Today: Reddit AMA With Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Matt Shinners

***UPDATE: Matt is LIVE right now on Reddit fielding your law school admission questions. Ask away!***

Question: What’s the most modern way to get answers to your law school admission queries?

Answer: A Reddit AMA, of course.

At 4 p.m. EST, Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Matt Shinners will host a law school admissions Q&A in the form of a Reddit AskMeAnything. If you have any questions about getting into law school (application timelines, LSAT score requirements, how to structure a personal statement, anything), you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get direct, insightful answers from a Harvard Law grad with almost a decade of experience helping students get into law school.

If you’re not sure how Reddit AMAs work, just check out the one Blueprint’s Laura Santoski hosted this summer dealing with LSAT prep.

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It’s an uncertain time in law school admissions. Today’s your chance to get those nagging concerns addressed by a certain expert.

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