2014 September LSAT Instant Recap

You did it. The September LSAT is over.

Take a moment to celebrate that simple fact.

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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… How did it go?

In the comments below, let us know your feelings about today’s LSAT. How difficult did you find it? Which section(s) tripped you up? Did anything crazy happen at your testing center? How awesome is that soccer coach GIF?

We want to hear your thoughts.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT (this includes individual questions/answers, trying to identify the experimental section, etc.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

So far we’re hearing that RC was a little easier than people were expecting, with mixed reviews on one LG and a couple of LR. Agree? Disagree? We’ll keep you updated as we get more information. In the meantime, let’s get commenting!

193 Responses

  1. Cristen says:

    I am feeling horrible after the test I had a hard time with the logic games section I had to guess on the last 6 questions because I ran out of time. The LR sections i feel really good about and the RC were ok but the LGs really did me in. I guess i am taking the december one now.

  2. Nicole says:

    Reading comp is what I find to be my hardest section but i found it easy. Logic games definitely tripped me up because there were not nearly as many sequencing elements as I was hoping for considering that is my strength and that is the majority of what is suppose to be tested on logic games. Logical reasoning was the medium hardness of the three types for me.

  3. Tanya says:

    Who had three LR sections!? I’m trying to figure out which one is experimental…one was def harder than others

    • Praying4aMiracle says:

      I did. I thought Sec 4 could be the experimental.. your thoughts?

      • Miguel says:

        I hope section four is experimental. It seemed like it.

      • CC says:

        I had the LR RC LR LR LG setup. The third LR section seemed easier than the first two LR sections. It also had less assumption questions, which were predicted to be the most common question in LR. I’m hoping that the second LR section was the experimental.

        • CC says:

          But I would guess section 4 is experimental.

          • Kelly Salvo says:

            I’m hoping section 1 was the experimental section, because I ran out of time with 7 questions left, but I did really well on the other two because I had the pacing down better.

          • meru says:

            Was thinking that Section 4 was experimental as well. Recent LSAT exams have had one LR section containing 26 questions and the other containing 25. The first section had 25, and sections 3-4 both had 26. So my bets are on one of those two (more-so on 4).

    • well i didn't get a 120 says:

      i had three. the first one seemed experimental to me unfortunately. the second one i didn’t finish in time. section four seemed like a real one.

      • Adam says:

        Man I am really hoping the first one was experimental because I panicked when the test started and feel like it bent me over. Rest of the test flower pretty smoothly

    • Fatima Qamar says:

      I had 3 and my second was the hardest so i was hoping that was the experimental but unfortunately.. I think 1st is experimental!

      • Adam says:

        What makes you think that?

        • Fatima Qamar says:

          I’ve been looking at the forums and most have come to that conclusion.

          • Adam says:

            Well I’ll hope for that. The only reason I feel like it might not be is that the last time there was an LSAT with two LR sections with 26 questions each was December of 2010 and I don’t know the last time before that. It just seems unlikely that it happened again but who knows!

  4. Taylor says:

    Everything seemed pretty average/normal except for logic games. It was a more difficult and time consuming combination than other LG sections I’ve seen.

  5. Lance Blankenship says:

    I had 3 LR and didn’t find anything unusual about any of them. The 2nd of the 3 was a little trickier, but nothing oddball. RC was definitely easier than I expected; the structure was pretty easy to spot in each passage. In LG, the third game was a huge time-suck, but luckily the fourth wasn’t too bad (even though it looked initially like it could be). I’m expecting a pretty tight curve relative to recent tests: -10 for a 170.

  6. Jimbo13 says:

    Did anyone have 2 games sections? I’m trying to figure out which one was experimental

  7. Rah says:

    I guess it must have been just me but I thought Reading Comprehension was extremely difficult. Logical Reasoning seemed about the same and so did Logic Games.

  8. adam gregory says:

    I had two rc. One was especially difficult and I really struggle d with it, the other I breezed through. I’m hoping after reading through these posts that the hard one was experimental.

  9. EM says:

    I had two LG sections. Both seemed relatively simple. The first one more than the second one.

