2014 June LSAT Instant Recap: What Did You Think?

First off, congratulations on completing the 2014 June LSAT.

Secondly…what did you think?! In the comments below, chime in with your feelings about the June LSAT. How difficult did you find the exam? Which section(s) tripped you up? Which section(s) did you dominate? How distracting was your LSAT proctor?

We want to hear.

Just remember: All comments must be approved. Any posts that violate LSAC’s rules will be trashed. No discussing specific question/answer content or pinpointing experimental sections, got it? If your comment isn’t approved, it’s probably because you broke the rules.

OK, here’s the intel we’ve collected about the 2014 June LSAT so far:

The one theme that’s emerged from the June LSAT was a particularly difficult and strange Logic Game. Something about its setup threw a lot test-takers for a loop. It will be interesting to break this one down when LSAC releases the June LSAT in a few weeks.

It also sounds like Reading Comprehension wasn’t too kind, either (but that’s usually what most people say after every LSAT).

Meanwhile, responses for Logical Reasoning seem to indicate it was pretty standard.

We’ll keep updating as more info comes in. In the meantime, let us know what you thought of the 2014 June LSAT in the comments.

117 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    My test proctor called the 5 minute warning at 25 minutes instead of 30 on section 1 so we all were panicked and guessed on a few questions. So everyone at my testing center wasn’t off to a good start. I had a logic games experimental section. I am hoping the last games section I had was experimental.. It wasn’t kind to me.

    • Colleen says:

      Josh – same thing happened at mine with the 5min (Boston?).

      • Josh says:

        We are planning on submitting a complaint to LSAC. Nope, I took mine in Naples.

        • Colleen says:

          yea… realized after I asked that it wasn’t the same b/c ours happened on section 5 not one — why can’t the timers get the timing right! Why can’t they use a dang digital timer with a bell or something! Blueprint — are complaints even worth it? I was pondering but not sure if it even does anything.

          • Hank says:

            It’s definitely worth a shot, but unfortunately LSAC is notoriously unforgiving about complaints. The more test-takers who complain, the better chance it will have of being addressed.

        • Evan Mishkin says:

          Hey josh, I replied to you yesterday but I don’t think it got posted. I’m pretty sure I was in the same testing center as you. Hodges University? I even asked the guy during Section 1 if he called 5 minute warning incorrectly and he said yea. Of course, he didn’t tell the class that. Anyways, if you and a group file a complaint, let me know. I’d really like to get in on the complaint.

  2. catnyc says:

    Well after taking the February LSAT and doing very poorly on it, I was relieved when I decided to take this. The RC was pretty standard for me at least. The last logic game had a weird set up. It wasn’t like any game I practiced at all. Overall, a breeze compared to February.

  3. Colleen says:

    Well I thought I was killing it until near the end of the test, then a few things went wonky in the test room … someone admonishing the proctors for talking (which was worse than the talking) and a 5 minute warning called 5 minutes too soon (of course on a section where I forgot to turn my watch to a starting spot… ). I was pretty surprised how much of a frenzy those two things put me in. As many have said a LG that was so wacky that I read a couple sentences then said oh heck no… then decided to give it the full guess treatment and dedicate my time fully to another one. RC has never really been an issue for me – used the BluePrint strategy of going after the biggest one first so that helped. LR — bane of my existence.

  4. Angela says:

    I took the test at Brandeis University and it was AWFUL. The first thing the proctor told us was that there was going to be construction upstairs all day. It was so noisy from section 1 to section 3. It was a nightmare!!!! As for the content of the test, logic games was hard. there was one game I had never seen before. LR was pretty standard and RC, I had the experimental and it was strange but I think the second RC was standard.

  5. csprizzle38 says:

    I’ve taken all of the PrepTests excepting 1-6 (including 17 and 8). My average raw score on the verbal portion (LR and RC) is 70/71, depending usually on the difficulty of RC; and my scaled score range is 166-171.

