2013 October LSAT Instant Recap

That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?

If you’re here, that means you must have just taken the 2013 October LSAT. Congratulations! You can now say you tackled one of the toughest tests mankind has ever created (aside the final challenge to become a member of the League of Shadows, of course).

But if the LSAT test day was a bane of your existence, have no fear. You’re not alone. Here’s what others have reported to us so far about their experience with the October LSAT:

If there’s one theme that’s going around, it’s that one of the LSAT Reading Comp sections was a particular bugaboo. People who got two RC sections are hoping that was the experimental. Odd passage structure and wording were noted.

There’s also some chatter about a doozy of an LSAT Logic Games, with one game in particular. Again, people who got two LG sections are hoping this was part of the experimental.

One Blueprint LSAT Prep correspondent who got the standard two LSAT Logical Reasoning sections said they felt like a practice test. However, other online reports from those who had three LR sections on the October LSAT indicate that one of them was way more difficult than any LSAT practice exam.

Sound about right? What did you think of the 2013 October LSAT? Chime in in the comments. Let us know what you thought were the toughest sections. What were the easiest ones? What threw you off? How are you going to celebrate?

One thing: no comments will be approved that violate LSAC’s policies. You cannot discuss specific answers or content. You can’t pinpoint which sections were experimental based on subject matter. If your comment is not approved, that means you got too explicit about the October LSAT or committed some other no-no.

So let’s hear it. How do you feel about the 2013 October LSAT? Way harder than fighting Ra’s al Ghul, right?

81 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Not feeling to hot about one game in particular..had to resort to guessing on majority of the questions. I was praying it was experimental but I was wrong :(

    • Claudi says:

      Me too I was praying the 1st section wld be the dxperiimental one but it wasn’t … Do you think this exam was. Harder than. June. 2013?

  2. Anabel says:

    I found the Logic games easy but I couldn’t finish the Reading Comp. I guessed on the last passages. So it’s safe to say I’m taking the December test.

  3. Kaleigh says:

    My exam went LR, RC, LR, LG, LR. Anyone have the same? I found the middle LR the hardest, experimental maybe? 4th game of LG really hard, I had to bubble, was too time consuming for me…

    • Porter says:

      yeah I had this same setup. I thought the games were the hardest section for me, because they were so vague. Also the reading comprehension passages subject matter was the most boring I have read even out of all the practice reading comprehension passages.

      • A says:

        I had the same set up. I thought the LR was more tough than usual, and the last section seemed tougher maybe because I was drained by then.
        But my LR was 25 25 26

    • Megan says:

      I had this setup too. I don’t remember how many questions per section I had (I think 27 first?) but I think I did the worst on the last LR section.

      • Matt says:

        I had this same setup, I also think (cannot fully remember) I had 27 questions on the first LR section… After reading the below comments about 25-26 questions for each LR section on other tests, I am worried I may have mismarked my scantron? Did anyone else have 27 questions on LR?

    • Nathan says:

      I also had this setup. I thought the first LR was the easiest that I have taken in a long time, i finished 5 minutes early and got to check all my answers. The second LR was definitely the hardest section on the test, so I am really hoping that this was the experimental.

    • rasheta says:

      I dident get to finish the last rc section and the 3rd lr was ex ….

      • john says:

        what 3 LR format did you have??

        I had LR 25 – RC – LR 26 – LG – LR 26….my last LR was super hard i’m hoping that was experimental.

    • Desi says:

      I had the same set up (LR, RC, LR, LG, LR). If your first LR section had 25 questions and last two had 26, I definitely agree that the second LR (section 3) was hardest. Hopefully that one was experimental!

    • LawCat says:

      I had the same. I only had trouble with the logic games because I misbubbled and had to go back. Then I couldn’t do the last game because I didn’t have enough time. The fact that I was able to answer all the other questions has me worried though. Too easy? or did I go too fast? Table partner was constantly doing a bizarre maniacal erasing so the table was always shaking. Once I got used to that, it was easier.

    • Marissa says:


      I had that same format. I totally agree that the last game of the set was tough I was super pressed for time and though I finished I definitely was not 100% confident about my last three answers. I also felt like one of the first two LR sections was definitely harder than the other so I am hoping that one of them was experimental…

  4. Aaron says:

    3 LR sections made for a long day. No telling which was experimental yet. I agree with RC and LG, average and time consuming. If you can manage the clock well, I’d say you did fine.

