Logical Reasonings / 4.29.11

A) Hmm… I thought state representatives were supposed to represent the state’s people.  Guess Oklahoma never got that message. Daily Kos.

B) American Apparel Chief executive may have had a sex slave, but at least his clothes are still sweatshop free. Reuters.

C) Who needs a quick getaway when you’re going green. St. Petersburg Times.

D) ‘Operation Excess Baggage’ may have had better luck if they went Southwest (your first two bags fly for free!). CNN.

E) It’s Friday. You have tons of emails and reports to be sent out before the weekend. OR you can look here. Huffington Post.

2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I always wondered…why are these postings named logical reasonings? =)
    Sorry I’m not very sensible…!

    • Dave Woods says:

      Hi Susan,

      Logical reasoning is the most common question type on the LSAT, and we organize it A through E like the answer choices for a logical reasoning question on the LSAT. It’s a little inane, but hey, what isn’t? Thanks for the question.


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