December 2012 LSAT Instant Recap

The last month of the year is upon us, and so is its last LSAT. Across the country, thousands of students filed into their December LSAT testing centers and sat for what could be the most important test of their lives.

Maybe you were one of them. If so, what’d you think? Chime in in the comments. Just remember that all comments have to be approved. We can not publish any comments that discuss specific December LSAT questions or directly suggest which topic was believed to be the experimental section. If your comment isn’t approved, it’s likely because it violated an LSAC policy.

Now, here’s what we’re hearing so far about the December LSAT:

It sounds like at least one Logic Games section was particularly easy (see, LSAC isn’t that mean), while Logical Reasoning made up for it with a tough section — with some reports saying there were more than one crux question, which is a bit of an oddity. Most reports have deemed Reading Comprehension easy to moderate.

I’ll continue to update the December 2012 LSAT Instant Recap as more reports trickle in. In the meantime, let us know what you thought. What tripped you up on the December LSAT, if anything? How do you think you did? What are your post-December LSAT plans?

108 Responses

  1. Camille says:

    Thought the reading comp section was much easier than the October’s, and that’s usually my worst section so I’m crossing my fingers.

    • Mike says:

      I got NO sleep the night before smh. I couldn’t sleep! I must have gotten about 3 1/2 hours at most but I was pumped! I’m not a morning person so I’m thinking the lack of sleep allowed my brain to be fully awake…it feels good to have taken this test for the first time in my life. I prepped hard and it feels as if a little pressure has been released.

  2. Nick says:


    Had a lot of trouble with the last LR… hoping that it’s the experimental.

  3. Liz says:

    I had a question for one of the people writing this blog. I took the test today and thought it was pretty straight forward, however, I (along with 4 other people in my room!) got written up for a misconduct violation, for apparently “filling in answers after time was called”. I did no such thing, my test booklet was closed, which the proctor admitted, and she didn’t see me write anything, because i DIDN’T! What I am guilty of is holding my pencil. I put my pencil down initially after she called time on section 5, and closed my test booklet. As the supervisor mentioned that the second proctor was going to come around and collect the test, I mindlessly (after 5 grueling test hours) picked up my pencil. At no time was it ANYWHERE near my test paper. The proctor saw my pencil (and my closed booklet) and told me to put it down or i would be written up. I immediately complied and apologized! I hadn’t even realized it was in my hand. My test was collected and i thought the whole thing was over. I finished the writing sample and as i was getting ready to leave the room, she began passing out all of these yellow slips! When i spoke to her I asked if she could at least write on the slip that she didnt see me writing and that my test book was closed, but she said that once a slip was written she wouldn’t change it!!

    I’m so upset and wrote LSAC a long email detailing the situation. This was the last time I could take the test and still apply in this cycle. I was wondering if you had ever heard of any similar situations and what normally happens in cases like this. Any info you can provide would help because I am freaking out!

    • Hank says:

      You’ll have to take it up with LSAC, and do it quickly. Trust me, this isn’t the first time proctors have screwed up. It happens more often than you think. Hopefully LSAC gets back to you in the email, but they may require a formal complaint. Check their website/your account to see what you can find. Sorry this happened to you. It would be such a shame to be penalized for something ridiculous like that.

      • Liz says:

        Thanks for the reply. The email I sent was pretty long and detailed, and I’m hoping that because I’m telling the truth things will work out in my favor. I’m all for proctors doing their jobs, but this one seemed like she was out for blood. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

        • Stephanie says:

          You know, reading your posts, I’m surprised that your proctors took it so seriously. This was my first time, and hopefully the last time taking the LSAT, and I thought the proctors were very relaxed and informal. They only walked through the rows once during a section and seemed preoccupied with the documents on their desks in the front of the room than what we were doing. Everyone was extremely relaxed, which I thought was strange. That stinks that your proctors were stringent. I guess there’s no uniformity.
          Good luck to you!


        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds like the proctor is a dingbat. If the proctor handed out multiple slips I would say there is something wrong with the proctor and not with several people in one room – the LSAC will notice this, just make sure to complain.