    To my mind, this test form stood out not so much because of its exotic 1st and 4th games, its challenging [EDITED] reading passage, or its oft-vague logical reasoning answer choices—as because it contained all those things. Since when does LSAC not counterbalance, for example, an exotic Games section with a “lean” RC or LR?…

    I respectfully disagree with catnyc: *In the aggregate*, this administration was far more tumultuous than February’s, which most agree was quite standard in all aspects except a “circular ordering” game.

  6. derp says:

    1 logic games question was ridiculous. straight up ridiculous.

    • Random Person says:

      I completely agree. I had 2 sections of LG and the first, I believe, was the experimental. It was really unusual.

      • Andrea Williams says:

        I completely felt the same way about my test that first section was like HUH o_0.. But overall it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

  7. Jessica says:

    The last question on LG was confusing! I had no idea how to diagram/start it off. I guessed pretty much on that whole game which sucks because LG is my strongest section and I usually get -0/-1 on it. I had two LG so one of them was experimental but on both of the sections, the last question was a killer. Ughh hopefully I guessed lucky on those.

    • Lfelg says:

      Does anyone know how you’d solve that question. I breezed through the entire test except for that question!

  8. Aaron Cohn says:

    As an LSAT instructor, I have two reactions to hearing about this supposedly weird logic game.

    1. Hope my students are managing to get through it OK.

    2. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this test.

    Does that mean I have a problem?

    • Adam says:

      The 4th LG has a pretty powerful [EDITED] that you had to get in order to breeze through it. I had seen a game or two like this, but I prepped with about 30 tests starting from back in the late 80’s early 90’s then moving to the most current. Someone said the RC had a [EDITED] passage which disappoints me that the easier one for me was experimental. I was typically in the 165 range and thought after the test that I would probably score in the same range. I did feel that this test did lack a variance in difficulty, it seemed that all of the sections were equally as difficult.

  9. Campbell says:

    Got RC as my experimental. One of them was pretty easy, but the other was ridiculously hard. I’m usually close to -3 or -4 on RC, but I wasn’t 100% on quite a few questions. Here’s hoping that the hard RC section was the experimental

  10. HarlemHere says:

    Just took the test, and I have to say I was pretty throw off by LG; first game wasn’t bad, but that fourth game was insane. Maybe it was anxiety, but I felt like I had to brute force my way through the last game. Second and third game were pretty standard with the second game being the easiest out of all the games in the set. I had LRRCLRLGLR and I’m hoping the first LR was experimental because I was definitely nervous. I felt that LR was a bit more difficult than usual. RC wasn’t anything unusual except the [EDITED] passage.

    • Rich Gittings says:

      Man, I had the opposite thoughts. I just drew out the diagram, and everything made sense. Sorry to hear you struggled with it.

  11. Brian says:

    After taking the February LSAT, I felt this was more “even”. The 4th logic game was a bit different. By the time I had a thought of set-up, I was almost out of time. The 1st game took a couple of takes as well but came together nicely.

    The other sections were fair. Seemed to be in line with what I expected. Had 3 LR sections. One of those RC was a slow read but made it though.

    One thing though that stood out was the amount of people that gave up. In a room of about 100, I would say 10 threw the towel in. 5 left after the LG. Could have just been the group I was testing with but not a single person I tested with in February gave up mid-exam.

  12. CanadianLSATtaker says:

    I agree full heartedly with csprizzle38. The test was by far one of the trickiest I’ve encountered. LG and RC threw me for a loop and my LR were way more shaky than usual. Here’s hoping to a generous curve, I guess.

  13. EG says:

    Well I’m glad that we’re all together on that same LG problem! Usually miss 0/1 on LGs but unfortunately I don’t think that held true for this test. While I figured out the set-up, it was too late to accurately complete all of the game. Especially frustrating since I usually have 2-3 minutes left on LGs. Had RC as my experimental, it was extremely difficult if it’s the section I believe it to be (my other RC section was of normal difficulty). Overall, could’ve been better– but most certainly could have been worse.

