, these super helpful tomes are now discounted to $39, and will stay that price until Monday, January 1st at 9am PST. No promo code, no catch — just LG and RC excellence at an all-time low price. Amazon

B. ABA compiled some data on law school enrollment in 2017. While the overall number of students attending ABA-accredited universities is slightly down, the number of first year students is up. Expect that figure to continue to rise in 2018. ABA Journal

C. Here’s video of Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana giving recent federal judicial nominees a 1L oral exam, and one nominee flunking it. Above the Law

D. The Disney and Twenty-First Century Fox merger has made the holidays a little sweeter for a lot of big law firms — 11 firms are helping out with the takeover.

E. In what might garner some more good press for the legal profession, New York’s attorney general promises to lead a lawsuit against the FCC’s repeal of regulations protecting net neutrality. ABC News

Logical Reasonings / 12.14.17

A. Tomorrow we’ll be slashing the price off our awesome Logic Games and Reading Comp course books on Amazon to $39. So give the gift of LSAT domination this season. Or wait until after the holidays — the discount will last until Monday, January 1st at 9am. Blueprint LSAT

B. You may need the money you saved on those books to pay for Netflix now that the FCC, headed by world’s lamest dork Ajit Pai, voted to end net neutrality. Washington Post

C. A bunch of Rutgers law students, who were trying to take their torts final on the same morning of the attempted subway attack in New York and were locked out of the classroom in which they’d be taking the exam, apparently inconvenienced the associate dean enough for the dean to put them on time-out before the exam. Above the Law

D. The Thomas M. Cooley School of Law at Western Michigan tried to sue the ABA to try to bar the association from giving prospective students information about the law school’s accreditation. Things did not work out so well for said law school. ABA Journal

E. Matthew Petersen, a federal judicial nominee who has never tried a case, could not tell the Senate what a “motion in limine” was. That’s 1L stuff dude.

Logical Reasonings / 12.13.17

A. Heads up … this Friday we’re going to offer another sale on our amazing Logic Games and Reading Comp course books. So if you or someone you know is studying for the Feb LSAT and needs an extra push in those sections, these books will be discounted to $39 on Amazon and make a perfect gift (to yourself or someone you know). Blueprint LSAT

B. Cal Western School of Law in San Diego had their low credit rating reaffirmed by Moody’s today, making the school’s financial outlook grim. And during the holidays, too. You’re savage, Moody’s. Above the Law

C. If you go to a lower ranked law school, you still have a shot at being a Supreme Court clerk (especially if you’re cool clerking for Justice Thomas). Here are some tips.

D. If you don’t go to law school at all, you could try to forge your JD and lie about your job as in-house counsel, as this Brighton, MA guy did. Boston Globe

E. A New Orleans Saints season ticket holder is suing the team because some of its players protest during the National Anthem, which he claims prevents him from attending games. C’mon dude, you can’t say this is worse than being a Browns fan. The New Orleans Advocate

Logical Reasonings / 12.12.17

A. Happy Hanukkah, future JDs. May these next eight days be full of productive studying for the February LSAT.

B. Keep track of the exit polls of Alabama’s special election today between Doug Jones and Roy Moore, who certainly wouldn’t be the best Hanukkah guest, here. CBS News

C. Most law clerks for Supreme Court Justices are still the same ol’ boring white dudes, but the Justices with the most diverse clerks may surprise you. ABA Journal

D. How do you stop a special investigation? Start another special investigation to investigate the initial special investigation. Huffington Post

E. Beyoncé, apparently as litigious as her fans are legion, sent a cease and desist letter to a Brooklyn brewery offering a pilsner called Bïeryoncé. Pitchfork

Logical Reasonings / 12.11.17

A. In case you’re really good at planning ahead for the LSAT, registration for the June 2018 LSAT is officially open. @Official_LSAT

B. Sad news from the 7th Circuit. In a 4-3 decision, the appellate court reinstated the murder conviction of Brendan Dassey of Making a Murderer. ABA Journal

C. SCOTUS has decided not not to take a case on a Georgia security guard who alleged she was harassed and fired because she is a lesbian, leaving open for now whether federal laws that ban gender-based discrimination also ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Reuters

D. However, oral arguments during today’s SCOTUS case suggest that states could soon have the ability to make sports betting legal. Above the Law

E. Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped when asked about how many people are watching certain shows. Except when it discovers that 53 users have watched the trashy Netflix original movie A Christmas Prince every single day for the past 18 days. Then it will gladly take to Twitter to mock those people. AV Club

Logical Reasonings / 12.8.17

A. Law school applications appear to up from last year. In a big, big way.

B. Just in time for most of the 2018 law school applicants, a couple of academics found a new way to rank law schools. Using their findings, Above the Law identified the 7 most “underrated” law schools for you to find some hidden value. Above the Law

C. The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in Brooklyn is the second Brooklyn school this week to announce it’s accepting the GRE. Yeshiva University

D. Law school finals week can make it seem like the entire world is burning around you. Imagine then having to take your finals when wild fires are literally spreading around your school, as the students at UCLA Law did. Daily Bruin

E. Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett saved a choking dude’s life at a Chic-fil-A with the Heimlich maneuver, then presumably freed the dude’s mind by showing him the gustatory pleasures of combining Chic-fil-A and Polynesian sauces. Houston Chronicle

Logical Reasonings / 12.7.17

A. News for February LSAT takers: LSAC is removing the late registration period (where they give you an extra week to sign up for the LSAT, but make you pay an extra $100 for that privilege). Instead, there’s just one regular old registration deadline, which for the Feb test is January 4. @Official_LSAT

B. There’s a new morning radio show on SiriusXM where two Stanford Law profs, Krazy Karlan and the Bank Man (Pamela Karlan and Joseph Bankman) will dish out their legal hot takes. The Recorder

C. If you’re in the market to take over a law school, Florida Coastal School of Law just put its building on the rental market. The crazy thing is … the Florida Coastal School of Law is still in operation. This doesn’t bode well for its students … Above the Law

D. Here’s a piece on how fancy tech start-ups, not law firms, are attracting Millennial law grads. Corporate Counsel

E. On the other end of the legal spectrum, here’s a Detroit attorney who is sleeping in a makeshift shack while raising funds for a non-profit to help Detroit’s poor community. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 12.6.17

A. There’s a trend of defense attorneys getting their clients shorter sentences by presenting short documentaries. So to all those former filmed students out there, maybe law school is decent path for you? NY Times

B. The Department of Justice — this Department of Justice, mind you — just announced that it is open to regulating the bump stock devices on guns. CNN

C. George Washington University Law School will now accept the GRE as well. George Washington

D. You probably have a lawyer in your life this holiday season, so here are some ABA-approved gift ideas. ABA Journal

E. Stay safe, So Cal. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 12.5.17

A. LSAC has $1.5 million this coming year for programs and fee waivers to help students from underrepresented groups go to law school. LSAC

B. The GRE nets another one with Brooklyn Law School. PR Newswire

C. Dr. Phil, Medicine Man has a son who is a lawyer and that son who is a lawyer is developing a sitcom based on his law school experience.

D. Today is oral arguments for the most publicized SCOTUS case this session, the wedding cake case (Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission). SCOTUSblog

E. Despite Michael Flynn taking a plea deal (in which one would pleas guilty, to be clear), some are organizing a legal defense fund for the former Trump national security advisor. Newsweek

Logical Reasonings / 12.4.17

A. Trying to save for law school can be daunting, but here’s a potential solution: A prospective UVA student is living in a van (presumably down by a river) before matriculation. Daily Progress

B. A small brewery created a beer called the “Dilly Dilly IPA,” in reference to Bud Light’s current slogan and your dad’s favorite commercial. The Bud Light legal team spared the brewer from the pit of despair, but did send a town crier to the brewery to deliver a cease and desist letter. Above the Law

C. Also in questionable legal strategies, Trump’s attorney claimed that a president technically cannot obstruct justice. Legal experts say that is technically incorrect. Washington Post

D. The Supreme Court, meanwhile, allowed the third version of the travel ban to go into effect in its entirety, effectively blocking travel from 8 predominately Muslim countries. NY Times

E. If there are three things we can all agree on in this divided country, they are: (1) the rich have it way too tough, (2) our health care system works too well, and (3) our natural splendor is too well-protected. While the White House works on fixing the first two, Trump just fixed that last problem. NPR