  4. Pol says:

    I had 3 LR sections, the first was noticeably harder than the last 2, and there was a crux question that I remember. Hope that was the experimental section.

  5. matt says:

    i felt much better coming out of this one than i did after the October one. hopefully that’s a good sign!

    • John says:

      Same here. Definitely feel better about this one. I had RC, LR, LR, LR, LG. LG were pretty easy, I just ran out of time and had to guess on the last two questions. Hope it went as well as I feel.

  6. Susie says:


    RC was a lot better than in oct. Had difficulty with the second LG section (last section). The third game reminded me of the awful zone game from the oct LSAT

  7. NB says:

    I don’t think the curve is going to be as generous at Shinners predicted

  8. Cody P says:

    Pretty confident with my exam. I had RC as an experimental, though neither proved to be too difficult.

    Logic Games came first for me and I stayed pretty strong through out the whole section. It lacked the convoluted language that Matt had anticipated.

    LR had a fairly easy section that made its way to the end of my test. I usually do not finish these especially if it’s in the latter half of the exam and I finished it effortlessly.

    Good challenge.

  9. Scott says:

    The first two LG games were the easiest consecutive games I’ve ever seen. Done in 9 minutes with both.

    • Mike says:

      True. The first ten in LG to start off Tyne test provided strong momentum. Unfortunately the third game sucked and the fourth game I barely deduced.

      • Matty V says:

        Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more that fourth game I just could not get any deductions. Had to guess on 4 questions and move on to the third game which was tough too.

  10. Simon says:

    Frustrated I didn’t manage time well.

    I had… Games, LR, RC, LR, RC

    Section 1: Games easier than average, spent too much time on question 3, had to guess on the questions of 4th game (tiered ordering)… I think it would have been wise to do the 4th game before the 3rd.
    First game was ordering with a mini-spin to it.
    Second game was grouping, basic.
    Third game was grouping, but time-consuming
    Fourth game was tiered ordering.

    Section 2: Easy LR section, maybe one or two that were on the difficult side.

    Section 3: Experimental. Weird. Just weird.

    Section 4: Tougher than average LR, had to guess on quite a few, especially the last couple.

    Section 5: Average RC, science passage (passage#2) (rightly predicted by blueprint), failed to manage time well, barely got to fourth passage (a comparative), had to make educated guesses by skimming quickly.

    Lesson: Next time, bring an analog watch with me. LSAT, I’ll be back in February.

    • Chad says:

      I concur with a February return. Graduating this December, but never really planned on applying this cycle. LG, RC, LR, RC, LR for me. First Reading Comp was truly bizarre; second, somewhat of a breeze. First-timer here. Looking forward to Feb.

  11. Monty says:

    One of the last games was fairly difficult! One of the RC sections was though as well, hopefully that was the experimental. LR was pretty straightforward, no big surprises there!

  12. Simon says:

    Any adjusted prediction on the curve, blueprint staff or fellow test takers?

  13. Jackson says:

    I tought that this test was much easier than Oct/2012. LG, LR, RC, RC, LR Any ideas on which one is the experiemental would be great. Hoping for a
    -10 curve/scale.

  14. KJ P. says:


    Overall, I felt that both the RC and games sections were significantly easier than the October ’12 LSAT. I was able to finish the first two games extremely fast, the third game with normal speed and spent about ten minutes on the fourth game. I thought the games were relatively soft compared to the past few LSAT practice tests, though I’m glad I was able to buy more time for the last one.

    Reading Comprehension is definitely my Achilles’ heel on the LSAT but again, it seemed like LSAC loosened up this around (at least in comparison to October’s unusually difficult RC).

    The LR sections weren’t horrible either–I had three of them–although the first section did seem a bit trickier than the latter two. The second LR section felt softer and the third LR section felt like a standard difficulty. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the first LR section was experimental, especially since a girl was coughing uncontrollably for about five or ten minutes (it felt like ten) during it. Luckily one of the proctors told her to go to the hallway and get a drink.