    • Campbell says:

      Basically in the same boat. I have a feeling the harder RC was the real one too, but that could potentially just be my inner “you did badly” voice acting out. Not sure there is an actual legitimate (aka, not gut-feeling) way to figure out which one of the two was the real section :/

  14. Rich Gittings says:

    The first game had me in a choke hold. I ended up guessing on the last 4 questions, and then moving on.
    I killed the next three games though, and had 8 minutes left at the end, went back, checked my set up, and cruised through each question easily with a minute or two left at the end.

    Probably just the jitters.

  15. JM says:

    I started studying 3-4 months out for this test, and have taken 17 LSAT practice tests within that time period (all recent). All I can say about the last logic game is WTF. Never saw anything like it in any of the PowerScore, Princeton Review, or LSAT “SuperPrep” books, nor in any of the practice tests I took. Ugh.

    • Random Person says:

      That last one was hard. I had 2 LG sections though, and the first section overall seemed much more unusual to me.

      • first time tester says:

        I also had 2 LG’s, and man was I hoping the second LG was the scored one… that one was so much easier (so many more sequencing ones!) the first one though? That was so brutal…

  16. ~~~~ says:

    I’m 99% sure the easier RC was the experimental :(
    I thought the RC was a lot harder than normal, LR was pretty standard and LG was fine minus the last game. I had about 12 minutes left when I got to it but still ended up making a few guesses. I was normally scoring 175-177 but I honestly feel like I may get below 170 unless there’s a nice curve here. With such hard RC and LG you’d expect the LR to be easy but it was pretty standard

  17. Alison says:

    Wow, I am so relieved to see that I am not alone in my feelings about the LG section. I still feel a bit nervous about the RC and LR sections, but it seems like I’m not alone in that either! Here’s to hoping the curve is kind and we all did better than we feel we did!

  18. Ashley says:

    First off, I came into the exam ready to kill it; totally motivated. It wasn’t nerves, I don’t even have the excuse of a lousy proctor, or distracting classmates.

    That being said, the test I just took…totally debating canceling my score.

    My order was RC LR LG LR LG

    I got stuck on a reading comp passage, totally ran out of time before my last passage…had to guess all [EDITED] for 5 questions in a row due to that :/

    Next was LR- pretty standard, however I couldn’t stop freaking out about the first section- I’m pretty sure I screwed that section up as well.

    As you’ve heard, the LG sucked this test. I literally stared at the last game in disbelief…what was that???

    After the 15 minute break I managed to pull myself together for the last two sections, which I think I’d done well on, but the damage was already done.

    I’m pretty sure the sucky LG section I had was the real thing since everyone seems to be stressing about it, and as my luck would have it, the LG I had no issues with was probably the experimental. :/

    • phil says:

      which was the sucky one for you? the first lg section or second?

    • Random Person says:

      I had the same order. It seemed to me that the first LG section was the experimental one though. They seemed to be much more unusual questions.

    • Rich Gittings says:

      What is the benefit of canceling your score?

      • Kenny says:

        Law schools won’t see your score on the exam. Some schools average your LSATs if you take multiple exams. Also regardless of whether they average your scores or not, they will always see all of your scores (unlike the SATs where you choose which scores to send to colleges). I wouldn’t advise canceling your score though unless you KNOW you scored well below your expectation.

  19. Praying 4 a miracle says:

    LRRCLRLGLR Anyone else wishing for the first LR to be an experimental?

    Definitely more difficult than any practice exam I have taken!!!!

    • Crys75 says:

      YES! I agree!!

    • nYn says:

      Yes! I really hope so. That was my order and the first LR left me perplexed!

    • LNLFC says:

      I’m with you on this one! I had the same, and the first LR was way harder than anything I’ve seen. Fingers crossed!!

    • Doug Williamson says:

      Yeah man, compared to the other 2 LR sections that one was insane and they called 5 minutes and I was only to question 17.. My sentiments are the same as your’s that their is no way that wasn’t the experimental section, at least I hope it was. Luckily the school I want to apply to has a median LSAT of around mid 150 and my practice test tended to be just a little lower than that. Heres for hopes of a very generous curve this round.. I wish I hadn’t wasted time on the fourth game because I almost got the first game done after doing 2nd and 3rd got stuck on the first games 5th question then had 2 of the last game 1 question done and time was called.. it sucked I know i could’ve had that point. This was the hardest LSAT I think I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken over half a dozen practice tests.