    • Rattled says:

      I also had two LG sections, sections 3 and 4. I’m pretty sure (but not totally sure) that the second one was real. Why would they put an experimental right after the real one, after the break? I mean, they could, but I don’t think it would make much sense… Anyway, I did fine on the first LG, was feeling good up to that point (did fine on the other early sections too). But I don’t think I did so well on the second (the one that I think is real). Really rattled me, so much so, that I probably messed up the last LR section too. Bummer, since everything was going so smoothly beforehand. I’m even thinking about cancelling my score, but I really don’t want to have to take the thing again in December.

      • Bandit says:

        The hardest LG for me was the second one. I feel it was the experimental section, section 4. I didn’t finish, and to point out, we weren’t warned about having 5 minutes left. If the LG section 4 wasn’t experimental then I guess I’m going to have a big problem. The administrators will probably have a big problem as well.

  10. Joe says:

    I screwed up BIG TIME on the middle two logic games and got flustered. (the section with flowers, historical buildings, and CDs was the real one). I’m praying that my poor LG score is offset by my LRs and RC.

    • LBZ says:

      How did you know it was real? Was that sec 4 for you? I had two LGs too. The first one was a lot easier than the 2nd one.

    • Elena says:

      In the game with flowers, historical buildings and CDs – was there a game about Fall / Spring semesters ? (Also – did you have two logic games ?)

  11. Chrisoula says:

    Is there any way to know which logic games was experimental if you got 2 sections of them?

  12. Tom says:

    I thought it was okay. RC Victorian photography or not?

  13. Nicole says:

    I had 2 LG too. They really really tripped me up!! I usually like when there are 2 logic games sections bc it tends to be my favorite section and I would rather that than something else.. but I really struggled with them this time!

  14. Miguel says:

    I found the fourth section (LG) hardest and hope its the experimental (i had two LG sections). The one with the room, person and time tripped me up. I think thats the one with the flowers game also.

  15. Johnnyb says:

    I had two RC. Was the one with ownership theory real or experiment?

  16. lex says:

    Anyone read the passage about games and rewards of fixed ratio and varied ratio. I don’t know if it is experimental or not

  17. jn says:

    had 2 LG sections, the experimental one was a breeze, but the real one (the one with the flowers) definitely has made me feel terrible about my score on the test

  18. Chad says:

    It’s safe to say that the LG section with flowers and CDs was the real one, and the RC section with Darwinian Theory, Photography, and Indian Law (or w/e) was the real one as well. There were, however, three LR sections on mine. Section 4 was by far easier than the two I think. Let’s go about narrowing down which one of these was the experiment!

  19. Johnnyb says:

    I had one lg section and it contained the flowers. Which RC was real?

  20. lex says:

    What do you guys think of the curve for this one? Since there isare101 questions, I’ll go with -11 = 170.

  21. Johnnyb says:

    Did anyone use a lot of E’s on one of the LR

  22. Danielle says:

    So angry about the logic games section. And I had three LR so today was just a great day….

  23. SighORelief says:

    I had LR RC LR LR LG. Not sure which LR was experimental, they all seemed about equal difficulty. None were too brutal overall, but I thought there were some brutal questions in each. Lol, the parts do not equal the whole in this case. I though LG was pretty normal, definitely nothing as hard as the mauve Dino. The comparative RC was kind of tricky. I feel like it was very average, probably -10 for 170. Glad it’s over!!! Who thinks they will wait until after Hallween to release scores? I hope not…

  24. Sam says:

    Does anyone else have trouble remembering much of anything that was on the test? I can barely remember anything. #shorttermmemoryfail

  25. well i didn't get a 120 says:

    i had 3 LR’s also. I fucked up the second one, which was section three for me. i remember that the first LR had 25 questions. the second LR had 26 and the third LR (section 4) had 26 questions.
    i have no idea which the experimental was. praying it was the second one, but there could be 52 LR questions. there were on at least one practice we took.

    • Destani says:

      I had the same thoughts! I NEED that 2nd LR to be the experimental!! The amount of distraction my proctor caused was too much for me to handle while trying to tackle that section!

      • Kelly Salvo says:

        I had the same experience, the proctors were talking! and constantly pacing beside my desk, driving me crazy and breaking my concentration. I tried to offset this by always studying in public settings, but the lady was so distracting that my practicing didn’t help as much as I had hoped.

  26. Salvadore Torrez says:

    Hi guys I also took it today, I had the version with RC 2 and 3 LR sections; there is a very simple solution to solving for which one was the experimental but I told you….I’d have to kill you, just kidding of course.