  15. Leah says:


    First two games were a breeze, guess on the third and did the fourth
    First LR was BRUTAL. For whatever reason, I couldn’t focus on it, everything was throwing me for a loop. This happened to me the last time I took the test and it turned out it was the experimental, so I’m hoping its the case this time.
    Second LR was disturbingly easy. Hoping that wasn’t the one that didn’t count.
    RC was standard.
    Last LR was also standard, but by then I was running out of steam and still reeling from my first LR panic attack.
    Essays are dumb.

    • MK says:

      I think we had the exact same experience- LG LR LR RC LR. Almost gave up then and there on the first LR. Hardest one I’ve ever seen followed by the easiest I’ve ever encountered. The tough one had 26 questions- does anyone know if the count was 101 or 100 for this exam?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s 101. I had RC LR LR LR LG, and one of my LRs was 24 questions. Everyone else had 25 and 26Q LRs. That brings the count up to 27 (RC) + 23 (LG) + 25/26 (LR) = 101..

  16. Sarah T says:


    Felt extremely positive about LG. I was expecting a min or 2 breather between sections, but we had about 20 secs between sections. Is that normal? Didn’t feel good about first LR. Second was easy, plenty of time so I guess that one was exp. :( RC was after the break and somehow I just could not get thru the passages quickly at all. Started with 4 (comparative) then 3 then 1 then 2. Didn’t read any of 2 and didn’t get thru all of 1. Never did that poorly during practices, but everyone else is saying it was easy so I guess it was text anxiety.

    Will we get to see our raw score broken down by section?

    • Sera says:

      My proctors were pretty laid back, but there was definitely no break in between sections. Barely had time to put my pencil down before one called starting time on the next section.

      I do believe we get to see our score break down on the LSAC site once scores are posted.

  17. Robin says:

    Anyone know if there were 100 or 101?

  18. Justin says:

    Overall, I think that this LSAT was much, much easier than either the June or October 12′ LSAT.
    My LSAT consisted of RC, LG (experimental), LR, LR, LG.

    RC was much easier than the October LSAT. I found the second passage the most difficult and had to guess on two of the answers.
    LG (experimental) was exactly the same format as the final LG section.
    Both LR sections were tuff, I remember thinking that there was a new type of question introduced that I had never seen before in the third section. I can’t remember exactly what it was asking right now, as my brain is fried, but will try to remember and then post later.

    Last thought– I thought it was weird that most of the games didn’t call for scenarios (I think I only had one game needing scenarios).

    Does anyone know if it is within LSAC’s history to put out two fairly easy LSATs in a row? In the case that I don’t score above a 165, I will need to retake the LSAT in February and I’m wondering if this test was relatively easy, what could come next. Is February LSAT already made and waiting for the test day or do they wait for feedback on the December exam and then draft a test depending on the results of the previous LSAT? Any input is appreciated.

    • KJ P. says:

      I think I know which new LR question type you’re talking about–I saw it a couple times on this year’s October LSAT. Did it have to do with a principle, an application, and then justifying the application of the principle?

      • 7Kingdoms says:

        Was that a principle/strengthen question?

        • KJ P. says:

          The wording in the question stem didn’t technically say “strengthen,” but it essentially was a strengthen principle question, yeah. At least for me, they tend to be on the easier side (almost as easy as main conclusion questions… I feel like I had a considerable amount of those today).

    • Nemos says:

      I hope you are right about the second LG section being experimental. My exam RC LG LR LR LG. If it is, then I did well indeed.

    • Tes says:


      How do you know which LG was the experimental? I had to LG on mine too and screwed up the last one (the first one was very very basic) so was wondering how you knew…

    • Maria says:

      I had two LG as well the sane order as you and Tess. Like Tess I am wondering how you know the first game section was the experimental? I thought the second LG section was by far more difficult and seemed to contain games that were unfamiliar in style. So I thought the last section was experimental.

  19. Greg says:


    My first RC was experimental — began with a comparative. It was cake.