    • Harlemhere says:

      Yes!!!!!! I was like wtf! Wording of the questions were very funky and answer choices were tough! It could have so been the nerves too but I’m pretty sure it was experimental.

    • vcl24 says:

      I had the same section order and I do also hope the first LR was experimental! The 4th logic game threw me off too. Really hoping for a generous curve!

  20. Lmnop says:

    I am really not sure how I did overall. I found all the logical reasoning and the reading comp pretty typical. My experimental was a logical reasoning, not sure which one. The logic games section though was torturous. Usually I struggle with time on them, but still enjoy the puzzles. Today I was just left baffled.

  21. Canadalsat says:

    My experimental was lg. experimental lg was literally the hardest lgs I’ve ever encountered was so happy to find out later it wasn’t the marked lg. actual lg was ok number 4 was completely different but solvable if you figured out the couple tricks to it. No way to use strategies learned from practice lgs on it. Only part of test besides experimental that was tough was RC. Really tough section with lots of inference questions.

  22. Samantha says:

    I agree with most of these posts. The last logic game was absolutely obscene. After looking at it for a little bit I figured it out, but I have never seen any game quite like it. I definitely feel that RC was tricky with regards to the [EDITED] passage. The questions were very challenging. LR was straight forward but the ones at the end were harder than usual.

    I’m used to finishing all the sections with a couple minutes to spare. I barely finished the LR in time. I had to guess on a couple.

    I had the experimental game section and honestly one of those was horrendously difficult as well.

    This test definitely felt challenging to me. I’ve taken 10 practice LSATs and generally score around 165-167. Hoping the curve is kind to us all. It sounds like everyone had similar comments.

    • sarah says:

      totally agree with you guys about LG’s I normally get 20-22 on that section correct and have seen almost every game since preptest 1 and literally just stared at the page for the last game for like 8 unproductive minutes thinking ‘im missing something here’ and just guessed on almost all of the Qs…anyways what is the curve you guys are taking about???

  23. Mrunal says:

    Our ac wasn’t working so had to take the test in like 88 to 90 degree Temps.

  24. Emily says:

    I had two games sections…One was very easy, so I’m assuming it was the experimental. Is there any way someone can describe to me what the real games section was like without giving it away?

    • Random Person says:

      I did as well. All I know is that I think the first one I had was the experimental.

    • Random Person says:

      From reading the comments around here, it seems that those people that didn’t have an experimental LG section found the last game extremely hard. So if you had a LG section where the last question seemed to be unusually difficult, the experimental section was probably the other one.

  25. April says:

    Ok, how do you find out which section was experimental?

    • Rich says:

      If you had a repeat, and one in is in the second half of the test, after the break, usually the first one is the experimental.

  26. Anthony Nicholas says:

    Our proctor called a 3 minute warning… It was bullshit.

  27. Mina says:

    The LG was so unusual it had to be experimental. I think if I had to qualify it it would be a [EDITED] game but even the instructions made no sense. If it wasn’t experimental Im pretty much done.

    This totally threw me for a loop. I want to see blueprints explaination once it comes out.

  28. Jlm says:

    Had LR RC LR LG LR. Fairly certain the middle LR was experimental as it was way slower than normal. I had to guess on the last 4-5. Otherwise LR was average for me.

    RC was tricky. I somehow got behind on time which made the [EDITED] reading tough at the end. I definitely guessed on a few.

    I had no problem with the LG until the final game. I had roughly 11 min left for the final game and had absolutely no idea how to solve it. I ended up guessing and checking other questions.

    Overall I am a bit disappointed. I came in expecting 165+ on my first try. Don’t think that’s going to happen…

    • Dustin Haygood says:

      I had the same order and hope the 3rd section LR was experimental as well. Glad to hear someone else felt that section was a bit slower than the rest.

