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Logical Reasonings / 6.4.18

A. You have a few hours left to take advantage of our Spring into Summer Sale. Until midnight Pacific Time, get $300 off any Blueprint classroom course with promo code GET300, or get $50 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code GET50. Blueprint LSAT

B. Next Tuesday, we’ll be hosting free webinars — they’re like seminars, but piped directly to your phone or laptop using the power of the world wide web — on the Law School Admissions Test and the law school admissions process. If you RSVP and attend either, we’ll hook you up with discounts on Blueprint’s classroom and online courses. RSVP at the link! Blueprint LSAT

C. The Supreme Court finally handed down its decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. In a narrow 7-2 ruling that rested mainly on the religious animosity Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission expressed, the Court ruled that Colorado could not punish the eponymous cake shop for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. Washington Post

D. With Trump again threatening to pardon himself, Vox got law school profs far and wide to weigh in on whether he can do that. The consensus: who the hell knows, we’ve never had to ask these crazy questions before. Vox

E. Finally, Reese Witherspoon will again don the pink power suits of Elle Woods for Legally Blonde 3. Deadline

Logical Reasonings / 6.1.18

A. Our Spring into Summer Sale is going strong, and will continue to go strong all through the weekend. Get $300 off any Blueprint classroom course with promo code GET300, or get $50 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code GET50. Blueprint LSAT

B. We will also be holding free webinars on the LSAT and the law school admissions process on Tuesday, June 12. Those will set up you up very nicely to start studying for the test and apply to law school. Oh, and we’ll be giving out even more discounts on Blueprint’s classroom and online course to all attendees. RSVP to the right. Blueprint LSAT

C. LSAC just launched its free LSAT study resource, Khan academy. Reviews for the Beta version were mixed, but you can Khan check it out and come to your own Khanclusions. Khan Academy

D. LSAC also just announced how many people are currently signed up for the brand-new July exam, and it’s not that many! However, between July and June this year, overall registration is up from June last year. @Official_LSAT

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: If you’re a judge, and a dry cleaners loses your pants, you can’t sue the dry cleaners for $54 million. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 5.31.18

A. Our Spring into Summer Sale has sprung. Between now and Monday, June 4 at midnight Pacific, get $300 off Blueprint’s classroom course with promo code GET300 or $50 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code GET50. Blueprint LSAT

B. If you want to learn a little about the LSAT or law school admissions before springing for a class, check out the two free webinars we’re holding Tuesday, June 12. We’ll be giving out great information and even more discounts on Blueprint’s classroom and online course. RSVP here! Blueprint LSAT

C. Above the Law just dropped their annual law school rankings, which are driven primarily by how many graduating students get jobs. As such, these rankings are more volatile than most, and this year, there’s a brand new number one law school. Above the Law

D. Here’s a profile of a recent law school grad who led a charge to focus on student well-being and sobriety while at Marquette Law School. ABA Journal

E. Some Thursday #inspiration, via Briana Williams, a single mother who just graduated from Harvard Law. She started a final, went into labor during the final, and then finished the final. USA Today

Logical Reasonings / 5.30.18

A. We just announced two free webinars that we’ll be hosting on Tuesday, June 12. The first will be at noon Pacific, and will cover the law school admissions process. The second will be held at 6 pm Pacific, and will cover the LSAT in all of its infamy. Attend either, and you’ll get a discount code good for $300 off our classroom course and $75 off the first month of an online subscription. RSVP right here: Blueprint LSAT

B. Troubled San Diego law school Thomas Jefferson School of Law is expensive, unlikely to help its students pass the bar or secure jobs, and on probation with the ABA … but hey, at least it has a shiny new campus! Above the Law

C. SCOTUS gave good news to men going through a mid-life crises with something to hide: cops need a warrant to search a motorcycle parked on a driveway. ABA Journal

D. In a lawsuit, Charter Communications will allege that a Columbia law professor conspired with private companies like Google and the NY attorney general’s office to investigate and indict the cable giant. Finally, a cable vs. cabal showdown. The Hollywood Reporter

E. A former English teacher from Georgia returned a letter from Trump filled with many grammar corrections. Nobody show her his Twitter feed … CNN

Logical Reasonings / 5.29.18

A. Some Tuesday, LSAT-inspiration: It could be worse. You could be studying for the bar a sixth time. Above the Law

B. Southwestern Law School in LA is apparently just giving away seats now. Above the Law

C. A Notre Dame Law School prof made a … uhh … less-than-progressive argument about same-sex marriage that might be more appropriate for the eponymous cathedral. The Public Discourse

D. Want a clerkship after law school? Here are some tips. U.S. News & World Report

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (File under: Graham, Aubrey Drake): Is ghostwriting ethical in the legal profession? ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 5.25.18

A. June LSAT takers: today’s the deadline to upload your photo for the test day admission ticket. Make sure to follow these guidelines and get your photo up before dusk. LSAC

B. In its pursuit of being a more ~chill~ organization, LSAC recently launched the beta version of Khan Academy, its free LSAT prep service. Here are the mixed reviews from experts; but don’t take their (or our) word, you should check it out when it goes live on June 1.