    Games were very easy, with many scenarios/deductions; the last one was tricky, but fortunately I had ~13 minutes to do it.

    There were two crux questions in one of the LRs. The other section was a bit easier; I had a lot of time left.

    Overall the sections seemed pretty straightforward. Knock on wood. Oh sweet lil baby Jesus knock on wood.

    • Shane says:

      What test did you take? I had the same format and none of my RCs had comparative for the first passage.

      • Greg says:

        Am I supposed to remember the test form code? Because I definitely don’t.

        Perhaps we had different experimental RCs? Mine was section 3.

  20. Richard says:

    It seems like everyone thought that the LG section was pretty straightforward. I had LG LR LR RC LR. I thought that the first 2 games were the easiest I have ever done, however the 3rd and 4th killed me. I’m not sure if anyone had the same issues with the tiered ordering game at the end. Proctors were decent, gave us about 20 seconds in between sections. I thought RC was standard, did not really notice a difficult LR section. Overall, I actually thought the October LSAT was much easier, but maybe that’s because I took it as a practice exam.

  21. XLogic says:


    Thought RC was standard. But then again, I thought RC was okay the last time, and !Kung totally floored me.

    I thought 1 LR was easy, 1 standard difficulty, and 1 difficult!. Barely made it through that one.

    LG — 1st 2 games ok. Attempted doing 4, then 3. didn’t help. Didnt do too good on the last 2 games. gosh!

  22. Vt says:


    LG games were easy though had to abandon end of third to get to fourth. Destroyed first RC, after getting flustered by first LR.

    Felt like I was cruising through second RC, but 5 minutes was called during middle of third passage. Last RC passage was comparative. Discussed with a student afterwards and it seemed that this was NOT the experimental

  23. Jake says:

    I had RC LG LR LR LG – compared to the October LSAT I had RC LR RC LR LG (aka the test from the sepulcher of hell). This test was easier than the October test, but this RC beat me on timing on the last section, gave me a right hook on the second LR, and did a Mortal Kombat Finishing Move on the last LG. However, compared to the beast of a test from October, I’m going to happily accept the few unfortunate mishaps this test.

    Hopefully, we are not a self-selecting sample (insert a one-eyed death stare), and we probably did better than we actually believe – assuming that there were plenty of people not prepared as us, which is probably true. Even if we believe we didn’t do well, we should celebrate the fact that the December LSAT is one-and-done.

  24. Sarah T says:

    Love it, Jake. Thanks for the comic relief and optimism!!

  25. JT says:

    I had LG LR RC RC LR….if you had this order then the 3rd section (first reading comp section) was the experimental one. I thought the hardest section for this LSAT was actually Reading Comprehension. Maybe I thought it was hard because I had two RC back to back and the experimental one was difficult and slightly flustered me for the next RC section. Then again….I’ve talked to at least a dozen people and the majority of them and their friends felt uneasy about the RC section. It’s all subjective though. Some people though LG was hard but RC super easy.

    • Simon says:

      I’m with you. I had your exam. Experimental RC (Section 3) was soooooo strange. It caught me off guard. And I felt time-crunched on the actual RC in section 4. Hoping for a (-13) curve.

  26. Nate says:

    I needed 24 hours or so to decompress, so I’m weighing in now.

    My test went like this … LG LR LR RC LR

    I thought the first 2 logic games were VERY easy (however, I screwed up playing the numbers a bit on the second game – a grouping game – that cost me a bit too much time to fix, but I got it eventually). I skipped game 3 and went straight to 4, which was a much harder than expected tiered ordering. I had a bit of trouble with the scenarios with the “no consecutives” rule.

    The 3rd reading comp passage was time-consuming, and I didn’t have enough time to be thorough on the 4th passage (a comparative passage).

    That third logical reasoning section was TOUGH. It might have been because it was a THIRD logical reasoning section, but by question 16 or 17, it was getting difficult.

    I felt better about this test than the Oct 2012 one, but I did focus more on conditioning this time, being able to sit and concentrate for 4 hours and manage time better.