  29. pinto says:

    i had RCLRLGLRLG….did anyone find the second logic game section to be significantly harder (hoping it was the experimental)

    • Jessica says:

      I had the same exam. Pretty sure the last game section was the real one. Either way the last question on both of the LG was extremely hard and I’ve never seen anything like it on the practice exams or prep tests. That killed my morale pretty much :/

    • Random Person says:

      I thought it was a bit more difficult, however I thought the LG section was far more unusual, so I thought that was the experimental.

    • apz says:

      I had this exam as well. It seemed like some others who had two RC or three LR sections had a logic games section with a strange last question. So maybe the second LG on this test was the real one, but who knows.

  30. Stephanie Cone says:

    I def agree the last game was killer. I also thought RC was particularly difficult.

  31. DStizzle says:

    I agree with a lot of the stuff on the last LG game. Strange set up. I keep seeing most people say that LR was pretty standard. I agree the questions didn’t seem particularly difficult but did anyone else feel as if the total number amount of questions with less verbiage was lower than most of the other LSATs?

  32. Jordyn C says:

    RC– def harder mix of passages then usual… there were no “easy ones”, as they were all medium to hard difficulty


    LR– Easy for me. Nothing that stood out as too crazy…but not super easy either

    Can anyone explain how this “curve” works? LOL

  33. Sarah says:

    LG #1 & #4…….the heck….

  34. dah10 says:

    My order was RC, LR, RC, LR, LG. I found the first RC extremely difficult and really hoping it was experimental, totally threw me off for the first LR. The second RC was of okay difficulty I think. LR sections were okay for the most part. I thought all the LGs were pretty fair, except that last one. Got to the first couple questions then had to guess. This test was definitely harder than I expected. I was hoping my score would be higher than any of the 10 practice tests I’ve taken so far. Really hoping I messed up the experimental one and not the real RC and that theres a good curve.

    • S says:

      I had the exact same order and thoughts as you!! That first RC killed me and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it during the first LR! And then I got the second RC and felt so much better thinking that the first had to be the experimental, but that doesn’t seem to be the case based off what I’ve read :( but at least we’re not alone in feeling this way haha just such a bummer!!

  35. Anonymous2 says:

    I took the test in Feb, but canceled my score after the exam. I completely messed up on the RC and LG section. I felt that this June exam was easier than the Feb exam, but I was also definitely more prepared.

    I had LG (Ex), RC, LR, LG, LR.

    Section 1: LG
    I immediately went into a panic during the first LG section because the majority of the games were very difficult. I had a feeling that it was experimental only because the 2nd and 4th game seemed so ridiculous. I did my best with finishing the games but I shrugged it off. I was stoked to realize that in-fact it was the experimental and that the LG in Section 4 was the real section.

    Section 2: RC
    I thought that this RC section was pretty standard. I felt that one of the passages was pretty abstract and the last two passages were more difficult than the first two.

    Section 3: LR
    I thought that this LR section was also pretty standard. I did have to spend extra time on passages earlier on and only had about 5 minutes left for the last 5 questions. I ended up rushed and skipped around and was not able to finish two of them.

    Section 4: LG
    This section was definitely easier than the experimental LG section in Section 1. The first three were not difficult and I had about 10-11 minutes left when I got to the 4th game. LG is my best section. I make up a lot of points with the LG section overall. I usually only get 0-4 wrong on any PT test. But during this test, for the 4th game, I had no idea what I was looking at. No matter how many times I read the game I couldn’t figure out how to set it up. I went into a panic and that’s really all she wrote. I had memories of the Feb LSAT, everything being crushed because of the last game. I guessed on most of them but I think I was able to get 2 or 3 out of the 5. I just feel really luck that it was only 5 total questions. I’m sure the game wasn’t that difficult, but with the time crunch and having it in section 4 as the last game, my brain went into flight mode.

    Section 5: LR
    I thought this section was standard and that it was easier than the first LR section. I finished with a few minutes to spare.

