2013 December LSAT Instant Recap

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The December LSAT is over.

If you’re here, that means you’re ready to dive right in and discuss the 2013 December LSAT. I’m right with you, but remember: LSAC prohibits talking about LSATs in great detail. We can discuss which sections were toughest, and which were easiest, but we can’t talk about the content of specific questions — especially anything to do with which sections were experimental. If your comment is not approved by the LSAT blog moderator, that means you violated LSAC’s policy in some way.

Now let’s get to it. Reports have been trickling in, and here’s what people are saying so far about the 2013 December LSAT:

A lot of mixed feelings. Of those on the more depressed side, it sounds like there were some sections of the December LSAT which were of particular difficulty — especially a Logical Reasoning section that a large number of test-takers are praying was experimental.

There’s also some chatter about a time-sucking Logic Game, and a wordy Reading Comp passage. Then again, there’s always going to be some tough questions that stand out on every LSAT. Plus, who likes Reading Comp? Honestly?

Anyway, that’s what we’re hearing so far about the 2013 December LSAT. We’ll keep you posted with updates as they come in.

For now, though, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. Remember: Nothing too specific, or it won’t be approved.

Also, how do you plan to celebrate tonight? That’s always the most important part of LSAT test day.

*UPDATE: As if December LSAT test-takers in the midwest didn’t have enough weather to deal with, one test-taker in Oklahoma reports there was a 4.5-magnitude earthquake during today’s exam. Yikes!

40 Responses

  1. goon says:

    The logic games were fairly easy but reading comp and logical reasoning were much harder than october.

  2. Rodolfo says:

    I felt like logical reasoning was definitely harder than October as well. The games were what I was expecting and I think I know the reading comp passage you’re talking about. Wordy stuff. Hopefully everyone did better than they think.


  3. Sarah says:

    100% agree with Claudia. Let’s hope that was experimental!

  4. Zia says:

    I had LR, LG, RD, LR, RD
    2 reading comp…:)
    Games were pretty easy didnt have crux or some weird games…
    LR’s were terribly hard, and RD as always hard….
    Good luck everyone…

  5. Cathi says:

    Any predictions on what the curve will be?

  6. Cameron says:

    I know not everyone has the same order, but does everyone with the same experimental section have the same order? For example, I had 3 LRs…LR LG LR LR RC…did everyone with 3 LRs have that order and, if so, were the three LR sections the same for all of us? Some people are saying their second LR felt really weird and tough..I felt that way about my third LR section. Could we be talking about the same section?

  7. Andrew Jacobs says:

    Agree 100% with posters so far. Thankfully no “Mauve Dinosaurs” in Logic Games, but one was very time consuming and it did throw off my overall pace. LG’s are already my weakest area in that regard as it is, so that didn’t help. Logical Reasoning definitely felt tougher than October. I didn’t count too many “freebies” among them, and I’m also hoping my 3rd LR section was experimental. Although I was MUCH better prepared versus October, I do think today’s LSAT was overall a more difficult exam.

  8. Yvette says:

    I had: LR-LG-LR-LR-RC

    I don’t have anything to compare the LR to but I will say that I felt comfortable until the 3rd LR. I don’t know f it was fatigue, but I wouldn’t be upset if that were the experimental section.

    Secondly, the LG….man, when I heard “You have 5 minutes remaining.”, my inner voice said “Noooooo, because you have an entire LG remaining!” I am normally really good at LGs so thi skind of threw me for a loop. I knew that if I felt comfortable after LG and RC, all I had to do was really focus on my LRs. While I’m not beating myself up about it, it was a little offsetting.

    My strongest area is reading comprehension and even then, I struggled with timing issues at the 5 minute mark. All in all, I fell good about this section.

    I definitely would not want to take the LSAT over again but I would only if I think I would improve my score…LR and I could have spent MUCH MORE time together.