    By the way, I wore my Wanna Score? Blueprint shirt to the exam. The proctor did not seem amused by it.

    • Maureen says:

      I had the same test that you did. Game 3 and 4 of LG were pretty hard, and the 4th game confused me with the no consecutive rule as well.

      Also, loved the shirt idea!

  27. Tony says:


    Began with the first two games and then started tackling game 4 because it had more questions. Had to abandon it after I went blank on a crucial deduction, then finished game 3 and came back to it. Pounded out some answers eliminating wrong ones, but not entirely confident. First LR reasoning was a toughie, didn’t have time to finish a 3 answers so had to guess on those. Both RCs were pretty standard, and both had a large number of questions so there is no way to tell which one is experimental. Was a ton of reading back to back and I have a feeling my second RC was less focused than the first. The second LR very easy, had an ample 6 or so minutes to review my answers after completing.

  28. Nick says:

    I had RC LR LR LR LG…. The first two LR seemed normal and the third (after the break) was unusually wordy and very difficult. Any chance that the experimental is in the second half of the exam? RC and LG were a breeze so if this unusually difficult arguments section was the experimental I feel much more confident now than I did in October.

    • Frankie says:

      I had the same order and the same feeling about that last LR. Some of the questions were strange and unfamiliar, too, like nothing I’d encountered in my most recent practice exams. I struggled with a similar number of questions as I had in the other sections, so I can’t rate its overall difficulty very differently, but the strangeness of it threw me.

  29. Mandy says:


    I am wondering whether it is possible that an experimental section appears in the latter two? has this condition ever existed?

    • Laura Santoski says:


      Yes, it is possible that the experimental section was one of the last two. It used to be that the experimental was always one of the first three sections, but starting in Oct. ’11, LSAC has been switching it up, so your fourth section could have been the real LG section.

  30. Paul says:

    Took it yesterday.


    It’s funny…the day before the test a buddy of mine gave me this advice,”hey, after the test do NOT freck out and cancel it, you probably did better than you think.” At the time, I was like (in my head) “pfft whatever I’m not going to feel like that!”

    Now….that’s the ONLY thing I can think about! Lol.

    It wasn’t “bad” but the fact is when taking a test like that you really have to clear your head after every question. So, instead of getting a good feeling about the whole test, your left with how you felt at the end of the test.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to share my post-test anxiety with you all.

    • Kendra says:

      I had the same set up. I’m unsure out of the two RCs which was the expermiental. I’m hoping it was the second one which if I’m remembering correctly had material had a comparative as its third section. Would have much perferred that set up.

  31. Sara says:

    I had RC LG LR LR LG … Does anyone have any idea whether the first or second lg was the experimental? Hopefully the second…

    • Jules says:

      The one with the really easy first 2 games is the real one (those 2 games were VERY quick and much in contrast to the slightly weird questions in the experimental.

  32. Sophia says:

    Thank goodness for this, now I don’t feel so crazy about the LR sections.


    I’m not sure if the first or second LR was the experimental. I’m hoping it was the first…either way it really tripped me up and I think my confidence was shaken for the one right after it.

    I was SO relieved about LG. The third game was pretty difficult so I skipped it which sucks, but at least I didn’t screw myself over by wasting time on it and not getting to the fourth. At this point I’m just trying to make myself feel better about this terrible experience which I hope to never have to go through again :P

  33. Alex says:

    I had LG (23) LR (26) LR (25) RC (27) LR (25)

    I found the first two games rather easy, third game of moderate difficulty. Had about 10 min left for the last game but just spaced on drawing deductions.

    I found the first LR difficult and did not finish the section when I normally finish LR with a few minutes to spare. The other two LR were not too dificult.

    I found the RC to be a comparable difficulty compared to a lot of the practice tests, finished, but barely did so.

    Does anyone with only two LR sections now the final question count? If it were the two 25 question sections I will feel extremely confident. If the 26 question LR turns out to not be expiremental, I will feel a bit more stressed about my score.

