Logical Reasonings

/ 7.6.18

A. Amazing things attorneys can do: make moving appeals to our nation’s founding principles during a humanitarian crisis. ABA Journal

B. Slightly less amazing things attorneys can do: Argue that a stamp’s depiction of the Statute of Liberty is more “fresh-faced,” “sultry,” and “sexier” than the original. CBS News

C. Lucrative things lawyers can do: Get paid an eff you salary, provided you follow these tips to get the summer position that will lead to that big law job. Above the Law

D. A federal judge ruled against the Trump Administration’s request to suspend California’s so-called “sanctuary city” policies, stating that “[s]tanding aside does not equate to standing in the way.” NY Times

E. Eventually, colleges … and law schools … may run on a subscription model rather than tuition. The Chronicle of Higher Education

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