    Lastly, I never actually practiced doing a writing sample. I have no real reason as to why I hadn’t, other than the fact that I am very comfortable writing a persuasive type essay because of my career in the military. I did manage to read a few writing prompts that gave me insight on what kind of prompt to expect.

    I’m going to hope that sitting in seat #7 was a good sign since it’s both my favorite number and the date of the exam. :) yt

  9. Ian Todd says:

    I had two reading comp sections.

    I thought one essay in particular was overly difficult to understand, so I’m banking on that being the experimental section. Also, there seemed to be some questions that were out of the ordinary in that section. Good luck to all!

  10. SLA Guy says:

    Man I was hitting 42-44 out of 50 on LR sections in prep and these LR sections were ridiculous to me. By far harder than any of the past tests I have studied. P***** me off. Hopefully I’m freaking out for no reason.

  11. M says:

    had 2 games sections. one easy/reasonable, in the other, second two were pretty brutal. hoping for the experimental good favor. lr was pretty tough per usual. fingers crossed for a few good guesses at the end

  12. Lauren says:

    Mine was LG-LR-RC-RC-LR. Both reading sections were tough for me, so I’m glad at least one of them doesn’t count :) Standard games thank goodness, and tricky LRs but nothing out of the ordinary.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I had the dreaded TWO RC … :( LG LR RC RC LR. The first RC was definitively harder. My second set of RC was challenging but I actually got to the 4th passage (something that never happens for me). The games were fairly straightforward with some challenging questions. I usually finish games with no problems. But I was left to guess on about 4 spread throughout the section. I thought the first LR section was much easier than then the 2nd LR section. Maybe it’s due to the fatigue of two RC passages.. But I couldn’t finish 2-3 problems there :/.

    I do feel a bit better for this test than the June test. Crossing all my limbs to wish for a good score!!

  14. Sici says:

    Mine was LG-RC-LR-LR-LG

    Seems pretty lucky. I was desperately hoping I wouldn’t get an exp RC until I reached the last section and I was like: this must be my lucky day!

    First-time taker. Some LR questions are confusing but I kind of like smoothly passed the RC part. Thank god my order was like that.

  15. Alexis says:

    I had LR-LG-LR-LR-RC. Just what I wanted because I’d rather have more LR than more RC any day! I’m really hoping my second LR was experimental however, the LG right before did have a really time consuming game! (I ended up having to blind guess on the last two questions of the last game, but I’m hoping since I took my time on the other games that I got the majority of them right) RC wasn’t horrible, definitely seen worse in practice, just crossing my fingers at this point. Writing sample was a piece of cake, too bad that doesn’t affect your overall score :/

  16. Chris says:

    I had LR-LG-LR-LR-RC. I thought this test was much easier than October but that could be due to how nervous I was first time. I really thought this test was fairly straight forward. I’m worried about a very low curve. -8 or -9. Any other predictions?

  17. Karen says:

    I had 3 logical reasoning sections and I have to agree with Alexis I rather have more LG or LR then 2 reading comps. The reading comp section was not hard but there was a wordy passage.

    I hope I did well and I hope everyone else did! :-)

  18. Taylor says:

    I had LR-LG-LR-LR-RC
    I thought the LG were really easy! And thank god because I usually count on that to raise my score. I didn’t think RC was too terrible. I started with the passage with the most questions so I think thats what allowed me to get through it easier! For the LR…I really hope the first one was my experimental..it just felt tough. Overall I felt all the LR sections had a lot of “flaw” questions, which are really tricky, so I think that is why the LR sections seemed really tough. Hopefully the curve will save us!

    • Kerri says:

      Hi I think I had the same test as you. the first LR KILLED ME. and killed my confidence. I was glad to see LG because I thought they were easy also.

      I guess we will see…

    • Sebastian says:

      I’m in the same boat. Was pumped to turn the page after the break and see one more LR.

  19. Di says:

    My order was LR LG RC LG LR… I did very well on my first LG section.. I am really hoping the second LG was experimental… Reading comp was definitely hard and wordy, especially for me, since I am ESL. I though LR was ok.

