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How Farnold’s Love Child Affects His Movie Career

In this week’s edition of MSS Logical Reasoning sample question, we examine the story of Farnold, a famous movie actor, who has come under fire for fathering an illegitimate child. Now, while he tries to get back in the movie business, certain head honchos think he might bring too much bad publicity to the studio. This one is what we call a “strengthen” question, and your job will be to figure out how to strengthen Farnold’s argument that he is a big enough box office draw to negate the negative press. Enjoy!

The Turmoil of Shaker Nation

In this week’s sample logical reasoning question, Riley examines the case of the Los Angeles Shakers, and the fundamental disagreements between the team’s owner, Dr. Bus, and the team’s star player, Kohby. Should they get the 7 foot giant from Orlando, or should they get the young point guard who can speed up the offense? One thing they certainly agree upon is that in the wake of that embarrassing loss in the playoffs, shakeups need to be made, and now it’s just a matter of figuring out what needs to happen. Check out the keynote explanation and text of the question after the jump.


The Tragic LSAT Tale of Lisa Logan

We at MSS bring to you our second installment of practice logical reasoning questions. Today, Misha analyzes the story of Lisa Logan, and what steps we need to take to validly conclude that her parents have failed in their parenting (odds are, it shouldn’t be too difficult to conclude that). If you have any questions after the video, head on over to the discussion board or voice your confusion in the comments. Check out the text of the question below.


The Sordid Logical Reasoning Story of Larry Monds

Today’s installment of MSS brings you a free practice LSAT problem.  LSAC doesn’t allow us to disseminate real problems on the intra webs, so it was written by the staff at MSS, and explained by Blueprint LSAT Prep instructor Misha Silin, who teaches our Northridge class.  This question will test your fundamental logic skills and polish your diagramming abilities.

The best way to go through the problem is to try it on your own, then watch the video for the explanation.  Without further ado, enjoy!

October 2010 LSAT Analysis Video

After days and days of serious intellectual toil, we’ve come up with our analysis of the October 2010 LSAT.

Overall, it seems that logic games were of a more uniform difficulty than in years past, reading comprehension was pretty hard, and logical reasoning was generally pretty average in terms of difficulty. We can’t go into too much more detail for reasons of national security and LSAC’s licensing agreements, but for slightly more in depth analysis (including a brief explanation of the driver/cars game), check out Matt’s video covering the ins and outs of the test after the jump (or in the featured video tab on the right hand side of the page).

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Blueprint: The Movie 2.0. This Time, It’s Animated.

In life, there ever-so-rarely comes an idea so rich in innovation and splendor that your only recourse is to share it with countless thousands of people so that they, too, can reap the benefits. An idea so ineffable that to even describe its quality would be akin to taking the entire ocean into your cupped hands. An idea so simply fantastic that the only thought running through the minds of those who hear of it is “why didn’t I think of that?”


Rapping Professor Makes YouTube Debut

This was too good NOT to share. Professor Bone, Professor of Law at Boston University, has another skill besides teaching the law—rapping. Yep, you heard it correctly. Check out his new video that just dropped on YouTube, along with his dance interpretations of Soulja Boy ‘Crank That’ and the ‘Harlem Shake.’ [youtube]zS0T_d4DvPA[/youtube]