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Love in the Time of LSAT

This is an awkward time of year for LSAT study, and this post is for those who love LSAT students. Romantically.

It may be that Bae took the February LSAT, and he/she is having some turmoil over the fact that scores haven’t been released yet. Now is a difficult time, and you have to be extra careful with your date plans and gift. So, here are some suggestions for the February LSAT survivor of you heart.


Decision Time

In a perfect world, it would rain donuts, we’d all be able to turn water into wine, and no one would ever have to wonder whether they should cancel their LSAT score. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, but hopefully I can resolve any confusion on that last point for you.

In general, the bar for whether you should cancel your score is surprisingly high. There are several reasons for that: For one, it’s notoriously hard to judge how you performed on the LSAT based on how it felt.

Logical Reasonings / 2.9.17

A. The dean of Syracuse University Law School has a fascinating, topsy-turvy life story. Syracuse U

B. The Charlotte Law School crisis has made it all the way into the pages of the venerable NY Times. The New York Times

C. When you’re POTUS, you tweet the messenger. NPR

D. How much would you pay for the iPhone 8? BGR

E. The worst show on Netflix has been renewed for another season. The Hollywood Reporter


So… We need to talk.

Are we alone? It’s just, y’know, I don’t want you to be embarrassed. Not that a small, um, score is something you should be embarrassed about, just… I know you’re self conscious and all.

You haven’t gotten your February score back yet — maybe you even canceled already — but you know things didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. If this were September or even December, I’d say, “Cheer up! There’s always next time!” Well, there is always next time, but we’re getting to the point where LSAT next time means law school next year.

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A Dispatch from the February 2017 LSAT Fever Swamp

Editor’s Note: We asked BP marketer extraordinaire Claire McCall to tell us how the February 2017 LSAT went for her. Here’s her experience, edited for content:

Oh God. I have no idea. I always am like, “Well, that was a train wreck,” and sometimes it is (like a 169 train wreck) and other times it is awesome (like a 178 awesome). Soooooo, I can’t really be too sure. Also, who are the crazy weirdos who walk out of the LSAT and are like, “That went so great!!!!”

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From the Vaults: Maintaining Mental Health At Law School

February 1 of a student’s first year is, statistically, the most depressing day in law school. With that backdrop in mind, I, as a first year student in the midst of the (objectively) unhappiest period of law school, have some thoughts.

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The Morning Cometh: The February 2017 LSAT

No doubt, you passed out immediately after the LSAT last night, and did not devote a moment’s thought to it today as you watched the game that comes around very year: The Superb Owl game.

Spoiler alert: God is a Patriots fan.

Now, we’re talking February LSAT. As we’ve explained before, the February LSAT is a weirdo. Super early for admission the following you, super late for admission the same year. And, of course, the questions will never be released.

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Your February 2017 LSAT Instant Recap

Good luck today! Check back here after the exam for information or to add what you know in the comments. We’ll be updating throughout the day.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT (this includes individual questions/answers, trying to identify the experimental section, etc.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

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LSAT numbers tick up. Will applications follow?

The number of LSAT takers took a nosedive in 2010, and continued to slide through 2015. While still far off their 2009 high, the number has definitely stabilized — also known as “hitting rock bottom” in famous musician parlance. The 2015-2016 LSAT year (June ’15, Sept/Oct ’15, Dec ’15, February ’16) saw year-over-year increases averaging a little less than 5%. 2016-2017 started off flat, with June drop of about 1% and a Sept/Oct jump of about 1%.