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Personal Statement Help (from the U.S. Supreme Court)

Law school application season is heating up, and as we head into December, I suspect that the majority of you are working on your personal statements and supplemental essays. For those of you studying for the December LSAT, stop reading now and go study. To the early birds who have already submitted all of their applications, congratulations and best of luck. The rest of us are looking for that perfect way to sum up who we are and what we can offer our prospective law schools. It certainly helps to look at examples of strong personal statements and identify what features make them compelling to admissions officers. It can be equally effective to look at examples of what NOT to do in your personal statement, and if you want to know what kind of writing to avoid, look no further than the United States Supreme Court.

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Some Help on Getting Started with the Law School Personal Statement

While oscillating between not caring about Tiger Woods and caring just a little too much about the current state of UCLA basketball this week, it occurred to me that there is little rhyme or reason to determining what subject matter a person will find interesting. Either you give a crap that Eldrick is making a