Cancellation Deadline Tomorrow

BPPdave-lsat-blog-timeIf you are still considering canceling your June 2010 LSAT score, tomorrow is the final day to do so. Fax your cancellation forms into LSAC and make sure you get a confirmation.

Good reasons to cancel:

*You misbubbled the entire test or any sections.
*You did the exercise Matt has in our featured video and are not in your ideal range.
*You completely screwed up a game or a reading comp passage.
*You used a Sharpie on the scantron.

Bad reasons to cancel:

*You have a general feeling of malaise.
*You have an unrealistic sense of how much you can improve.
*All the cool kids are doing it.

So, if you’re cancelling, get on it. If you’re not, enjoy the first weekend of the Wait.

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