  5. Claudi says:

    I choke on the LG section (first), and completely guessed on the 3rd and 4th games. I know I’d get them right at home if I were allowed 10 min / game and no pressure, so I am extremely frustrated ;( Rest of the sections went really well – finished both RC comfortably. LR was standard but again ended up rushing through last 5 questions on each section and was less sure than I wanted to be in those answers.

    I will retake Dec hoping I won’t run into a similar situation with LG.

    • Porter says:

      yeah I had the exact same problem, they said five minutes remaining and I had only completed the fourth question on the third game, so I had to almost guess completely on the last game :(

    • Eric says:

      Same exact problem. Freaked out during LG, first section. Randomly guessed on at least 8 questions between the 3rd and 4th games. Thought LR and RC were pretty standard, but games were bad enough that I’m definitely retaking in December.

    • Es says:

      Same here. Still not sure I should cancel though – hopefully the curve can save us?

      • Claudia says:

        I canceled… I’ve already started preparing again — I am going to continue to work on my approach (which obviously failed me in LG) and cement the concepts that would lead me to hopefully score even better for the LR and RC sections… this should lead to a better score — I say this with confidence because with the LSAT it seems like what you learn stays with you — it’s not a matter of luck that I felt confident about LR and LC) so I know that I will score better in December if I don’t repeat the LG fiasco.

        Good luck all with your decision and preparation.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I had two Reading Comps, and I definitely agree with the summary noted above (the first was very very tough and the second was of average difficulty).

    The lone Logic Games section was also difficult. The games are my weakness on the test, but I normally have no problem getting through the first three games and working my way briefly through the last game. For this section, I couldn’t even finish the third game with certain accuracy.

    The Logic Reasoning sections were ok. The end of one of the sections had some very difficult questions.

    I’m not confident, but I’ll wait and see.

    • Kyla says:

      I had the same. Two Reading Comps. One was definitely harder than the other.

      One thing that definitely helped me with the sole game was the fact I did one of the blueprint games (as well as 3 random LR questions) right before checking in. Thankfully the games section was my first. Doing that game before helped tremendously and I was able to breeze through that section

    • Hannah says:

      Yah I had LG RC LR LR RC. Hoping the first RC is the experimental since it was way harder then the later one?? Any one know? I thought the logic games were alright, but I took the june 2013 test as practice the day before and the games (first game especially) were almost exactly the same. Definitely think this test was harder then the june though for LR. I had no problem finishing those LR sections on time for the june one but I ran out of time at the end in both sections on the actual test. Maybe it just seemed harder because it was the real deal though. Gonna wait and see. The LR sections were 25 questions then 26. Glad to see other people thought at least the 26 section was super hard, it wasn’t the experimental. PF question the length of a reading comp passage? Didn’t even bother trying.

  7. Ariela says:

    One of the RC sections was definitely more difficult in comparison to others I have done. I barely finished that section and found myself having to make some estimated guesses. Seriously hoping that was the experimental.
    Other than that, everything was pretty standard.

  8. Oliver says:

    I thought the RC was difficult. LG was easy except for one game which looked very normal in the setup but the questions threw a few curveballs (had to guess on one or two of them for fear of running out of time). One LR was very easy (finished before the 5 minute warning) while another was notably more difficult.

  9. Melena says:

    Had LR,RC,LR,LG,LR. I personally had some trouble on the LG section, mainly in relation to time. In looking back, I don’t think the section was incredibly hard, but I’m hoping some of my guesses were correct! I personally hope the last LR section (Section 5) for me was the experimental. It seemed harder than average, but that could have more to do with my brain being fried after LG than anything else. Thought the RC section was average.

  10. Nathan says:

    LG was easy but time consuming, I didn’t notice any big deductions, just lots of hard work. 2 RC and one was much more difficult than the other. The 2 LR were hard but not much worse than normal. I’m guessing -10 or -9

  11. Gabriella says:

    LR, RC, LR, LG, LR…wasn’t the combo I was hoping for as three LR sections have always killed me in practice and I’m not sure what the experimental was. I didn’t find LG too bad, RC seemed average to me in terms of understanding and tagging the passages but the questions stumped me in places. All in all I didn’t think the test was too bad, but I have no indiction of a potential score.