    Think of this this way, the Logical Reasoning has 51 Questions total, with LR1 having 25 and LR 3 and 4 having 26; what does this imply?

    Well this implies that 3 and 4 cannot be both real sections, why? Because they add up to 52 questions, while LR must add up to 51, meaning what?

    That the Logical Reasoning sections that are scored are 1 combined with 3/4 using a linked option and the other of the 3/4 linked option being out as the experimental; sorry to break it to you people that were hoping for 1 to be experimental, it was by far the hardest of the three.

    Games on the other hand were also very difficult, but the first four sections were easily nailable.

    • Ello says:

      You had 2 RC and 3 LR? Think somethin may have been wrong with your test…

    • Bill says:

      Ok so if section one is guaranteed a counted section, then how can we figure out which of Section 3 and Section 4 was the experimental?

    • Eliza Doolittle says:

      No, doesn’t necessarily have to be 51 LR questions. Could be 52. Practice exam two had 52 LR.
      Looking at the comments, it seems the experimental RC was section 3. It also seems like LG experimental was section 3. Could we have a trifecta with LR?

  27. Hannah says:

    So the easy RC section was the experiential? That figures. Haha

  28. bleegman says:

    i had two LG sections and I know which one was the real one (Music on CD, Flowers, etc) but I wanted to remember what questions were on the experimental LG. Just a few keywords about them to remind me.
    Please! Thanks!

    • Hannah says:

      So the reading comp section after the break was the one that counted? I don’t remember exact passages. I just remember the second one was the easier one for me.

    • Katie says:

      I think it was one with the Musicians playing piano or violin… Does that help? I can think of one other game in the experimental, but I can’t remember the exact layout of the question. Just know it was about people and vague sequencing rules. Needless to say, both sections were extremely tough for me :(

      • Elena says:

        Does any one of you remember a game about fall / spring semesters? It was a division game.. than there were colleges that were hosting meetings, I think.

  29. Salvadore Torrez says:

    And no people, the easy Reading Comp was the real one; our version of the test only had one RC with the Darwin, etc. I won’t describe it as not the break the rules but that was the real section.

    Anyone wondering which LR was experimental read my explanation above, it’s very simple inference to make based on how many questions total LR has

  30. dbt says:

    I really hope the 2nd LG with the flowers wasn’t real. i’d feel a lot more comfortable with the 1st one.

  31. oneeighty says:

    I had LR-RC-LR-LR-LG. I normally suck at RC, but this one was not too bad at all. The games weren’t bad either except for the one with the hallways and the hours I ended up skipping. The 3rd LR was way easier than the others, only one I was able to finish so hopefully that one counts. I was averaging 164 on my PT’s but don’t feel like I scored that well today. Good luck everyone.

  32. Salvadore Torrez says:

    Or in short look at it this way for my test with 3 LR:

    RC was 27 Qs, Games was 23, and the LRs were 25, 26, and 26.

    If you take both 26s, that means you have to take the RC and Games because there was only one of each, but what does that mean?

    THE TOTAL WOULD ADD UP TO 102 QUESTIONS, THAT NEVER HAPPENS; the scoring scale is based on 101 maximum questions, I hope you guys are following my line of logic here, we just studied for the LSAT this isn’t that difficult to figure out lmao

    • Adam says:

      December 2010 had two real LR sections with 26 questions so it is still possible that the 25 was fake

    • Jenkins says:

      I had LR RC LR LR LG and mine were 25-26-25 for the LR. I did not have two that were 26; just one. I had to pee badly on the second LR which was my only 26 so I guess that’s a real one for me unfortunately. I also had a fill in the blank as the last question for LR #3. And I thought the first was the easiest. Long story short — there’s only one 26 LR.

      • Calabasas says:

        Yeah, i think we had the same test. I think 1 was experimental. It had like a zillion flaw questions.

      • LSATTestTaker says:

        This is incorrect. The LR with that ended in fill in the blank had 25 questions. I know this because I had only 2 LR sections and I remember the last questions very clearly. The one that had 26 questions ended with a necessary assumption question.

  33. Ajk says:

    Anyone with the LR RC LR LR LG setup get a lot of C’s on section 1?

  34. Hoping for the Best says:

    LR RC LR LR LG….YIKES that 2nd LR was a nightmare! LG wasn’t too bad I ran out of time on the last game and had to skim through, but it wasn’t hard at all.