C. Yet another underperforming law school — this time, it’s Arizona Summit — is suing the ABA with the argument that the association wrongfully damaged the law school’s reputation by calling out its academic and admissions standards. Above the Law

D. I suppose this is one way to argue that a crime constitutes a federal crime. ABA Journal

E. Trump and Kim continue their will-they-won’t-they, Jim and Pam dance. Get a room, you two (and then denuclearize once in that room). Politico

Logical Reasonings / 5.25.18

A. Don’t forget, June LSAT takers: tomorrow’s the deadline to upload your photo for the test day admission ticket. So follow these guidelines, mean mug the camera, and upload your photo. LSAC

B. ETS, the maker of the GRE, just launched a tool that predicts your likely LSAT score based on your GRE performance.

C. Harvard Law grads got some dispiriting advice from commencement speaker and outgoing Senator Jeff Flake. Time

D. Another article on how to pick the best law school for you. Above the Law

E. Michael Rotondo, that 30-year old dude who was court ordered to leave his parents’ house, had a pretty awkward interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. BuzzFeed

Logical Reasonings / 5.23.18

A. A former law student makes a compelling case that law schools should award scholarships based on need, rather than merit — i.e., don’t just give scholarships to the students who will help that law school improve its ranking. Until this change is made though, a great LSAT score and GPA is the way to get that money. Above the Law

B. An Indiana University law professor wrote a letter to the editor of Bloomington’s Herald Times arguing that so many women winning elections is a “sad achievement.” We think the much sadder achievement is writing a letter to the editor after every law journal refuses to publish your unsubstantiated claims. Herald Times

C. The First Amendment meets the block button. The Hill

D. A Fourth Circuit judge just decided in favor of a trans student, which could have sweeping implications for trans rights. Vox

E. Apparently, lawyer-of-the-moment Michael Cohen sent a cease and desist letter to The Onion way back in 2013. The Onion finally unearthed it and … the letter speaks for itself. The Onion

Logical Reasonings / 5.22.18

A. Considering taking a gap year or two? USNWR talked to some law school deans, and apparently work experience is becoming a more important consideration for some law schools. U.S. News & World Report

B. You may think this manifesto on the importance of double spacing after a sentence is frivolous now, but wait until you have to learn The Bluebook. Then it’ll be a matter of life and death. Above the Law

C. Having a bad day? It could be worse. You could be this kid who was ordered to pay $36 million in restitution after causing a wildfire. The Oregonian

D. Dovey Johsnon Roundtree, the legendary civil rights and criminal defense attorney who argued the case that desegregated public buses, passed away at the age of 104. Washington Post

E. Publix wouldn’t write “Cum” — as in “Summa Cum Laude,” Latin for “with” — on a graduate’s cake because they apparently couldn’t get their unlearned heads out of the gutter. This, of course, led to the graduate having to explain to his grandmother about why that word was censored from the cake. BuzzFeed

Logical Reasonings / 5.21.18

A. The 2017-18 (nearly final) application data are in. Pretty consistent with our past coverage of the data, but overall, applicants rose 8.8% and applications rose 9.2%. Spivey Consulting

B. Californians are notoriously laid back. So much so that sometimes we forget to study for the February bar examination and then only 27.3% of us who took the exam actually passed it, which is the worst pass rate in almost 70 years. State Bar of California

C. Speaking of California, San Francisco’s DA office will use an algorithm — because it’s in San Francisco, of course it would — to expunge felony marijuana convictions, now that cannabis is legal here. ABA Journal

D. Over at UT, law students had an especially fun Con Law final where they were asked to imagine that they were counsel to the Governor of Kansas … in the Brown v. Board of Education case … and defend segregation. Above the Law

E. SCOTUS came out with a big decision today, penned by Gorsuch, which held that employers can use arbitration agreements to block employees for banding together in class action suits. CNN