    I’m interested in seeing what the curve is. Other than that one LG question and maybe 1 RC passage, I thought this was a fairly standard test. June seems to never have a big curve. I would guess the curve would be at 12, but I am hoping for 13. Nothing left to do now except sit and wait. Good luck everyone!

    • Mackenzi says:

      How do you know that the harder LG section was the experimental?

    • Csprizzle38 says:

      I finished 3 games ([EDITED] questions) on the experimental LG section–with confidence and buffer time. The first game flustered me initially, but I persevered. Thanks for the ego boost! ;)

    • P says:

      How do you know the hard one was experimental???

      • Csprizzle38 says:

        I asked a fellow examinee in the parking lot who didn’t have two logic game sections what he saw on his logic game section; he corroborated my assumption that my fifth section was real. (Personally, I thought the real one was more difficult because I had to skip the first game, but to each his own.)

  36. tdot says:

    Had 3 LR thought the last one was extremely hard, though it might have been be it was my last section. Hope it was my experimental, but very unsure. Thought the first three games were easy. The last 1 was hard I got the 1st ([EDITED] question) then was forced to guess on the rest

    • Colleen says:

      Me too! You are one of the first people who have said third LR was really hard. The stimuli and the answer choices were so long! Plus I was exhausted and there were proctor issues during this section. I’ve read posts predicting the experimental as the first, second, and third so who knows!!! But I’m with you – praying the third was experimental.

      • Saumya says:

        I also really had a strong feeling the final LR section was experimental because of how differently it was written compared to the previous LR sections. But I’m confused: did all test takers have the same exact LR section appear in the exact place in the exam (i.e. could I may have had my experimental LR last while others who had LR as section 1 had it 1st,) or is the order of the experimental the same for all? Thanks!

  37. Dani says:

    My order was RC, LR, RC, LR, LG.

    The first RC of mine was much more difficult than the second – I am normally early on time and I was extremely pushed for time by the last passage. The LR seemed to be fairly standard, however I was uncertain on a few more than on my practice tests with some non-standard answer choices on a couple.

    I agree with everyone also that the last game threw me for a loop. Luckily, I felt confident in the first three and didn’t stress too much about it. It also helped that it was my very last section so I was ready to be done at that point. Overall, the test seems like a complete blur — hoping for a nice curve!

    • Erin says:

      Same set up for me. I’m really hoping that the first RC section was the experimental! If not, hopefully a generous curve, haha. And agreed, the test was a blur!

  38. Esther Kim says:

    The proctor’s cellphone went off inside class. And it totally threw me off!

    Not to mention they let in a disability “student” with both her backpack and her totebag. She didn’t even have a ziploc bag. She says that she couldn’t find one. I thought she was a homeless lady, to be honest. She asked a question after each direction on how to fill out her answer sheet. Needless to say, our test group took unusually long to start and finish their test.

    Reading Comp was a bummer.

  39. Jennifer H says:

    I thought overall this test was harder than Feburary.
    I had RC LR LG LR LG. I’m assuming the first LG was the experimental because it was ridiculously easy. Also, the 4th logic game of the second LG section was strangely set up but I didn’t find it as confusing as the circular ordering game from the Feb test.
    RC seemed harder than usual and LR seemed moderately difficult.

  40. C says:

    Theres no point in comparing. many people got different sections

  41. P says:

    Everybody calm down! The LG with two crazy games WAS experimental. The actual one was relatively easy and had just one unusual game and two sequencing ones. People who had only one LG section are conforming this.

  42. alex says:

    I know I blew that last logic game. this was my last retake. thanks for crushing all my hopes and dreams, LSAC!

  43. Random Person says:

    Did anyone think the LR sections were a bit easier overall than usual? I found myself with more time at the end than usual on both sections. In my experience, that usually means that I didn’t pay as close enough attention to each question as I should have, but it really didn’t seem like it in this case.

  44. Mar Bear says:

    I agree…the LG had one section which I felt very confident about, but the other LG is leaving me stressed. Overall I think I did well-but whichever LG section that counts can make or break me.

  45. Haley Green says:

    I was in a test center with only 3 other test takers, it was a good environment for the test. During the first section someone stormed through the room and it was very hard to gain my focus back.