  35. G bell says:

    I had LR RC LR LR LG and I’m really hoping the 3rd LR was the experimental.

  36. good luck ya'll says:

    LR seemed normal (had 3 sections, all seemed similar enough to not play detective and find out what was experimental), usually my best. RC (usually my worst) went smoothly, felt better than usual, not rushed at all. Felt great going into games, 2 went fine, 2 tripped me up. Nothing particularly surprising, think it might have been more mental fatigue than anything. We’ll see. Feeling pretty average, depending A LOT on how many you can miss for whatever score. Cheers and good luck ya’ll, might see you in Dec.

  37. Jill says:

    Did anyone have a game
    About a chef preparing a soup

  38. Kelly says:

    I would like to know which logical reasoning section doesn’t count because I messed up so badly on the 4th one. and games were kind of difficult. the first and 3rd game were a breeze but the others. geez

  39. Steven says:

    So, I just want to thank the people at blueprint for their affective teaching practices. After taking the lsat today, I feel really confident in my performance. I had LR RC LR LR LG, and I think I did really well in each section. I was usually able to finish each section with 3-5 minutes remaining and managed to catch a few mistakes I made when looking back at my answers. I had a bit of trouble with the last LR section, so I hope that one was experimental. I think I became tired after the break which affected my performance. Still, the lsat seemed a lot easier than I was expecting it to be. Here’s hoping that I’m not getting my hopes up too high. Now to begin the long 3 week wait…

  40. Sandra says:

    I would really like to know this too… I’m hoping it wasn’t the real one

  41. Kitty says:

    I wish the writing sample counted for our scores. I had a great topic and it sucks that no one will probably read it :(

  42. Finney says:

    Would it have been possible for me to have had 25 26 and 25 for my 3 LR sections? Does everyone get the same experimental? Could have sworn i had two 25 question LRs

    • Charles says:

      SAME HERE!! FINALLY I find someone… I thought I got it all messed up!! I really had 25 questions on the 3rd LR (4th section)!

    • HotPicket says:

      Questions within experimentals can differ. So 25, 26, 25 is possible. I don’t know though if the sequence of the experimental can differ too. So if one person with three LR’s had section 3 as experimental while another with 3 LR’s had section 4 as their experimental instead.
      If they don’t, then based on some having 26 and you guys having 25 for section 4, that would be the experimental section.
      If they can differ, then fuck knows.

  43. moose says:

    I took the test in London and it went rc-lg-lr-lr-lg. From others I talked with, i beleive the 2nd lg was the experimental.

    • MOE says:

      i took the test in london also, which one do you believe to the the expirimental? mine went LR-LG-RC-LG-LR.

    • Mel says:

      I took it in Europe as well and had RC LG LR LR LG as well.
      What made you think the second LG was the experimental one?

    • C says:

      I completely agree with your sentiment and had the same set up in London. I found the 2nd LG section on my test significantly more difficult than the first. What leads you to believe that the 2nd was experimental though? I want it to be of course haha but I’m curious as to why you think that

      • moose says:

        I have no way of knowing which was experimental of the 2, but in my london test the 2nf lg was much harder grouping games. The 2nd game, of the second lg section… i was like wtf and drew a complete blank on trying to set it up.

    • Elena says:

      I also took the test in London and had the exact set up! I was hoping for the second LG to be experimental, but from what people are saying I guess it was the first one..

      • Mel says:

        The thing is, the European test and the American one are not the same, so we can’t really apply what people are saying here to what we had….

  44. MOE says:

    did anyone have a LG with the questions regarding courses offered in spring and fall? I think tampa and vancouver were two cities discussed. I thought the LG were very difficult, over 10+ practice tests I have never gotten more than 3 wrong, and I struggled with two questions in each section. Has LSAC ever split experiemental questions into two different sections? Just praying that’s a possibility…

  45. pewpew says:

    How many questions were for the last RC passage?

    I remember filling in 5…but that doesn’t seem right…usually the shorter sections are 6 questions minimum.

  46. Jessica says:

    I had RCLRRCLGLR. The logic game really tripped me up as well, but I am hoping that my RC and LR will help to make up for it. The reading comp was pretty easy I thought. LR was typical. My proctors though, I could have done without! One kept walking around and RIGHT INFRONT OF MY DESK, bumping it each time. Like HELLO I am trying to take a test! Also, the first three sections, they put our start time and stop time on the board, then sections 4 and 5 they stopped! Not cool!