    • Leah says:

      Same. I had the exact same set up and didn’t finish that first LR section either, but the other two I felt fine about. I hope it was the one that didn’t count, its stressing me out not knowing.

      • Alex says:

        if it is true then unfortunately for us the tough LR was the section that counted.

        • Maria says:

          I had only two LR sections and the furst was average difficulty I thought, but the last was my fourth section and I barely finished. There was a very unusual question close to the end that was notable bc I had never seen such a type in my prep tests. So I think your deduction is correct.

    • 7Kingdoms says:

      51 total LR questions for me.

  34. Sean says:

    I had two logic games. One was my second section the other was the fifth. Any idea which was the experimental?

    • Sarah says:

      Mine was the same! I’m really hoping the fifth was the LG section that counted because I nailed that one! My second section I didn’t do so hot on, it was the most difficult LG section I’ve encountered. Everyone seems to have had an easy LG section which makes me think/hope the second section won’t count.

      • jason says:

        Sarah, I had a 5th LG section that was incredibly difficult for me, I had to guess on 10+ questions and I never have to guess on more than 1 game during PT.

        My 2nd section LG was much easier, not major issues and finished all with time to spare. Maybe the LSAT is switching sections for different students way more than they use to? How could you and I have such polar oppisite experiences with LG if they were not switched.

        • Maria says:

          Jason, I feel the exact same way as you. The fifth LG section was VERY tough and I usually am pretty comfortable with LG in general. My second section was also LG and I found it quite easy, even comparable, to my practice tests.

      • blake spencer says:

        I also had RC, LG, LR, LR, LG. Agree with you, Sarah! Please let the 5th section count and the 2nd be the experimental!

  35. Koby says:

    I had LG, LR, RC, RC, LR….I am thinking that the first Reading Comp before the break was the experimental. I see some people agree that this is correct, but what exactly makes you think it was? I remember one of the passages of sec. 3 was unusually hard and had (I think) 8 questions. Does anyone have any input?


  36. A Different Sean says:

    Had RC-LG (exp)-LR-LR-LG

    RC: On PTs, usually my best section, and I usually finish with minutes to spare, but I was beginning the final passage with 5 minutes, so I had to read and answer quickly. Luckily, I thought that passage was pretty easy, with only one tricky question. Overall, easy passages with one or two tough questions per (ie., 2 ostensibly plausible answers). But considering that I usually do really well on this section, I was hoping this was experimental. It wasn’t.

    LGs: Both the real and experimental were practically the same, and pretty easy, but I drilled a ton of LGs in prep. Not sure why so many people thought the 3rd game was so difficult – a lot of older games seemed similar. 4th was plug-and-chug.

    LR1: Pretty standard, but I always have a difficult time finishing – 5 mins for last 5 questions, so I had to do a quick educated guess for one of the parallel logic questions.

    LR2: Same thing with time, but this one had a more difficult final 5, and again, basically guessed the parallel logic question. (They take so long to read!)

    Afterwards, I pretty much felt the same way at the end that I felt at all of my preptests, and for those, when I looked back over them after the test, I noticed that I usually guess on the tough ones right, with usually 1-2 mistaken guesses, and 1 where I made a simple misreading error. So overall, I’m guessing around -6 to -8, but it could be anywhere from -2 to -14! Here’s to hoping for another December -14 curve!

  37. Tiffany says:

    Does anyone know or have an idea what the experimental is for this setup? –LG LR LR RC LR I’m guessing it was the last one, but the two before seemed a lot easier compared to the last… I only got to two games had to guess on the other two! but feeling really good about LR and RC :)

  38. Janice says:

    I totally spaced during the LG section and did not make huge deductions. SO STRESSED.

  39. Aladdin Shilleh says:


    experimental LG was sooo easy. finished the whole thing in like 25 minutes. i was pissed when later found out it wasn’t the real one. RC was pretty straight forward, except for the second passage, which was a difficult

    • Sarah says:

      How do you know which one was experimental v the
      real thing?