  12. austin says:

    I had 3 LR

    I counted 25 26 and 26 questions for the 3 LR, respectively. Everyone else who i talked to had 25 25 26 for the 3 LRs. Is it possible to have different LRs for the experimental???

    • Mandy says:

      I would also like to know if it’s possible that they would give different versions of an experimental for the same section. I’ve heard of some people who had two 26 question LR sections with one 25 and of others who had two 25 question LR sections and one 26.

  13. Ben says:

    LG killed me. The third game was brutal, and I was begging for the 2nd LG section to be the real one. Turned out to be experimental, though. Saying LR seemed like a practice test seems accurate… not even one question threw me for a loop. RC seemed very standard to me as well.

    I Survived LSAT October 2013 Logic Games.

  14. joey 2 fresh says:

    oh man, i had the 3LR section too. games, reading comp not bad… last LR criss angel mind banged me.

  15. Sheyron says:

    I had LG, LG, LR, LR and ended with RC. I thought the Logic Game sections were pretty normal, based off the practice test. However in the 2nd section the last question was difficult and I had to guess on two questions, it was hard for me to make deductions and create scenarios from the rules given.
    I personally thought the LR sections were harder than normal for me. I might have been thrown off by the proctor. I don’t know if anyone else had the same issues, but the proctor would rush into the next section and not give us anytime to reset our watches, which made it difficult for pacing. Which I never had a problem with during scheduled practice test.
    I thought the RC section went well, I had to rush over the last two questions, but it definitely wasn’t as difficult as the LR section.
    I wish you all the best of luck with your scores, and hopefully I never have to take this test ever again in life.

  16. Anabella says:

    LR, LG,LR,LR,RC… Tough. (Sigh) had to guess a lot. LR was pretty good but games and RC was beyond tough. Not a subject less boring than the other.
    The proctors were awesome. They helped us a lot with our nerves, they were nice and patient.
    Still, my problem was timing, more than anything else.
    I am praying for a miracle. Or see you December :(

  17. Josh says:

    Had LG back to back sections 1/2 which kinda sucked knowing that the rest of the sections were definitely not experimental. However, thought LG weren’t bad, nothing too complicated and actually thought they were easier than previous practice tests. LR seemed more difficult than I expected but RC not so

  18. Melani says:

    I had LG, RC, LR, LR, RC. Honestly, I didn’t find either of the RC too unmanageable, but the LR sections were a doozy for me. Had a lot of S/N questions, which I’m weaker at, and in my opinion, they had a lot of questions with huge stimuli I couldn’t always sift through.

    But yeah, it was a fair exam. Prepping and tking PTs definitely helped ease the tension overall. Now that #oct5 is over and done with, we all just have to wait for #oct30.

  19. Andre says:

    During my practice tests I always set my watch to 12 o clock then hit start whenever I began the section. I have taken the lsat twice and the first time my proctor let me do this. Today when i tried to do this the proctor wouldn’t let us. He even took some kids watch away whenever he tried to do it after being warned. I was just wondering if the was an actual lsat rule or if my proctor was just being an ass. Also, he made us wear the watches which I didn’t think you had to do. Does anyone know the actual LSAC rules for watches?

  20. Cait says:

    I had LG, LR, RC, RC, LR. The reading comprehension was tough because not only was the content hard to pay attention to but the questions and answer choices made me have to look back even after I wrote all of my notes so it wasted a lot of time. Logical reasoning was tough too because it was hard to focus because it seemed like the driest subject matter and really tough questions. I felt the most comfortable with logic games because there was nothing out of the blue.

  21. Es says:

    I got LR RC LG and then LR and RC. The first LR was ok but I didn’t have enough time for the second LR, guessed a couple of questions after 5-minute warning…. for LG, I was baffled with the first question – very unusual. I normally have no problem for the first 3 games. Today it was the first one and the 4th. I guess for some reason I didn’t click with it. Was it just me?

    • Hannah says:

      I had the same order and the same problem on LR. Usually my strongest section, I always finish with a couple minutes to spare but not this time! Some of the first questions in each section tripped me up.

  22. Tommy says:

    I had LR RC LR LG LR, I felt I did well in everything except logic games, don’t think i will cancel my score, hoping the third LR was experimental, any insight in which section was??