    My test sections were: LR RC LR LG LR. I am hoping my middle LR was the fake, it was rather hard and the questions were not set in the same tone as what I had practiced and the other two LR. I agree with the comments on the last LG. I typically get around a 24-21 on my games which helps my score. My brain was so worn out I couldn’t grasp the last one. I am excited to try it again when it comes out.

  46. H says:

    I had RC, LR, RC, LR, LG. The second RC was a lot easier than the first RC. I finished with about ten minutes left, and was hoping this was the real section, but I think so far the consensus seems to be that the easy section was experimental :(. The LR sections felt pretty standard, although there were a few tricky questions in there. No comments on the LG section. Does LSAC think they’re being cute or what?!

  47. AA says:

    The guy taking the test behind me started talking to me about that wonky game in the bathroom after the test. I was convinced he was an LSAC spy sent to get me to void my results due to breach of contract.

    • LSATsadness says:

      Yeah I wanted to talk to people but I too was worried about spies. The LSAC has officially freaked me out with there policies. One of the test takers I was with asked about the assigned seating and the proctor told her if there were going to be problems she would “Have to report her to the Company” Kinda reminded me of 1984.

  48. Sam says:

    I was averaging 160-164 and on test day I was totally flustered. I had very little sleep for several nights before the test and with a bad headache I just couldn’t perform; the test also seemed harder than than tests 71 and 70 which I took a few days ago.

    I also had a packed room with a lot of distractions. One girl didn’t have her picture so she cut out the picture from the extra ID. She also didn’t have a plastic bag so after arguing for a minute she left her bag outside, but then right before the test one of the people overseeing things saw her bag and it had a phone in it so they kicked her out, but there was a bunch of commotion right before the test. And my first section of an experimental LR which was unusual/hard, bogged me down.

    Will probably cancel and retake in September. I was pretty confident before the test day but it just wasn’t my day.

  49. Dustin says:

    Did anyone who had LR RC LR LG LR figure out for sure which LR section was the experimental?

  50. Isitoveryet?! says:

    This is the first I’m hearing of versions of the test? How many versions are there? Are the versions averaged separately to determine the curve??

  51. Id1993 says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this LSAT. I have taken about 15 full previous exams but found that RC was the most difficult for me. To my luck I had rc,lr,rc,lr,lg. The first 3 games were cake, basic structures from previous exams. The last game was killer, never seen a set up like it before. Other than that the LR seemed fair, really hard to judge how you did considering all the anxiety from the test. I was scoring in the 160’s on my last 5 proctored PTs so hopefully the curve makes up for the last game.

  52. Erin says:

    My set up was: RC LR RC LG LR. Honestly, I have never faced a RC section as hard as the first one. I was quite worried and it was hard to regain my confidence after that blood bath. I found the LR sections to be average difficulty and the LG section was easy besides one extremely difficult game, the set up was foreign to anything I encountered in my prep.

    I’m hoping the first RC section was experimental!

  53. Esmeralda says:

    I had LR RC LR LG LR. Struggled with the first LR, but that does not mean that it was necessarily the hardest nor the experimental. I think it was just nerves that threw me on that section. Someone got kicked out for flipping through the book early, the proctor was telling me to take my sweater off bc I’d be too hot and wouldn’t be allowed to remove it later (good think I ignored her because I was cold as f… the whole time), and I was really jittery overall.

    RC went swimmingly for me, although I made a few guesses on the last passage.

    I’m with everyone else. The first three games were okay and then I was just too exhausted to handle the last one effectively.

    Wish I knew which LR was experimental, but none of them were horrible for me.

  54. MBV says:

    The test was supposed to start at 1, but the proctors screwed up and took an extra 30 minutes to distribute the tests, so we had a delay. Naturally, I was freaking out and was chugging water during these 30 minutes to calm the anxiety dry mouth. By the time they passed the tests out, I really had to use the restroom, and the proctor refused to let me go until the test started (30 minutes later). As a result, I had to miss precious time during the RC section (my worst) to use the restroom and had to guess on literally every question on the last passage. Also, when you’re holding it, you can’t focus, and I couldn’t for most of the game.

