Logical Reasonings / 3.5.12

A) Put together a 2-minute video using the phrases “LSAT,” “egg” and “Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor” and win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Yep: Free. Facebook.

B) For anyone considering law school, this is a pretty interesting read — if only for the accompanying graphic that depicts a law school diploma being used as a caged bird’s toilet. NY Mag.

C) Score high on the LSAT, get your name in the community bulletin. Statesman.

D) Here are four key factors in deciding on a law school, none of which are “cute professors.” Law Admissions Lowdown.

E) Lady Gaga recently crossed the 20 million mark in Twitter followers. Most Strongly Supported (@msslsatblog) has 837. So unfair. Time.

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