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I had LR RC LR LG LR and I thought the last LR was hard. I didn’t get through the last 2 questions so I just bubbled. The lg 3 and 4 questions were very hard. I would have liked another 2 min. Also, did anyone notice some weird wording on some of the LR? Never seen that in any of the test prep.

  24. Jordan Anderson says:

    I had Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comp, Logic Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comp..

    I was told that the first Reading Comp is the experimental section.. Is it at all possible for the first logic to be experimental? I got hungry at that point X_X

    • Alex Davis says:

      No the first logical reasoning can’t be experimental because you only had two logical reasoning sections. Thus, they both must count. One of your Reading Comp was the experimental because every single LSAT has 2 LRs 1 RC and 1LG..

  25. Sarah says:

    So if I had LR, RC, LG, LG, LR the second LG was experimental? How do you know? The first LG did not go well, game 1 and 2 were ok, but I guessed a lot on 3 and 4. The second LG went much better. I thought the first one was experimental, but I guess I was wrong :(

  26. Shervin says:

    I had LG RC LR (PERFECT order in my opinion, felt very lucky) followed by the 2nd LR and another RC.

    I was praying for the first RC to be the one that counted, but it ended up being the experimental. Several friends had 3 LR’s, and from what I’ve heard the section 3 was the experimental.

    Everything felt very straightforward, nothing too extreme. But then again, once you’ve encountered the mauve dinosaur nothing is truly comparable.

  27. davanee says:

    I had LR RC LG LG LR. That is probably one of my preferred combinations. I believe I know which LG was experimental for myself, and that may be beneficial. RC seemed to be easier than ones in the past, perhaps this is because the content seemed not as boring, in my opinion. I’m hoping I did better than usual, as this is typically my worst section. One of the LR seemed harder, but it didn’t help that someone was coughing up a lung for the 7 minutes of the test, complete loss of concentration. Oh well, hope luck was on my side for a few questions!!! I did the June LSAT and I think I found LG and RC to be easier but LR seemed harder.

  28. Claudi says:

    I started with the real LG section and my brain was still asleep… I got knocked out from game 1 already – which at home I’d finish in 5 min, during the test i dragged it to the end in 10 min… I was so nervous for some reason that I wasn’t able to distinguish the U from the V from the W… Anyway… Good lesson to do practice tests at the time that u’d be taking the exam, not at 10pm which I’ve been doing for the past 2 months.

  29. Jordan says:

    Oh boy. LG-RC-LR-LR-RC
    I said on friday that I hoped I didn’t get two RC sections. I guess I should have knocked on wood. I turned to section five and slapped my forehead, which I don’t think the proctor appreciated. There were only six of us taking the test which was nice (not a lot of noise), but the room was freezing cold–even with sweats and a sweatshirt on; gotta love the midwest I suppose.
    I think I hear the December test calling my name…anybody else leave the test walking a little funny, too?

    • James Kim says:

      Yes, I felt exactly the same! Lol I walked into the Test hoping that I won’t have 2 RC’s..esp. not in the 5th section! I always get kinda worn out by 5th section, and RC being the 5th just bombed me. Other than that, I gotta agree with one of the earlier post, it was the PERFECT order, but the last section I was not able to finish in time and had to randomly bubble away at 5 or 6 questions… Which sucked, since this is already my 2nd time taking the Test, so I guess I probably should cancel this score and retake in Dec. if i’m shooting for 170+…

    • John Claude says:

      I hear ya Jordan, I had the same test structure. I’m sure we are both hoping the same section is the experimental.

  30. Juan says:


    Tough LSAT. The RC was tough, the LG was easy but time consuming (had to resort to good guesses on the last one because of time), and the last LR which was 26 questions was a beast. All in all this was the toughest LSAT I’ve taken, hoping the curve reflects that.

  31. tania says:

    I had LR, RC, LR, LG, LR.

    The first LR was super straightforward and I finished with 5 mins to spare. The second and third LR’s were a bit more difficult (particularly the 2nd) and I had to guess on the last few questions of each.

    RC was ok, not super easy, I ran out of time on the final question of passage 4.

    LG was awesome. It was my LSAT dream come true. I was really scared because its my first LSAT (and hopefully my last!). I would say that 1 in 20 practice games I do still completely confuses me and I don’t even know where to start. That was my big fear for test day. Fortunately it was really straightforward and I am pretty confident that I got all the big deductions and scenarios worked out correctly. I finished with a few minutes to spare and checked over a few questions I wasn’t sure about.