    I hope I did as good as on my PT’s
    Good luck to all of us, fingers crossed :)

  20. Henry says:

    I had LG LR LG RC LR

    I found the first LG quite difficult, the second extremely easy. Hopefully the first was experimental!

    • Victoria says:

      Phew! I was beginning to think I was the only one with this set up. I had the exact same experience: the first one was killer, I didn’t even finish my last game. The second one felt easy in comparison, hopefully that was the scored one.

      • Lauren says:

        Phew! I had this same exact set-up and I have been stressing about which was experimental. I am praying the second set is the one that gets scored. The first games section was brutal!!

  21. Karl Jackson says:

    I had LG LR RC RC LR

    I prayed that I would not have 2 RC and the LSATwriters blessed me with 2. Thank you LSAT!

    Overall I did well though

  22. ava says:

    Glad to hear similar reports about this exam. It was my first official LSAT (though I have taken about 30 practice exams). I had LG-LR-RC-RC-LR which was pretty much my worst nightmare. TWO RCs?? You have got to be kidding me. I was praying for two LGs but no such luck. I thought the LG was pretty straightforward but I did run out of time with three questions left and was so mad because I really wanted to see how it turned out haha. Logical Reasoning seemed harder than usual to me…and at the very least had a larger amount of questions that were usually rare. More fill in the conclusion of the argument and kind of bizarre arguments. Reading Comp killed me with that long wordy one….washed over me the first time and had to make sure I double checked I was still paying attention a few times. Had to guess the last one for one section, and about 3 for the other. Kind of stressed because I usually finish in good time and actually ended up not truly finishing any section.
    Hoping for a generous curve and good guesses! :)

  23. will says:

    Can someone remind me of just the subject matter of the last section of RC? I only had one section and while replaying the test in my head to see how I did I can’t remember that last RC section, it was the end of the test and just kind of a blur.

  24. Nate says:

    Please let me know if I can post the # of questions per section. I remember what the numbers were.

    The LGames section was definitely easier than the ones in PrepTests 35 through 60. No Mauve Dinosaurs or Lizards & Snakes here.

    The RC were pretty average. Discussing it would violate the rules, but it’s not that difficult to figure out which one is most likely to be experimental.

    A couple of the LR questions/answers were quite poorly written (ambiguous pronoun usage and other issues), in my opinion. Of course, LSAC cares little for my opinion. One of the questions may have been bad enough for them to throw out the question. We shall see.

    All in all, I think the LR were easier than the October 2013 test, and not just because I’ve improved my weaknesses since then.
    The Oct 2013 curve (i.e. a 170) allowed -12.
    My guess is that Dec. 2013 curve will be in the -9 to -11 range.

  25. Shawn says:

    My test went LG, LR, RC, LR, RC. I don’t mind RC, but two of them in one test are completely draining. One of the sections seemed typical of what I had practiced with, but one of the sections had one passage that was dense and brutal. I started with that passage and was able to move through the others quickly and finish the section,even though I got the 5 minute warning as I was starting the final passage.

    LGs were typical of what we’ve seen but still time consuming. I hit the last two LG questions with 30 seconds left and had to make some quick guesses.

  26. Jon A says:

    Interesting you guys. I had 2 rc. LG-LR-RC-RC-LR

    I thought the LR’s were easier! odd right? I had 1 minute left over in each LR section. I went back to the 1 question I marked in one and realized the correct answer and changed it which is always nice.

    Again opposite of most of you though, I did bad on the games which was odd. I was really slow with them and had to guess on the last 2 questions. Some passages were very time consuming

    I had 2 RC in a row, 3rd and 4th sections. The 1st RC was SO HARD! I literally guessed on the last 5 questions, and bombed one of the longer passages. I got back from break and took another RC and did relatively well on it, which gave me hope that the former might be the experimental. After reading some things online I realize that my RC I did bad on was my experimental which is awesome.

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