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LSAT Logical Reasoning: Smart Phones and Dumb Commercials

I haven’t had television broadcast into my home for about five years. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those self-righteous “Kill Your TV” jerks. I have an LCD and waste as much of my life in front of it as any other obese American; it’s just that I switched to watching everything on DVD a long time ago. If you couple that with Netflix Watch Instantly, you really won’t miss cable at all. The things you do technically miss out on (news and sports and being able to watch TV shows when they come out) should really be viewed differently (sports should be watched drunken in a bar or not at all, if you still watch televised news you’re probably not reading this because you’re elderly and afraid of computers, and watching TV shows back-to-back is a million times better than having to wait weeks or months between episodes – it took me days, not years, to realize that Lost was going to turn out to be really, really stupid).

World of Warcraft and Other Awesome Lawsuits

We thought we’d break up the mid-week monotony with a round-up of some of the more ridiculous lawsuits of all time. First up is Erik Estavillo, who has nothing better to do (apparently) than sue video game companies. He currently has lawsuits filed against four different gaming corporations. One of our favorites is against Activision