    Hoping that the 2nd LR was the experimental!! Either way I am fairly confident I did as good as any of my practice tests. I have took over 20 practice tests and my score is usually fairly consistent, so I think that helped me overcome test day nerves.

    This might make me sound completely insane, but overall I really enjoyed the LSAT. Its my first ever standardized test and I found it kind of fun.

    Fingers crossed!

  32. John Claude says:

    I had LG RC LR LR RC. All was going well until i hit one particular passage in the final section. It rocked my world. With the exception of the final section, there were no surprises.

    • Alison Rocker says:

      You had my setup! Which one of those two RCs do you think was the experimental one? I remember feeling confident in the first RC – but by that 5th section/2nd RC my brain was shutting down. I can’t even remember which passages were in each two RC sections.

  33. Brittany says:

    I was LG, RC, LR, LR, RC

    I was soooo thrilled to have two RCs, as those are by far my strongest sections, and it was nice to not have to burn out on three LRs or something like that. And the writing sample was a great respite at the end of the test — I found it very easy to argue. It felt very high school level.

    Overall, I’m fairly certain which RC section was the experimental. There was a distinctive candor that it had, and it felt very odd to me, like nothing I’d quite done before.

    I finished all the sections except for one in time, which had me feeling pretty confident.

    Test room was hot as hell, though. That’s my only complaint on this test.

  34. Jessica Bull says:

    I had LR RC LR LG LR I thought the last passage of RC was extremely difficult I had no clue what was going on, and I was guessing for that passage. I am thinking that I will probabaly have to take the December test.
    The second LR section was extremely hard especially since I did not realize there were 26 questions until close to the end of the time. :(

  35. Justin says:

    Let’s make some guesses for the curve! To me, this one seemed harder than the June LSAT. The curve for that one was a -11, so for this one I would say I think its a -12, maybe a -13? What does everyone else think?

    Also, I found the LR section with 26 questions way more difficult than the rest of the test. I was really tired by that point, but still. I felt like there were several questions worded in an unusual way, particularly in the necessary assumption questions.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    I had LR, RC, LG, LG, LR. I thought LR wasn’t particularly difficult, although my timing was off and I was rushed in section 5. I felt that questions in the middle were more difficult than questions at the end. (I tend to answer questions 1-14 and then go backwards Last-15) . RC was dense, long, and ooooo so boring! LG is my strength. I tend to not miss any questions. LG section 3 upset me and one game was extremely difficult. I spent lots of time on it, and played out all answer possibilities on several questions and got frustrated. Hopefully I figured it out is all I can say about that. LG section 4 was easy for me. Apparently people think section 3 counted—I can only hope that isn’t the case for me. I had TWO people leave in the middle of my test. I had a horrible tiny desk and couldn’t even open my book all the way. However, my proctor was bad at time keeping and definately let us have a few extra minutes on multiple sections. In summary, I got the order I wanted and was given some extra minutes so I really shouldn’t complaint, but overall I didn’t walk away with any feeling of relief. I thought June 2013 was easier.

    • Rajah says:

      No, I had the same order as you and the experimental is almost always one of the first 3 sections, so it was probably section 3. I don’t know why people are thinking it was section 4?

  37. Andrew says:

    I had LR, RC, LR, LG, LR. I thought games were pretty easy, Reading comp wasn’t bad, but the LR was one of the toughest I’d seen, especially section 3 when I didn’t even finish, but I’m pretty positive that it was the experimental section…

  38. Steven says:

    I had three LR sections in a row. I was thoroughly confused. LG, LR, LR, LR, RC. Did anyone else have the long run of LR

  39. Katie says:

    I had the same set up as you, Steven. LG, LR, LR, LR, RC. Brutal. I am hoping the second LR was the experimental but I have no idea.

    • steven says:

      Thanks for responding! I was freaking out because no one else posted about having three LR in a row. It was brutal. I was hoping it would be the first!

  40. Katie says:

    By second LR I meant second section, first LR** So same boat as you! It’s so difficult trying to determine which LR was the experimental because most people don’t remember certain questions. Best of luck!

  41. anonymous says:

    I had LR-RC-LR-LG-LR with 25-26-26. I am realllllly hoping that the third LR was experimental. I really do not want to have to retake.

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