  47. Christine says:

    I was going through my version of the test great until the very last section when seconds after starting, construction workers started drilling into the side of the building incessantly and randomly for the next 30 mins so you were just waiting for it to start up again any time now and ruin your train of thought. Ugh! Hopefully my other three sections will make up for it.

  48. Mike says:

    Anyone without a RC experimental encounter a RC section on CFC’s (environmental pollution) or one on stone tablets/tokens? Crossing my fingers hoping these were experimental… Thanks!

  49. DRB says:

    Some good chatter on here, and as one poster also confirmed:

    – The real RC had Darwin, photography, advertisements, land transfer
    -The real LG had CDs, gold/rose room, families and mills/stables, and ended with flowers

    I only had 1 RC and 1 LG and the above were it.

    Like many on here I had LR, RC, LR, LR, LG. The BIGTIME TBD questions seems to be which LR was experimental.

    One real LR section ended with a fill in the blank question, this I believe was section 1. The other real LR ended with a question on chemical fertilizers, can anyone recall if this was 3 or 4? The experimental LR had as question 1 or 2 a question on binge drinking of beer (who wouldn’t remember that!), again can anyone weigh in on whether that was 3 or 4?

    • Bonnay says:

      So section 1LR was a real one.

      Did anyone remember a question about tears/irritability for the other LR section? (hoping this one was experimental).

      • DRB says:

        Hmm Bonnay tears/irritability do you remember around what question that was? Do you recall the fertilizer one? Or which section had a question on sodium and fluoride?

        • Bonnay says:

          Do you remember the question with students receiving grades lower than B-?

          • DRB says:

            Yeah but can’t remember what section. I think section 4 was the experimental and 3 counted – wish it were the other way around. Do you remember a question on mars and methane breakdown from the sun? That question was on a scored section

          • DRB says:

            Bonnay, the B-minus question was a scored section, was that your Section 3?

      • lisa1313 says:

        I had LR (25), RC, LR (26), LR (25), LG

        I’m trying to figure out which LR (1 or 4) was the experimental.

        I remember the first Q of the first LR. It had the numbers 60% and 40%. Can someone confirm if this was the experimental or not?

        • calabasa2 says:

          YES we had the same test. i think that’s how mine started too…i think 1 was experimental cause of all the flaws but am freaking out not knowing

          • fin says:

            Same with me. Does anyone who had only 2 LRs remember if they had an LR that started with a question about something with percentages 60% and 40%?

        • 3LRs says:

          I had the same setup. I am hoping the last LR was real because I think it went better for me than the first two. I don’t remember specific questions except that many were related to environment and pollution. There may have been one about more/less car accidents on open roads.

    • Elena says:

      Sorry to repeat – so you had only one LG section and you don’t remember one with cities / Fall & Spring semesters? I think you were distributing cities/meetings underneath fall and spring semesters.. I had two LG games and I can only remember this game, hoping your memory might help mine.

      • Lgkilledme says:

        Was there a response to think? I would like to know if the LG section that had the spring/fall semesters and included cities of Tampa and Vancouver was the experimental? I took the test in London btw.

  50. rushmore says:

    anyone have a LR, RC, LR (break) RC, LG form? I can’t remember which RC had the darwin (since everyone is saying that’s the real one). I’m really hoping it wasn’t the second RC…

  51. disadvantaged says:

    Whats upsetting is some people are taking this exam on monday and they can find out now which the real sections and experimentals are, and get overall feel for the exam.. not cool :/

  52. Jill says:

    I had to guess the same answer for like half of the logic game section, so I hope there was a weird distribution of answer choices on the games lol

  53. Mike says:

    All – Is there a firm date which we are supposed to receive the results by?

