Logical Reasonings

/ 9.16.16

A. We keep running updates on the tawdry story of the former dean of, yet current professor of law at, UC Berkeley’s law school. This guy’s been accused of sexually harassing his assistant, and now he’s suing the university. New York Daily News

B. Officials in numerous states are aggressively purging voter rolls. Rolling Stone

C. Harvard Law School continues to take steps to address the rolling racial controversies of the last year, this time with 1L orientation procedure. The Harvard Crimson

D. Scientists in eastern Romania have opened a cave that’s been sealed for 5 million years, and found some weird stuff inside. Is it just us, or does this sound like the beginning of a sci-fi story that includes 99% of humanity being wiped out by a zombification virus? IFL Science

E. Sick burn, Harry Reid. Talking Points Memo

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