Logical Reasonings

/ 11.18.16

A. The ABA is on a tear, issuing the smack down to law schools nationwide. Today’s target? Valparaiso. The Chicago Tribune

B. Here’s a harrowing tale of a student who tried — and failed — to cope with the stress of law school. Above the Law

C. In a victory for Native American land rights, the Dept. of the Interior has canceled oil leases on sacred tribal lands. The Huffington Post

D. The next Attorney General is a man who has courted controversy before. President-elect Trump (still having WTF-moments on this) has named his picks for CIA Director and Attorney General. NPR

E. Kanye West is kind of a Trump supporter, but he didn’t bother to vote, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ USA Today

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