    • Justin says:

      I had the same text as you– RC LG LR LR LG…. I agree, the first set of games were a total breeze and then when I later found out they were experimental, I was disappointed because I had to end up guessing on some of the questions in one of the non-experiemental games. Darn!

  40. Michele Walling says:

    I had RC-LG-LR-LG-LR

    I was OK until I hit the second set of LG on section 4 and then the LR on section 5 was difficult. I think the LG(4) games messed with my focus. I tried to set them up and nothing was a direct result or game like I had set up before. Brain was tired by section 5 but it still seemed like the correlations and examples were crazy off.

    The essay (which I don’t even think about I am so confident in them) even caused my brain to hurt…lol This is my first shot at the exam and I am praying it will be the last.

  41. prosper says:

    Anyone take the sabbath observers test today on the 3rd? I think it’s a different one.

  42. Andrew B says:


    RC: Thought it was easier than October, took a little too long on the second passage and had to rush through the 4th.

    LR: My first one was very difficult I thought, many of the questions were really long. Usually I miss 2-5 per LR section but I’m worried this one could be worse. The second one was more straight forward but still medium. I thought the LR was way harder than October

    LG: Experimental was easy. The real one depended how long it took you to figure out the third game. I understood it so I think I nailed this section. Much easier than October.

    I thought the test was more favorable than October overall. Logic games and RC were easier, but LR was harder. For me, it is really going to come down to the curve. Based on what I’ve read on the internet, December curves tend to be easier (-13ish) compared to other months, plus there was 101 questions rather than 99 like in October. However, it worries me that everyone seems to think that they did well, which could result in a bad curve (-10). We shall see.

  43. Fran says:

    This was second time I’ve taken the test. In June, I took it with the outlook that this would be my “test” test. To see how I deal with actual testing conditions. I had anxiety, stress and a few lil “boo boo’s” and I knew that I did well enough to get into some schools but not high enough for how good I could do. I walked away from the June test with a 150.
    My feelings were spot on, on the test and how I felt when I walked away.

    The December test seemed to have a few twist and turns… it’s the LSAT it’s how any good LAWYER would write the test. I was very confident with most things and I left the testing center with a smile on my face.

    I had LG LR RC RC LR… the 1st reading comp was slightly more difficult than the first. I’m usually known for completing at least 3 reading comps with proficiency and then rushing through the 4th. The 1st RC section just felt very “THICK and WORDY.” I could barely get through 2 of them without my brain starting to hurt.

    All in all it was a good day, great testing. I prepared with the BEST LSAT PREP, I had a great experience at FAMU LAW school for testing… they are very thorough. So now it’s time to play THE WAITING GAME

    I wish everyone the best of luck!!!

  44. Lauren says:

    Does anyone remember how many questions were on the 3rd and 4th game?

  45. Ana says:


    I hope the 3rd section/RC was experimental.

  46. Liv says:

    I had LG LR RC RC LR

    Games is my best section so I didn’t have any troubles.
    The first LR (26 questions) was tough! I usually have about 4 minutes to spare and I think I maybe had 1 minute… My experimental RC was tough and glad it was experimental… The remaining two sections I was happy with and overall feel confident, just a bit uneasy about the first LR… I’m hoping if u get 80 questions right it will be 164 or higher

  47. Caroline says:

    i want to die right now. the rentals won’t let me wait another year to apply to law school but i know i could get a 172 at LEAST if i took the exam again. FML.

  48. Carol says:

    I had similar reactions to the test and thought everything but the LR was easier but I ended up with a much lower score than the October test.
    I also remember at least one error in the test on the RC section. Does throwing out test questions (if they did) affect the curve? Any advice on how to deal with a lower score after doing pretty well in October?

  49. Amy says:

    I got my score and am relatively happy, but lsac did not publish the correct answers, at least on the forms they sent to me. Does anyone know how to see the correct answers? Am curious about how I did where…

    • Hank says:

      Every score report should come with an answer key. Be sure to look over every page of your report. If you are absolutely certain your answer key is not there, you need to contact LSAC.

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