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Logical Reasonings / 7.2.18

A. We’ll be getting our new Supreme Court justice next Monday. USA Today

B. A little info on accelerated law programs, for all you speed freaks out there. Above the Law

C. The woman who was fired for flipping off a Trump motorcade lost her wrongful termination suit. ABA Journal

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Partners at law firms cannot run Ponzi schemes, misappropriate millions of dollars, and go on the lam for 20 years.

E. It’s Canada Day! Happy Canada Day! Also … what is Canada Day? CNN

Logical Reasonings / 6.29.18

A. Considering whether to retake? Take a page from LeBron James and invest in a “decision cave.” Deadspin

B. Soon-to-be former Justice Anthony Kennedy is about to hit law professor free agency, where he will command LeBron James-like attention from law schools. Above the Law

C. Case in point: McGeroge School of Law, where he previously taught, has already extended an offer to Kennedy. Sacramento Business Journal

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: You shouldn’t steal immigrants’ identities, especially if you’re a lawyer for ICE … Seattle Times

E. … at a time when ICE is going to need some counsel, after one of its agents allegedly pushed an immigration attorney and fractured her foot. NY Times

Logical Reasonings / 6.28.18

A. Maybe you heard? Justice Anthony Kennedy is hanging up his judicial robe at the end of July. Washington Post

B. Some people are very nervous about his replacement …The Hill

C. … while others are advising everyone to calm down. Above the Law

D. Here’s some sagacious advice about law school, including stressing the importance of location, getting creative with career opportunities, and gaining some practical experience pre-law school. Above the Law

E. The Uniform Bar Exam is gaining traction, and is used in 33 states now. This is good news for lawyers who don’t want to live in one state for their entire career.

Logical Reasonings / 6.27.18

A. If being accepted to the most exclusive clubs is your thing, here are the law schools with the lowest acceptance rates. The school that holds the spot is genuinely surprising. U.S. News & World Report

B. NBA free agency is about to start, but did you know there’s a law school free agency too? Indiana may be trading its law school Valapariso to Middle Tennessee State University, presumably in exchange for an unprotected first-round pick and expiring contracts. Chicago Tribune

C. Vault just posted its list of the best law firms to work for. Vault

D. If you’ve been looking into the Supreme Court’s cases this term, you may be wondering: how is penalizing one baker who refused to make a case religious animus, but saying that anyone coming from a Muslim-majority country constitutes a national security threat not religious animus? You’re not alone. Vox

E. More Court news today: SCOTUS struck down an Illinois law that required non-union workers to pay fees that allow unions to engage in collective bargaining. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 6.26.18

A. It’s SCOTUS season, and there were more rulings made today. First, Trump’s travel ban is apparently fine, constitutionally. NY Times

B. And second, so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” in California do not have to disclose that they are not licensed medical facilities and are not supervised by a licensed medical provider. NPR

C. Summer associates at Wilson Sonsini got an unexpected perk when the firm’s client Steph Curry dropped by, where the successful three-point shooter gave the rising 3Ls pointers on how to be successful. Above the Law

D. University of Oregon Law School named the two osprey chicks that hatched on its building “Ruth Bader Ginsbird” and “Sandra Day O’Sprey, which is some solid wordplay … excuse me … birdplay, but we would have gone with “Sonya Soto-sprey-or.” University of Oregon Law

E. Bad news for the rule of law … but good news for your future Con Law final? Due process may be a thing of the past, if Trump’s tweet is to be believed, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to study. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 6.25.18

A. A law professor who got roasted so bad he had to quite Twitter wrote a book about a genius law professor who was murdered by meanies who hate genius law professors. Sounds … cool. Above the Law

B,. Here’s what legal philosopher John Rawls might say about the Sarah Sanders-Red Hen scandal. Vox

C. After Masterpiece Cake, SCOTUS will not clarify its ruling with another bite of the apple-that-will-not-be-served-in-a-gay-wedding-no-sir, declining to hear a case that involved a florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex couple’s marriage. CNN

D. The Court also mostly rejected challenges that claimed that Texas’s congressional districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered and declined to hear challenges to North Carolina’s districts. Politico

E. More Supreme Court stuff! AmEx is allowed to prevent merchants from promoting credit cards with lower merchant fees. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 6.22.18

A. The LSAT will go digital in 2019, per admissions consultant Michael Spivey, but it won’t give you your score back instantly. @SpiveyConsult

B. Above the Law went deeper on their law school rankings, in their podcast Thinking Like a Lawyer. Above the Law

C. An alternate career path out of law school: online fashion mogul. Forbes

D. SCOTUS ruled today that, in the words of Shawn Carter, police “goin’ need a warrant for that” — that being tracking your location through your cell phone data. CNN

E. Studying got you down? It could be worse … you could be the broke, fading, has-been Johnny Depp … whose attorney has ties to the Trump-Russia scandal … portrayed in the recent Rolling Stone profile. Rolling Stone

Logical Reasonings / 6.21.18

A. ETS just released a study that concluded the GRE can predict law school performance just as well as the LSAT. Not to get all ad hominem, but ETS makes the GRE. Wiley Online Library

B. Many law students who crushed 1L might be looking to transfer to greener pastures now that it’s summer. Here are some advice on doing just that. Above the Law

C. The President of the American Bar Association will visits Texas-Mexico border to see how attorneys can help in family re-unification. ABA Journal

D. Meanwhile, an attorney who’s already on the border, as a member of the ABA’s asylum project, describes representing asylum-seeking Central Americans. ABA Journal

E. The price you pay for stuff on Amazon might go up a little bit, courtesy of the Supreme Court. CNN Money

Logical Reasonings / 6.20.18

A. If you make your career decisions based entirely on “prestige,” here are the 100 most prestigious law firms, according to Vault. Vault

B. Thomas M. Cooley law school — considered to be one of the worst law schools in the nation, and perhaps not coincidentally the school that gave Michael Cohen his J.D. — published its own law school rankings, proclaimed itself the second-best law school in the nation, and then advertised that illustrious ranking at a minor league baseball game. Above the Law

C. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Don’t refer to your ex-client as a member of an “angry feminist cabal.” Legal Profession Blog

D. Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown is suing the Milwaukee Police Department after he was violently arrested over a parking violation in January; body cam footage from the arresting officers does not suggest that Brown posed a threat, and a Facebook post by one of the officers suggest the officer had a thing for arresting NBA players for parking violations. Deadspin

E. Canada became way more ~chill~ today. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 6.19.18

A. Just a reminder: today’s the deadline for those registered for the July LSAT to change their test date, location, or withdraw for a partial (some would say paltry) refund. LSAC

B. Next year, the January, March, and July LSATs will be “nondisclosed,” while the June, September, and November tests will be disclosed. @DaveKilloran

C. 75 former U.S. Attorneys from both sides of the aisle condemned Jeff Session and his “Zero Tolerance” policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents. Huffington Post

D. And over 10,000 Lawyer Moms did the same, and are planning a Day of Action to protest the family separation policy. Above the Law

E. Some Tuesday #inspiration: This septuagenarian just passed the Texas bar exam and is now racking up pro bono hours.