  54. Jason N says:

    Hi all–reading through comments and reflecting on the test, I am actually kind of irate about the LG section. I have practiced taking virtually every LG section ever published (it is my weakness) and the Sept. 27 LG section was imo an egregious outlier compared to any previous section. No, the games in of themselves were not particularly exotic, but they were all at the mid to upper end of the complexity range which made the section virtually impossible to triage. Not offering a single game with two case limited options and/or a straight forward leap deduction is something I’ve rarely, if ever, seen before and I think it put everyone on this test at a huge LG section disadvantage relative to previous tests. As I imagine most of you would agree, mastery of LG isn’t in the games its in the pacing so depriving takers of the 9/27 test of a “gimme” game in essence robbed them of at least several minutes of section time that most/all previous test takers have been afforded. The way I see it, the way this LG section was composed significantly altered the usual time constraints of the test–it’s like they arbitrarily decided, instead of having 35 mins for LG, you’ve got 30. Personally, as soon as I recognized that there was no gimme game (jeez…they even through curveballs into the basic sequencing game…”glork is either before clark and muke or it is after clark and muke”) I went into a tailspin not knowing how to manage the section, panicked, and pretty much bombed the whole thing. Is this my fault? Yup…I still suck at LG and am not very adaptable/easily spooked. However, had the test stuck to its established format this would not have happened and I think the test makers have a responsibility to try a little harder to ensure that the test experience is uniformly difficult throughout the evolution of the test. Removing the gimme game from LG was ostensibly a minor shift, but for anyone who struggles most with LG, it seems pretty brutally punitive–especially considering that LR and RC sections, where I think most people who flounder with LG tend to excel, were pretty tame. /vent.

    • nina says:

      how many games sections did you have?

    • Steve says:

      I felt the same way about the logic games. I knew my score was going to depend on whether or not I finished the logic games section in time, but unfortunately I missed one question completely and guessed on two of them. I’m not even confident in the questions I did answer because I was so pushed for time that I can guarantee that I made mistakes. Going to retake in December. Frustrating.

    • Adamzep says:

      I totally agree and feel the same way – will they possibly take into account when scoring?

    • Nick says:

      I could not agree more with this comment.

  55. LSATTestTaker says:

    Just curious…did anyone have an unusually high number of As in the RC? I felt pretty confident going through the passages but when I counted up how many As I had it got me a little worried.

  56. Brad says:

    Can someone explain more about the gold rose room LG without breaking the rules? Did it have to do with people and time?

  57. MK says:

    Did anyone with only two LRs have for the second to last question of the 26 question section one about being tired and yawning?

  58. Loren says:

    I’ve been told that the experimental section is always before the break. I had two Game sections (3 and 4) and 3 was the hardest for me. RC came first for me on the test, which made it more difficult. I’m hoping that the 3rd section was experimental.

  59. lkj says:

    Yes, I believe so.

  60. G says:

    this is not going to stop people from doscussing it. u cant inhibit freedom of speech. the bery fact that people discuss the LSAT helps tutors like yourself conceptualize and teach the test. i myself took the test on monday but LSAC doesnt release it at all. i want to know how i did. can only get an idea by discussing it

    • Greg Nix says:

      To be clear, we love discussion of the LSAT. But LSAC has regulations (which you agreed to in taking the test) that prohibit discussion of specific questions and answers, and they will cancel your score/prosecute you should you break them.

    • Greg Nix says:

      Also, better brush up on the First Amendment and your definition of freedom of speech before you start law school :-)

  61. Pat I says:

    From what I’ve read around, the tired/yawning/irritability question was a scored section, it was second to last question…MK/Sandra/Bandit, was it in your Section 3? Was the last question right after that about fertilizers? The fertilizer question was a scored section.

  62. lkj says:

    My setup was LR RC LR LR LG and I DEFINITELY had two 25 question LRs and one 26 question LR. My second section of LR is where the one with 26 questions was.

    Does anyone have any guesses as to when scores will actuallyyyyy be released? It says 22nd, and because they don’t usually release on weekends I’m guessing the 20th. But I saw on another blog a bunch of people were speculating that it’ll come 13-17…I’m pretty sure theyve never released it that far off from the date though, right?

  63. taleofrevenge says:

    my format: rc lr rc lg lr, real reading comp had darwin, experimental had computers, the game section that counts is the one who the 3 families, flowers, etc, i didnt think they were bad, it was just those games that you had to grind through with a lot of if questions, lr was tough, a few curveballs but overall wasnt as bad as i thought it be, and reading comp i was definitely surprised, i wasnt overwhelmed by the real section or the experimental

  64. Kelli Morgan says:

    Hello All,

    I believe we can all start checking from the 15th to the 23rd. It there is a weather delay, then the 23rd. Historically, it is rarely late except for weather problems on the east coast.

  65. Akorn says:

    I had to RC. My memory has faded a bit but which one was the experimental (I.e. Subjects of the passages)?

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