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Logical Reasonings / 1.5.18

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B. Law schools are freaking out about a proposed House bill that caps graduate school borrowing well below the annual cost of law school tuition. Above the Law

C. They don’t teach you this in your Professional Ethics class in law school: A Brooklyn prosecutor was disbarred for forging wiretap orders on her ex.

D. Speaking on questionable legal decisions, the NY Times reports that Trump gave the White House’s top attorney to stop Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation. NY Times

E. Unfortunate news for law-abiding Juggalos — the 6th Circuit dismissed the Juggalos suit against the FBI’s designation of ISP fans as a “gang.” Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 1.4.18

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B. Meet the Missouri Law 1L who is also, incredibly, the starting point guard on Mizzou’s D1 basketball team. Stay for the very nerdy law-related signs her classmates bring to games, such as, “No. 5 is 1L of a player” and “Tres ipsa loquitur.” Above the Law

C. Bona fide buzzkill Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama-era Cole memos today, which discouraged federal prosecutors from bringing charges against marijuana sellers and growers who were complying with state laws in states with legalized weed. Huffington Post

D. Some governors of high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California are considering bringing a constitutional challenge against the tax bill for treating residents of these high-tax states differently, by setting a cap on the SALT deductions. ABA Journal

E. Spectre and Meltdown sound like two also-ran MCU villains, but apparently they are security flaws in almost every computer, smartphone, and tablet that we should be very, very worried about. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 1.2.18

A. A new year means new laws for many states. One the most prominent new laws is the legalization of marijuana in California, where the first legal bag of weed was purchased by a former federal prosecutor. Green State

B. But it’s not just pot. Here’s a rundown of the many new laws being enacted by states across the nation. CNN

C. Meanwhile, Sessions is doing away with some regulations and recommendations the DOJ passed before his tenure, like not slapping poor defendants over the head with fees and fines. Washington Post

D. There’s a class action brewing around the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, a way many long-time public sector attorneys pay off their student loans. CNN Money

E. Matthew Riehl, the gunman who livestreamed his ambush of law enforcement agents, was a former Wyoming Law student. In fact, Wyoming Law warned its students of Riehl after Riehl made several threatening posts on Facebook in November.

Logical Reasonings / 12.29.17

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B. 2017’s 12 most fascinating lawyers, according to the ABA. ABA Journal

C. Speaking of lawyers, here are Politifact‘s 10 most viewed misleading statements of 2017. Politifact

D. More end of the year wrap ups: here are Slate‘s best legal reads of 2017. Slate

E. Finally, a law student messaged Roy Moore, hoping that a vote for him wouldn’t become public record. Then Roy Moore’s unsuccessful attempt to challenge the election results made the kid’s message public record. @judahariel

Logical Reasonings / 12.28.17

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B. As if representing one of the most hated men wasn’t enough, looks like Martin Shkreli’s lawyer will also be doing time for aiding the “pharma bro’s” fraud. LA Times

C. Just like his request to enter Alabama malls, Roy Moore’s last appeal challenging the election of Doug Jones to the Senate was denied. CNN

D. Here’s Berkeley Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky’s overview of the most important SCOTUS issues of 2017. ABA Journal

E. Is Apple’s slowing down of old iPhone’s a trespass to chattel? What the hell is chattel? You’ll learn all about that in law school. CNBC

Logical Reasonings / 12.27.17

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B. Are you thinking about New Year’s Resolutions yet? Penn Law is. Their New Year’s Resolution? Get its professors to write fewer racist op-eds it then has to ignore in its holiday letters. Above the Law

C. What about other law schools’ New Year’s Resolutions? Be more like Texas law schools, which saw a disproportionate increase in first-year law students.

D. UPS’s New Year’s Resolution? Stop losing $846,000 inheritance checks. Snopes

E. The patriarchy’s New Year’s Resolution? Make it so a more qualified women don’t lose presidential elections to a less admired men. Time

Logical Reasonings / 12.26.17

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B. Here’s a breakdown of how the California law schools fared on the June 2017 bar exam, now that results are out. Above the Law

C. HuffPo wonders whether the legal profession has a duty to change its rules of moral fitness to keep white supremacists from practicing law. But then who would staff the Trump Administration? Huffington Post

D. The Ninth Circuit took another shot at Trump’s travel ban, ruling against the ban for the third time. The Atlantic

E. After ending cyberbullying, the First Lady has set her sites on ending a nearly 200-year-old White House tree. Slate

Logical Reasonings / 12.22.17

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B. Corporations, the upper quintile, and pass-through businesses must have been extra good this year, because the tax overhaul was officially signed into law today. CNN

C. UCLA School of Law will have a Chris Cornell Scholarship, named for the late singer of Soundgarden, to give students “the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world” and/or record a music video as good as “Black Hole Sun.” LA Times

D. Perhaps — given that he just hired a full slate of law clerks, and if you’re looking for a silver lining — Justice Kennedy may be sticking it out at least another SCOTUS term. Above the Law

E. This couple is taking Christmas “trees” to another level. We hope your holidays are just as festive. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 12.21.17

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B. LSAC just dropped a bomb over on Twitter — today is Grey Day for the December exam, and scores will be posted throughout out the day. Shouts to them for the much earlier than expected release … Oh wait, actually, JK, grey day is tomorrow … @Official_LSAT

C. The Supreme Court just overturned a district court decision that gave a win to those attempting to challenge the federal government’s decision to terminate DACA. SCOTUSblog

D. The travel ban gets all the attention, but here’s how the Trump Administration is using the visa process as another means to slow legal immigration and travel into the US. NY Times

E. Trump’s admittedly gotten a few wins lately, but in the UN he took a big L on his push to make Jerusalem Israel’s capital. NPR

Logical Reasonings / 12.20.17

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B. One person you may be competing with for that law firm internship? Kim Kardashian West, apparently. People

C. Thanks to Merrick Garland, you can soon watch oral arguments live at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Watch out Netflix. Washington Post

D. Here are the cheapest law schools in the US News & World Report top 100, for you value hunters out there.

E. The legal service Legal Zoom is getting sued for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. Which means Legal Zoom might have to take the LSAT, go to law school, and then pass the bar. Legal Zoom, Blueprint can help. ABA Journal