    Does anybody think that this is worth submitting a complaint about? I’m not sure what could even be done about that.

  55. Bertha says:

    I was at Naples as well. Between sitting us in the wrong seats, handing out the wrong tests and then taking them back, calling the wrong 5 minute warnng and talking during the test, I’d say it sucked. Then I had the guy next to me with the trash can next to him in case he was going to puke. It pretty much sucked. I’d say Lg was totally whacked. Never have I seen anything like it.

  56. FF says:

    On my test, the first LR passage (of three) threw me off guard bc it wasn’t anything I had seen in practice tests. Actual sections were straightforward, and I think that people are way overdramatizing the LG question they found most difficult. It actually allowed for some major deductions that made the game pretty easy.

  57. Cristina Marie says:

    I thought the test was about average. I had an experimental LR section, which was what I was dreading, I thought I did well on one, ok on one, and poorly on one. Hopefully the last one, which is the one I struggled with, was experimental. I surprisingly thought the games were a total breeze. I went into the 4th game with 15 minutes left, and and was able to work it out pretty quickly. It did have a weird setup, but one little deduction made the whole thing super easy. I think the fact that I knew I had so much time kept me from being daunted by the weirdness of it, and I think that was an advantage since I know a lot of my friends looked at it, freaked out, and decided to focus on the other games. I had time to go check over them so I’m hoping I did well.

    Lastly, I thought RC was TOUGH! Usually I think 2 of the passages are easy and 2 are more difficult, and ALL of these seemed difficult. They were just a bit confusing. Our testing center seemed very empty, the room was only half full, and the proctors were shocked as it is usually completely packed. Honestly, it took so long for the test to get started because checking in and seating and instructions took so long that I had too much time to get nervous. I’m hoping that didn’t effect my brain in the long run though- I studied so much that my brain had better be able to autopilot this stuff…. Hope every gets their target score!

  58. AA says:

    Did anyone else have LG / LR / RC / LG / LR ?

    • Bill H says:

      I did. Felt real great about the first section, but that last section was a real curve ball. I struggled a bit with the first game and had a particularly difficult time with the last. I’m really hoping that last one was the experimental.

  59. Kaitlyn says:

    I tested at SIUC and they had us in those lecture seats that have a built in mini-desk. The answer sheet itself didn’t fit and it was really uncomfortable to try to keep the booklet from falling off.
    I had LR-RC-LR-LG-LR I think the first LR was experimental, but it could have been nerves.
    I’ve done 20 practice tests and averaged a 170. I felt like the test was pretty average. But I agree with everyone, the last logic game sort of came out of nowhere. I finally got a half-decent diagram but still there were only 3 I am sure I got correct. The others I was able to narrow down, but not enough to feel at all confident.

  60. B4455 says:

    My lsat was RC-LR-RC-LR-LG. The first RC was terrible. I took 14 practice exams and the first RC from the real thing was much more difficult. I was SO hoping that was the experimental, but after reading this, it seems that’s not the case. Someone give me hope!!

    Did anyone who only had 1 RC have an easy time with it? Bah.

  61. bobby says:

    I had RC-LR-RC-LR-LG

    The first RC was insanely difficult, and I have taken over 15 practice tests. LR was pretty normal, although I was a little flustered after my first RC. The second RC was extremely easy and I was done with five minutes to spare. Again, like everyone else, the last LG kicked my butt. I devised a makeshift diagram and am pretty sure I got at least 3/5 correct. How do we find out which was the experimental RC!!!?

  62. Jay says:

    First LG was experimental. Second LG was ok except for last game. howeever there are videos online explaining it.

  63. solidsnake says:

    I had LR LG LG RC LR. I was at an all time high when I did my first LG ( It was experimental and I did well). Than section 3 I had another LG and it just zapped me. I could not figure out the games for the most part I thought they were incredibly difficult. I was praying that it was experimental but it’s not. O well. Every other section I felt was ok

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