Logical Reasonings / 9.29.14

If you took the LSAT this weekend, make sure to check out our Instant Recap thread. MSS

And might be worth checking Top Law School’s September LSAT thread, as well. TLS

What not to do on a law school personal statement. US News & World Report

Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the worst Supreme Court decision. Above The Law

The bigger the tusk, the sexier the narwhal. HuffPo

2 Responses

  1. smccgrey says:

    Really honored that my TLS thread is linked to. I can absolutely guarantee that there is nothing useful after the first few pages, but feel free to join us if you need a weird place to vent your anxiety.

  2. Toby Ziegler says:

    Grey’s thread>>>>>>Everything else until scoares come out.

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